Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Friday, November 30, 2012

Herding Hamsters

More fodder for the book and the blog.  The Letter has garnered almost 12,000 pageviews, and the comments are a goldmine of research topics.  Furthermore, they are helping me organize and prioritize my thoughts.  At first I was a little worried that some of the "objections" to my themes would actually be legitimate and logical.  I should have known better; if A Voice for Men, with thousands of readers, can't get a feminist to engage in reasoned debate (Challenge Unanswered) why would I?

Anyhamsterfest, here's another epic logical fail of a comment from the cushy land of make-believe, and my response to it:

"DO NOT, under any circumstances, repress your sexuality. Your foremothers fought hard for your right to be promiscuous with no consequences; don’t you dare let their efforts go to waste. And since you’re not looking for a husband, there’s no need to sleep with only “good” men, is there? ‘Cuz badboyz are hawt! And nice guys are boring. Additionally, you have plenty of time to ride the best cocks you can find;"
Agreed! Oh wait. You meant this as a bad thing. Oh well, toe-may-toe/toe-mah-toe.
But if I am having all this sex, how am I also going to bed alone with my vibrator? And why is it it is the long term married women I know whose only sex is the vibrator and feel painfully alone and not the single women I know?

"Men are dropping out, Ladies. "
YOUR version of men, and it is about friggin time. We have been working over a century to get out from underneath the Neanderthal mentality and them finally dropping out will make it much easier for us all to finally try to achieve the ideal of being treated as human instead of a monogamous whore/hand maid bought and paid for by the man having the career we wish we had. Thank you for finally stopping pushing us back down on and stepping out of the way to make room for us at eye level with those not born and bred to have a limited view of our societal value.

The one thing that we do agree on is how the Patriarchy has been negative for men. The gender role ideals it perpetuates limits mens potential and gifts as much as womens. I do not agree that it has better for woman. Selling your independence for financial security is just a form of slavery. I would rather be a free pauper than a slave with a gilded cage. It is bad for both men and women. Men and women are so much more than the gender roles created in the days of Leave it to Beaver that try to pretend they have always been. We should not be born into boxes based on our genitals. We should each be able to explore individual potential.

I have a hard time believing this is written by a female. The voice sounds distinctly male, especially when talking about sex. Just the tone.
My response:    
You didn't read much of this page, did you?  Or are your reading comprehension skills really that poor?

So are you a Shero or a Booblet?  Tell me, if feminism is so pro-male, why is its root spelled f-e-m?  Oooh!  Oooh! I know!  Because it likes only feminine men?

I'm not going to be dragged into a middle-school (read: "girly") debate of inconsequential minutiae, but I will address a bit of the myth upon which your assumptions are based.

First off, read this:

Now, if feminism isn't anti-male, why are the results of MAINSTREAM feminism so repressive (dare I say "oppressive?") of men?

"But if I am having all this sex, how am I also going to bed alone with my vibrator?"

...again, reading comprehension?
You'll be able to have all the sex you want while you're young and supple, but along about 30-ish, when you're ready to "settle down,"  you will NOT be impressed by the caliber of men who are still interested in you used-up pussy.  Sex first, vibrator later.  M'kay?  Oh, and your female friend in a sexless marriage?  Either she's abnormal or he's abnormal.  Note the prefix "ab."  Outliers do not represent the norm.  I understand this is hard for indoctrinated femmies to understand, because your entire ideology is based upon the preferences of a minority of women, but try to stretch your atrophied brain.  Plus, I know, math is hard.

"We have been working over a century to get out from underneath the Neanderthal mentality"
Be careful what you wish for, dearie.  That neanderthal mentality is why you don't live in a grass hut, and aren't likely to die young.  I know you think masculine men are a pain in the ass, but masculine men pay most of your bills, one way or another, unless you are a VERY unusual woman.  If you have a high-paying private sector job, there is probably at least a half dozen men better qualified than you, who were denied that job so that it could be given to a woman, regardless of merit.  Unless of course you work in the sort of field that doesn't attract many men.  Then again, most of those fields are NOT well paid, but a few are.  And most of the female-centric fields that ARE highly paid, are almost entirely dependent upon either the income of the clientele's husbands, or upon the income of a clientele whose jobs are dependent on affirmative action or direct taxpayer funding.  Big fish, small pond.  The pond would dry up without "neanderthals."

