Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fibromyalgia SUCKS!!!

So, there's a blogmeet going on in Hootertropolis right now, with several people I'd really like to meet.  I'm sitting here folding towels, wondering if my thighs (not my back, not my arms, my thighs) can handle 15 minutes on the rowing machine.  I'm going to do another online jigsaw puzzle now, then I'm going to have a hot bath and go to bed early.  Boo Hoo.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Me too! Me Too!

The Wounded Warrior Project is going around the blogs, and here's my plug.  If I can donate to a handful of animal charities a week, I can help out a human charity too.  I hope you can too!

Also, Carteach0 (my favorite jewelry designer) is offering some cool prizes if you donate and forward your receipt to him.

I have yet to hear a word against this program; it's run by real people doing real work, good work.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Food Chain in August


Last week I saw the dragonflies swarming again.  I think it was 10 years ago when I first noticed this phenomenon.  One afternoon my yard was full of dragonflies, more than I'd ever seen before; it was almost plague-like *vewwy vewwy cweepy* and I like dragonflies.  So I went outside to get a closer look, and hundreds of them were buzzing all over the place!  Then I saw why: clouds of newly hatched no-see-ums were floating up out of the lawn. (Ick!  It still gives me goosebumps.)  Go get 'em, dragonflies!!!  Eat your fill!!!  Then I looked up.  Maybe three dozen birds, mostly barn swallows I think, were circling and diving for dragonflies!

Since then, I've seen it a few times during August, in various fields around here.  Really cool!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recovering Catholic Part 6

Ben-my-better-angel has posted another great sermon.  If I still lived near him, I would attend any church he serves, he's one of the few reasons I have not turned completely away from Christianity.  Here's an excerpt:

"If we look at the world, we get a really twisted view of just who Jesus is. When we listen to the world, all we hear is Jesus being used as a means of attack, as a means of judgment, or as a means of escape. In the world, Jesus is often a convenient way to justify a person or group’s opinions. Unfortunately, in our world today, Jesus has become the clay and we have taken the role of the potter, forming Jesus into whatever shape is convenient.
The other unfortunate thing is that in our world, this may be the only view people ever get of Jesus."

The rest is at this link:

Love you, Ben...

Friday, August 19, 2011


PFC called today.  He has volunteered to deploy with another unit which is shorthanded.  Probably midwinter.  Any idea how tickled we were when he was assigned to a unit that rarely deploys, and had just returned  to the US, before he joined it?  Pffft!  And no leave in September.  We haven't seen him since January.  I miss my boy.

On the bright side, he's taken up skimboarding; it looks fun!  He's also looking at used snowboards, since his old one is pretty well worn out.  I'm glad he's spending time outdoors.  I'm sure he's still getting in plenty of X-Box time, but he's taking his physical fitness seriously, and making it fun.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear America, Your Party has Betrayed You.

 At every level. 

If you’re a Democrat, you have probably noticed that you party is out of ideas.  Well, maybe not, but it can’t talk about new ideas until it finds a way to make the old ones work, justifying their purpose.  Perhaps you’ve noticed a half century’s worth of government growth (much of it in liberal programs) and not much to show for it, except a debt we cannot pay.  I used to be a Democrat and I have nothing against moderate liberalism, in principal.  There are plenty of things that the government can, and probably should, do to give a little boost to everybody.  However, the government is made up of greedy, power hungry politicians, so it has all inevitably gone haywire.  Thousands of “productive” (producing votes) party power brokers are happily employed by the government, at every level, to administer programs that don’t work.  I really wouldn’t mind paying more in taxes if the traditionally Democratic programs were actually improving the quality of life in America.  They aren’t.  They grew too big and they’re eating us alive while producing appalling results.

So you'd think that the answer would be to elect more conservative Republicans.  Well, it’s not, because the Republican party abandoned fiscal conservatism years ago so they could belly up to that awesome trough created by the Democrats.  Let’s face it, the liberals had all these appealing ideals – social justice, feeding the hungry, eradicating racism, ect, and traditionally, all the conservatives had was the military, stability, law and order, and pompous old rich white guys smoking cigars.  Now, wars have been known to generate plenty of wealth and power, plus quite a few blue collar jobs.  And the occasional war is, you know, necessary.  But for the most part, fiscal conservatism never bought much support, and it still doesn’t, which is why most Republicans are now liberals in disguise.  They distinguish themselves from Democrats by pooh-pooing liberal ideals and promoting “conservative” ideals.  Like law enforcement.  Can you say, “Drug War?”  That sucker kicked into high gear not too long after the Great Society did.  The use and sale of illegal drugs had been increasing alongside of “social” spending, but most of the people being hurt by drugs were poor.  Neither party ever cared about them, but votes were bought by supporting them.  (Ah, liberal guilt!)  Plus, we still had functional mental health institutions back then; addicts could partake of that liberal cornucopia.  (More feel-goodism!) But declare a war on drugs, and the “conaservatives” win!  They took a bunch of those gainfully unemployed folks off of the welfare rolls and put them in prison, which of course, required a bigger justice system.  So they built more prisons, hired more “alphabet soup agency” employees (and prosecutors, judges, prison guards, etc, ad nauseum.)  We the people are still footing the bill, the government is still growing exponentially, but now it’s happening in the name of “good old fashioned conservative values.”

