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Notable Quotable:

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

OK, it's actually tomorrow, but BH gave me presents and is cooking ribs for me today.  He has to work tomorrow, and I can't say I mind.  I like having the place to myself - I can crank the stereo!  So here I sit in my brand new desk chair!  He also gave me a new Ipod adapter for my car, as we're all surprised the old one lasted this long...  and flowers-n-candy, Itunes cards, and a new flash drive.

BH made me a couple of long leashes for the dogs.  Our fence isn't secure except right around the house, so they don't get to run the acres, and I want to start walking them.  I hate trying to keep tabs on them on a road with traffic, so it's leash or nothing.  The problem is old Dumbass.  He's never had to wear a collar or harness, so he's afraid of them.  Earlier today I wanted to take them down to the bald eagle's nest, but he hid under the bed. So I let him stay there, and took the big yellow food processor.  The long leash was pointless, since she stayed pretty close the whole way - why doesn't she do that off-leash???  Anydog, the wind liked to knock me off the road, but it was a nice walk.  And the longest I've had in years -almost 3 miles.  We got down to the creek near the nest and poor panting Sadie hardly acknowledged the water.  Barely got her paws wet and had a dainty sip.  She's a yellow lab, dainty is not her thing!  At least not in the house.  We scared off a great blue heron, and then the eagle took note of us.  She's used to cars and ATV's, but she doesn't get many visitors on foot.  She left the nest and circled for a few minutes, then landed on a branch next to it.  If she has hatchlings yet, they're too small to poke their heads up to where I can see.    Sadie of course, never looked up.  I'm used to pack-raised dogs who love the great outdoors and are aware of their surroundings.  She's mostly just aware of me.  I guess I should be flattered, but I kind of pity her; if I'm the most interesting thing in her life, she's missing out on so much dogness!  When we got home, Cal the Dumbass gave her a very thorough sniff-down.  I hope he figured out there's fun to be had at the end of a leash!  I heard that, Coffeypot!  

PFC called last night, and we had a nice long chat.  The Skype plan is on hold as he doesn't have much use for a computer just now, so he's not going to "waste" his money.  There seems to be a female in the picture at present, a college girl with a 4.0 GPA and a future.  Doesn't appear to be a camp-follower.  Whew!  And she's pretty.  His birthday is coming up, and I was going to spend next weekend making cookies ala Coffeypot   PFC said not to bother because the package we sent to Boot Camp in December finally  caught up with him.  He's currently in possession of enough Oreos and Hershey's Kisses to feed a platoon!  So I'll save the homemade cookies for another time.

The ribs are about done, so I'm off to celebrate!


  1. Yeah, there is nothing like a good sniffing-up after a walk in the woods. And send the cookies anyway, it will make him the hit of the company.

    I’m down on some milsupport guys right now. I would like to help out with stuff, or, better yet, if he has someone in his AO who does not get much mail or never, I would be glad to adopt him/her. Everyone needs to know they are supported and someone cares. What say you?

  2. Thanks CP. I get the impression mail isn't so important in MOS school, but that could just be the opinion of a guy with Facebook on his phone. I'll ask him.

  3. Happy early Birthday!
    Good to hear from PFC, and glad the girl isn't a camp follower.

    Celebrate your big day tomorrow long and well!

  4. Happy Birthday Beautiful!
    I am telling ya, you better have enough ribs, I am coming for dinner! (smacking my lips and wishing I was there)

    What are you doing ON your special day?


  5. Nothing much, Lisa! Relaxing and enjoying some "me" time, getting an Easter/Birthday box ready for PFC, manicure and pedi, walking with the dog(s) weather permitting, MY kind of day!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Suz! Congrats on another year.

    I'll echo the comments about sending the care package. Heck, by the time this one catches up with him he may be at a new duty station.

    I don't know about your PFC but our CPL loves the hot sauce in all varieties. While the chow hall food is better in A-school then deployed, it still often requires a little extra.

  7. Have an amazing birthday!!!!!!!!!! Did I give it enough exclamation points?

  8. Belated but heartfelt wishes for a happy day.


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