It is that "neanderthal mentality" which keeps you safe when you leave home (built by men.)  That's right.  The majority of law enforcement officers (who often commit violence against men at your command) are men who chose their field because of their strong protective instincts. 

It is that "neanderthal mentality" which motivated men to build the cars/trains/buses you use to navigate the streets in relative safety, so you don't have to be exposed to the weather and to human predators on your way to work. 

It is that "neanderthal mentality" which built the government that collects the taxes and provides public sector jobs where women don't have to compete with men for employment.

Use your imagination.  Or better yet, hire a (male, armed) bodyguard and travel to a third world country where women AND MEN are not protected by government, from either the harsh realities of nature, or from human predators.  Try to visualize a world where YOU, and maybe a band of your pals, are responsible for every single aspect of your survival.  (And keep in mind that your "enemies" have plenty of pals as well.)  You might survive, but you would likely not prosper.  without the protection of those "neanderthals," people who are smarter, stronger, more ambitious, and more organized than you, would be helping themselves to your survival resources - so THEY could survive.

Feminism wants you to think that it's some sort of humanist ideal, but it simply could not exist if those "neanderthals" did not permit it.  Feminism is a social construct; it is a fantasy.  It's a totally cool swing set and fort in one's parents' securely fenced back yard.  It's a playhouse with a plastic tea set in the playroom.  Not one single aspect of feminism could exist without the protection of those who have the "neanderthal mentality." 

Are men perfect?  No.  Is it always fun to be supportive of the men who keep you warm and well-fed.  Hell no!  It's a fucking chore!  That's right, it's WORK, and it doesn't always feeeeeel rewarding.  (That's the true nature of work and you'd know that if you didn't live under the cozy protection of "neanderthals.")  Work is what gets you from one end of life to the other, and some days, work sucks.  The difference between men and women in modern society, is that women actually have the choice to avoid the most unpleasant types of work,

and men don't.

Men suck it up and do their share because nobody is going to do it for them.  Then they suck it up further and do most women's share - either because the government will jail them if the don't (and pay for it with their own tax dollars) or because they want a family and they understand that that (often sucky, unrewarding) WORK is required to support a family.

Miss Kae, I would guess that you are an urban or suburban teen or twentysomething who has never been responsible for much of anything (except maybe studying hard to succeed in the schools built and paid for by "neanderthals," and perhaps missing a few parties to work at a relatively easy job.)  Sadly, it's also possible that you are a chronologically mature woman who has the mentality of a suburban teen.  You see, there are plenty such women in existence because they have been sheltered from responsibility by "neanderthals."

"I have a hard time believing this is written by a female. The voice sounds distinctly male..."

Thank you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Peter Makes Me Smile Again

Peter, at Bayou Renaissance Man, has posted another adorable video:
Popcorn Kittens


First of all, Bluurrrgghh!  It's 3:15 a.m. and I prefer to be heading for bed at this hour, but I just crawled out of it to work the day shift - yuck!  Plus it's spay day for Pooka; might as well get it over with.  She's fitting in well with us and the cats, and turning out to be a wonderful little dog!

Yesterday, Matt Forney linked my Anonymous Letter post, causing its hits to top 10,000, and the number of  sites linking it jumped from 9 to 25.  Thanks, Matt!  (To those of you who dislike Matt, watch that young man closely.  He's brash and he gets really obnoxious, but he's smart, he's courageous, and he's taking risks and educating himself.  I predict a bright future for him.)

AnyholycrapI'vegoneviral, I had an interesting conversation with rather insightful woman in the comments section, and then I noticed an odd little gem in my traffic stats:
Hmmm. Teh Grrlz are watching...
This is the brilliance thus far from the ladies who call themselves "Sheroes:"

I defriended someone who I had a huge crush on in high school. I used to respect him a lot and still thought well of him even though we've drifted over the last several years. He's gone all annoying white male libertarian in the last few years* and is now apparently a men's rights activist as well because he linked to this article:

And to that Fox article about the war on men that's been going around with comments about how right on they are.

