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Notable Quotable:

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Monday, April 4, 2011

For My Listening Pleasure...The I-pod Shuffle

I just love that little pink rectangle!  How else does one hear Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold," immediately followed by "The Blue Danube" and "The Emperor Waltz?"
I do have a short list of requests for I-tunes:  The Cranberries' cover of "More Than This," Earl Taylor and the Stony Mountain Boys' unbelievably haunting rendition of "Ruby'" Cheap Trick's "Voices," Carl Storie and Faith Band's version of "Put On Your Dancing Shoes," and Mike and the Mechanics' (NOT remixed) "The Living Years."  Oh yes, and REM's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."
More I've heard today:  "The Story" - Brandi Carlile.  live cover of "State Trooper"  - Steve Earle.  "Sausalito Summer Nights" - Diesel.  "Storms in Africa" - Enya.  "Should I Stay or Should I Go" - The Clash."

Fingernails are now smooth and subtle boring pink, toenails are soon to be electric blue!

"Halo" - Depeche Mode.  "Stand" - REM.  "The Streak" - Ray Stevens.  "Take Me With U," Prince and Appolonia.  "Tennessee Blues" - Steve Earle.  "Texarkana" - REM.  "Thank U" - Alanis Morrissette.  "That Year" - Brandi Carlile.  "Things Can Only Get  Better" - Howard Jones.  "Thorn in My Side" - Eurythmics.  (Annie Lennox's voice sure has stood the test of time!)

"Totally Nude" - The Wallets.  Truly a standout, from college of course.

"Independence Day" - Springsteen.  "Mother of Pearl" - Roxy Music. "Radetsky March" - Strauss.  "Red Rain" - Peter Gabriel.  "Right Here Right Now" - Jesus Jones.  "Love is a Stranger" - Eurythmics.  "Killing the Blues" - Robert Plant & Allison Krauss.

"Main Street" - Bob Seeeeeger!

"The Roof is on Fire" - Bloodhound Gang. (Heh heh heh)  "Free for All" - Ted Nugent.  "Romeo's Tune" - Steve Forbert.  (Has ANYONE but me ever heard of this song?)  "Wasted Time" and "Seven Bridges Road" - The Eagles.  "Good Intentions" - Toad the Wet Sprocket.  "Generals and Majors" - XTC.  "Let the River Run" - Carly Simon.  "The Messerschmidt Twins" and "Maid of Orleans" - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.  "Tusk" - Fleetwood Mac. "Don't Break my Heart" - UB40.  "Smokin' in the Boys' Room" - Brownsville Station.  "Don't Ask me Why" - Billy Joel.  "Blue Boy" - John Fogerty.  "Still the Night" - Bodeens.  "You Take My Breath Away" - Eva Cassidy.  "The Mummuers' Dance" -Loreena Mckinnit.  "Goody Two Shoes" - Adam Ant.  "Hazard" - Richard Marx.  "Swallowed by the Cracks" - David and David.  "Superman" - REM.  "Roam" - B52's.  "I Need You Tonight" - INXS.  "Come Monday" - Jimmy Buffett.  "Just Another Day" - Jon Secada.  "1234" - Feist.  "You Can Leave Your Hat On" - Joe Cocker.  "Wildwood Weed" - Graham Blvd.  "Valerie" - Steve Winwood.  "Department of Youth" - Alice Cooper.   "When the Levee Breaks" - Led Zeppelin.  "Moving in Stereo" - The Cars.

So.  Is anybody still reading?  Anybody have an analysis to offer?  OK. was wrong.  The rain never ended, the sun didn't come out, and it may or may not have reached the upper 50's today, so I'm not going anywhere with the dogs.  I think I'll hit the rowing machine, and finish PFC's package.  BH'll be home soon, so I have to share the house.  Could be worse.  Much worse actually!  Not a bad birthday at all...


  1. Aw! Happy Birthday sweetie! Please let me try to take a crack at this analysis:

    You are 4 parts hippie, 2 parts hopeless romantic, 3 parts crazy rock chick and 1 part absolutely adorable!!

    I think you successfully listed all my favorites with the exception of The Cure and Cranes!

  2. Thanks MMW! What a nice thing to say! I don't know "Cranes" but I definitely need to add a bit of The Cure...

  3. HBD, Suz. But I am disappointed that there is no Slim Whitman, Boxcar Willie, Weird Al Yankovic and Sheb Wooly in the mix.

    I hope your day was special, too.

  4. I have eclectic tastes in music, too.
    Love it.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. I too am in love with my ipod. It goes everywhere with me in case there is a time where I can politely plug in.

    You've got quite the eclectic list there girl!

    I think mine is similar is that the various artists don't seem to have much in common other than I like a particular song or two!


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