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Notable Quotable:

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weak Signal, Way Behind, and Yes, My Life is BORING...

My internet's been squirrelly for over a week now, and boy  do I have some catching up to do.  At least my Easter post went up!  All kinds of news here.  We won't be going to Va to see PFC this weekend - he can't get out of "volunteering" at the racetrack.  Fortunately, he will have several days travel time after he graduates MOS school, so he's coming home.  More good news: his permanent duty station is in the U.S!  He was lucky enough to get his first choice (Well, second choice - Japan was #1.)  Oddly enough, there won't be a lot of armory work for him, so he's been told to expect to learn a lot of things that don't normally fall into his specialty.  Totally.  Cool.

Maxine came back to town for a few days, but not back to work.  She's taking a few more weeks' leave.  The poor girl is exhausted, and I wish there was something I could do to help.  I guess I am, a little.  The department is running smoothly, and the Director has promised me trained staff substitutes, who can help with the prep work.  I did the March stats report, and I'll be doing April too.  I have to finish out the school year without Maxine, and (eeek!  Help!) make the summer schedule!  I am totally flying by the seat of my pants here, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.  Today, my sub already saved me an hour (and probably a headache) preparing for tomorrow.  Everything is checked out and loaded on the bus, but now the shore line pooped out again.  Hopefully, the electrician will fix it Friday while I'm taking my comp-time.  At least we don't need the block heater tonight!  I think we're keeping the WiFi we've been using, and there's a rumor of new laptops!

Today BH is stopping to pick up my new cell phone (with a camera and Facebook app - yay!) and we're going to spend a 3-day weekend spring cleaning.  yippee.  We have a bunch of new trees to put in the ground, and it's time to put the house plants outside!

I've put my novel on hold for now, because I might have the opportunity to write a biography of a very interesting friend of mine.  We've discussed it a little, and if it's a go, it will require a ton of research.  This man's life has been one fascinating ride, and I'll be sharing it as I go - and begging for criticism!

So, I'm off to catch up on a week's worth of blog reading!

Say, I've seen a lot of unusual truck accessories, but yesterday one threw me for a loop.  It was a pair of molded steel testicles swinging from the trailer hitch!!!  I couldn't decide if it was f-ing stupid, or kinda cool!  ( that probably depends on the driver...)


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  2. I'd prefer to see my nut-sacks in the hands of a squirrel, personally. :)

    Woot on the travel days. Enjoy him when ya got him!

    Off to see the new addition ourselves... much more fun than cleaning. Enjoy though. The results are always nice.


  3. Good news about PFCm though I would have preferred Japan, too. Good duty there.

  4. First off, the testicles are stupid. "I am so studly even my truck has balls." Yeah, right.

    The new book sounds cool!

    Sorry work is being a pain, but if anyone can get it done, you can!

  5. Hahahaha! Ben, do you remember sitting on a bench one night in Colllegetown, ranking "ball size" according to automotive accessories? Surely you were there! I know A was, and I bet she remembers! I remember "happy balls," with the smiley-face spotlight covers, and "no balls," without a hood!

  6. God, we were superior little snobs, weren't we?

  7. Seriously this is the first time you saw truck nuts? It was HUGE (pun intended) out here in Utah for several years. I think they are the stupidest thing in the world.

  8. Sounds like things have been pretty darn busy for you.


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