Here's a sample from the first piece:
"They have the same job titles as you and they take home the same pay, but they work longer hours and they do harder work; they know that their productivity is why employers can afford to hire you to sit at a desk and shuffle papers. They know that if two drunken people have sex and both regret it in the morning, only one of them is a “rapist.” They know that “My Body/My Choice” actually means"My Body/My Choice/Your Wallet." They know that the minute they sign a marriage license, everything they own is yours, but nothing you own is theirs (except your debts) and you can walk away with cash and prizes, at any time, for any reason. Or for no reason at all."


"This is the gift that feminism has given to you – Independence. Scary, lonely, bitter, potentially impoverished Independence. For yourselves and for any children you may have. Most of you won’t blame feminism though; you’ll blame Male Privilege (which doesn’t exist.) You’ll blame The Patriarchy (which always gave women a far better deal than it gave men.) You will stamp your feet, flip your hair, and blame anything except the single cultural force that has devoted itself to suppressing and controlling masculinity. And you’ll go home alone every night to your cats, your Facebook Friends, and your vibrator. I sure hope that’s what you want."

I couldn't even bring myself to post a really annoying, trollish comment before defriending because I'm kind of sad that he's turned out to be such a douche. 

Do you have your own recent stories of jerks?"

"man that is a lot of stupid. I made the mistake of reading the whole article you linked to, and yeah, I don't really have any words. "

"Tell me about it! I am hoping so hard it was not a woman who wrote that because good grief."

"Pretty sure it was a woman! And on top of everything else (what the ####), she calls her son "kind of hot." Um, eww."

"I always get this feeling of "I really shouldn't click on this link. It's just going to make me angry"

I never listen."

">I couldn't even bring myself to post a really annoying, trollish
>comment before defriending because I'm kind of sad that he's turned
>out to be such a douche. 

I think you summed up your level of disgust nicely right there.

Also, that article you linked to? OMG WHAT. I JUST CAN'T EVEN.

I'm sorry he turned out to be a douche. How disappointing."


 Heads buried deep in the sand.  "Sheroes" indeed.  Pure irony.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

So We "Went to See a Man About a Dog..."

We don't "replace" our pets.  That will never be possible.  However, we have room in our home, our budget and our hearts for at least one dog that nobody else wants.  We brought one home today.

Meet "Pooka," a young female beagle/dachshund mix, and our first ever "small dog."

.....and witness Scooter's world class stinkeye, when she met Pooka:

As yet, Lizzie isn't terribly pleased either, but a rather slow-moving seventeen pound pooch is hardly a threat.  I anticipate a fairly peaceful transition.

Best of all, Pooka adores WolfAlpha.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Masculine Defiance! On TV!

Well, until Toyota pulled the commercial.  Read Rollo Tomasino's take on the kerfluffle surrounding this:

Glitches in the Matrix

Every so often there’s a visible glitch in the feminine Matrix. 

I'm running late for work and don't have time to embed the video, so I copy/pasted the image. Go watch it at The Rational Male.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As if Yesterday Wasn't Bad Enough...

...I just learned that The Wounded Warrior Project prefers not to associate publicly with gun owners and gun-oriented organizations.   Yet it accepts sh**-tons of our money.  I just sent them this email:

Dear Sirs,
I breaks my heart to inform you that due to my discovery today, of your policies as listed in this article,
I will be removing the WWP magnet from my car, Taking the link to WWP off of my blog, removing WWP from my $5.00/week donation list, and I will not be participating in any more WWP fundraising activities.

Until you change your policies to show respect and appreciation to the multitude of gun owners who support our wounded warriors, I will give my donations to a less hypocritical veterans' support organization.

I am sorry from the bottom of my heart, because you do great work; but it sickens me that you see my money as tainted, and  you accept it anyway.  Please discontinue all contact with me until your policy changes.

If WWP does the right thing and changes its tune, I will resume my support of the organization.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Well That Was Quick

She's gone.  Splenic tumor, squishing her GI tract.  And even that didn't explain the pint of blood in her colon.  Yesterday she was a happy, bouncy dog, and today she died with her head in my lap.  No early signs, no decline, which is about as good as death gets for a dog.  And no time for me to prepare.  Which is really really hard for me, even with WolfAlpha here.

I'll spare you the rant about the protocol in that vet's office.  Suffice it to say I've never been charged so much for such poor service.  I won't be going back.

Not Again. Please.

I just took Sadie the Big Yellow Food Processor to the vet for fluids and a barium study.  Out of the blue, yesterday she started vomiting, and hasn't kept even water down.  No diarrhea, but blood in her poop this morning.  She's at least seven years  old, well past her prime.

No appetite.

Very bad, and very sudden.

I refuse to sweat the cost, although WolfAlpha finally bought a car Saturday and we still have a couple of payments on the Taurus; we'll manage, and I know enough about veterinary medicine to avoid any unnecessary charges.  I'm just not ready to  watch another one decline and die.  The day before yesterday I heard the neighbor's beagle bark and I reflexively looked around for Cal - he had his first stroke one year and a couple of weeks ago.  This just sucks.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dog Shaming

Yesterday I liked the "Dog Shaming" site.  Today it's my favorite blog.  I don't know who submitted this, but it made my morning:



Tumblr M8v8r5hvd71re4ne0o1 4001
See original post here

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


John the Other (A Voice for Men) hits one out of the park, with bases loaded.  Every word, EVERY WORD, of this article, is absolutely perfect.  I'm linking it and posting the entire text.  And I must be overtired, because this eloquence makes me feel like crying. (Friggin' hormones!)

Deny it. Just try to deny it.

"If you self identify as a feminist, you’re flying under the 

banner of a totalitarian, violent, amoral murderous ideology

of sexual apartheid and hatred."

To the nice feminists

Let’s talk for a moment about nice feminists. They come in a variety of flavors, but these are the ones whose goals, although pursued under the banner of feminism, are reasonable, and indeed, virtuous. The decriminalizing and normalizing of prostitution is an example. While many people both inside and outside the men’s rights movement dislike the idea of prostitution, it wont be done away with by keeping it illegal. It is simply thus made more dangerous and harmful for everyone involved, both for the provider and the consumer. Okay, great, and there are other issues. Porn, for example, is argued for as a legitimate form of employment – for surely it is every woman’s right to get naked and be paid to have sex, should she chose to do so.
Okay, thats really the same issue, but surely from outside the camp of feminism – outside the radical camp, outlside the liberal camp, outside the I want to be paid for sex camp.
Now, from outside the camps all flying the flag of feminism – is it unkind, unfair and/or uncalled for to universally condemn the ideology as a monolith, without regard for just which of the 364 flavors we’re talking about when we use that endlessly flexible label of feminism?
No, and I’m going to explain for those who might pursue legitimately humanist goals why I will continue to talk in condemning tones about the ideology calling itself feminism, and why I don’t care what sub-species of that ideology to which you may happen to subscribe. And if what I’m about to tell you upsets you, too bad, woman or man up as the case may be.
I agree that there are self-described feminists whose goals are legitimate. I agree that de-criminalizing matters of personal choice and bodily autonomy are important and worthy goals. And to the extent that I can I will support and promote those goals, independent of whatever political label under which you or anyone else pursues them.
However, the humanist, liberal, sex positive, nice guy version of feminism you practice – and if i didn’t cover your particular flavor, go ahead and add it in — that humanist feminism is not the same ideology taught in university gender studies courses. It is not the feminism which informs the policies of United Nations aid agencies who render assistance to only women and children, and not to men. Your humanist version of feminism is not the one which specifically excludes male gang-rape victims from receiving medical aid, shelter and rehabilitation in places where male targeting gang rape are standard practices of war, such as in the Congo. That feminism is not your humanist feminism. Neither is your feminism the version of that ideology which informs a multi-billion dollar industry which produces egregiously and grotesquely misleading misinformation designed to acculturate hatred and fear in women towards men; which teaches girls to always be victims, and never be self actualized adults.
That is not your humanist feminism either. Your humanist feminism is not the ideology informing almost all domestic violence shelters, and public messaging on DV, selling a totally false story that domestic violence is just evil, violent men, beating on just sweetly innocent and decorative female victims. Your view is not one of  demonizing men in our culture so as to guarantee to enable more domestic violence because it works from a totally broken model.
Your flavor of humanist feminism is not the one informing a collection of lawyers, social workers, educators, child care specialists, psychologists and other professionals to collaborate on a blog and cheer for plans to eugenically exterminate the male half of the human race.
So yes, I understand, your feminism has admirable goals. You are a teeny, tiny, unfunded, un-organized minority. Yours is not the feminism that informs domestic policy, writes white papers for the UN or eradicates due process on college and university campuses. That’s the other feminism; that’s the big, funded, established, and politically powerful version of the ideology. That is somebody else. Right?
But when you pursue your noble goals under the banner of feminism, even when you prefix it, and say liberal feminism, or humanist feminism, or sex positive feminism, you are giving cover to those who openly call for the extermination of men.
I’ll say that again. When you pursue your noble goals under the banner of feminism, even when you prefix it, and say liberal feminism, or humanist feminism, or sex positive feminism, you are giving cover to those who openly call for the extermination of men.
And that’s why I don’t care what flavor of feminism you practice. You’re using the same brand name as murderous, eugenics enthusiast, destroy due process sexual apartheid gender ideologue elitists for whom violence isn’t just an unpleasant option. Violence, when contemplated against children, or men, especially when doled out by state functionaries is what gets them wet. That’s the big, funded, organized and politically established collective with which you identify by name.
I know, you’re a humanist. You’re not murderous. You wouldn’t dream of using violence to attain your goals. However, your chosen ignorance of or indifference toward the depraved ideologues who have appropriated the label you share neither excuses nor exonerates you.  So, fuck you anyway. If you self identify as a feminist, you’re flying under the banner of a totalitarian, violent, amoral murderous ideology of sexual apartheid and hatred.
If your goals are legitimate, pursue them. You’ll have my total support. But if you fly the flag of hatred and violence, do not expect me to pat you on the head and say that’s okay, I know you’re one of the “nice” ones. Fuck you, grow up, and stop pretending there’s no problem flying the same flag as those who use hate and fear and bald faced lies to advocate for eugenics, mass murder, elitist legislation, victim identity and the marginalization of men and boys.
I thank you for your kind attention.

Written byJohn the Other

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day - Let's Get this Thing Over With!

I'm headed out to vote against every incumbent on the ballot.

No matter what the tally says, Nobody is going to win today, so I'm voting by my principles.  No compromises, no concessions.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Smartest Woman I've Never Met

Well OK, one of the smartest women I've never met.  May I introduce you to 'JudgyBitch?'

"LET HIM PLAY VIOLENT GAMES. It’s a rare little boy who sees a stick and doesn’t turn it into a weapon.  Little boys love bows and arrows, guns, knives, shields, helmets and every other artifact of war.  And no, they don’t want to have a tea party with Pookie and CindyBear.  They want to dig a trench and send Pookie to the Medevac chopper with some serious injuries.  You’re dead, Pookie!"

Six Steps to Raising a Son in a Feminist World

 You go girl.  Seriously.  Go everywhere and tell everyone.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Glad to be a Link in this Chain

Men's writers far and wide are mourning the end of The University of Man site, and appropriately so.  I could fill a page or two with superlatives describing the wit and insight shared by the Professors.  In The U's honor, many are reposting some of their favorite UMan "lessons."  This one was presented to us by LeapofaBeta at stagedreality

Go read it and then raise your hand if you've never heard any of those lines spoken in all sincerity, by a woman who actually believed what was coming out of her mouth - and who expected everybody else to believe it as well.