Then in the 80’s the Republicans finished selling out.  They invited the Moral Majority into the fold.  Those evangelicals have very deep pockets.  As you might imagine, I don’t really have a problem with morality.  Technically I’m even a Christian.  But I have a BIG problem with church organizations funding political causes that put and keep politicians in office, because those politicians will always be beholden to their supporters.  Bye-bye Bill!  (of Rights.)  Cramming Biblical ideals down America’s throat is not conservative, even if some of those ‘ideals’ happen to match ordinary  conservative values. 

Can somebody please tell me where the fiscal conservatives are?  Are they hiding out somewhere, with the liberals who spent the first half of the last century creating the best public education system on earth?  What happened?  (I’ll tell you...)   Politicians stopped running the nation and started running their own personal futures.  “Managing” the taxpayers’ money funding that feeds this massive government, provides endless opportunities to amass wealth and power; taking advantage of those opportunities is all they do anymore.  The parties protect the politicians, the politicians protect the parties, and the wealth and power of both, grows.  We, the working and non-working alike, have been left behind.  Those of us who do work are paying for it all, and we will continue to do so for generations to come.  With less and less.

Vote them all out, at every level.  Both parties, because neither party represents us anymore.

I also think the power structure would be harder to maintain if we had congressional term limits.  Naturally, Congress isn’t going to propose such an amendment, so it’s up to the states.  Is it true that 2/3 of the states can propose an amendment, and ¾ of the states can pass one, without the approval of Congress?  Has there ever been a time in our history when MORE Americans were this disgusted with the federal government?  (And rightfully so.) ]

Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Raining!!!

With thunder and lightening and wind too!  Yay!  I opened the doors to catch a cross breeze.  Smells good!

In other news, I wore my Gunwalker shirt to a small car show at the fairgrounds today.  (There was a really  cool Corvair Ramp-Side trucky/vanny thing - I've never seen one!  And a '37 Chevy.  Don't know why, that car appeals to me.)  Nobody commented on the shirt, but I got more double takes than I've seen in years!  Hah!

(sad addendum:)

Hmm.  Well, it was a nice storm here, but in Hootertropolis, not so much.  Collapsed stage at the State Fair, 4 deaths reported-but-as-yet-unconfirmed.  I'm a little stunned.  We needed rain, not 75 mph winds.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Worth Repeating

...Brought to my attention by


Instead of just linking the page, I'm copy/pasting the text:

Who are we?  We are police wives.  We’re members of a sisterhood unlike any other.  Every day, we send our husbands to work with a vest, a gun, and a badge.  We stand firm together when we lose a member of our law enforcement family.  We are the ever-present strength behind each officer.  But we are tired.  We are tired of the trend in this country.  We are tired of the lack of respect for our law enforcement officers.  And we are tired of watching in horror as more and more officers are brutally murdered while upholding their duty to protect and serve.  It’s time for you to listen to what we have to say.
When a government official is shot and killed, execution style, it is considered an assassination. An assassination is globally recognized, nationally mourned and is considered a historical event.  Assassinations make our history books and are considered one of the most heinous acts against the leaders of our country.
Today is Monday, August 8, 2011.  Since July 3, 2011 nine Police Officers have been assassinated on American soil. Nine officers gunned down, executed, assassinated in a mere thirty five days. That is one officer being murdered every 37 hours.  Forty-six officers have been gunned down since January, an increase of 18% above 2010’s own significant increase of 37% from 2009.  There is no disputing these numbers, and there is no denying they continue to climb.   Since 2009, increasingly our officers have become targets. The Lakewood Four, assassinated while sitting in a coffee shop. Officers inside their own precinct in Detroit were gunned down while simply sitting at their desks. Continually, we are seeing officers sought out by repeat offenders and convicted felons on a mission, a spoken mission of hatred towards our Peacekeepers, determined to hunt them down and assassinate them.
Our officers are being murdered while sitting at traffic lights, while sitting in parking lots simply completing their paperwork, yet there is no outcry for the protection of our officers. There is no global recognition, nor is there national mourning.  Nor is the loss of an officer every 37 hours considered worthy of the acknowledgement that the assassination of our officers has become an epidemic.  A criminal’s answer to avoiding arrest is now to murder an officer.  It is time for America to wake up.  It is time for our Government to wake up.  It is time for action. When will our Country recognize the reality that has become the death of the American police officer?
You can never begin a plea for awareness involving Law Enforcement Officers without immediately being confronted with those who have no regard for our officers. There will always be the masses who have no respect for our officers, or what they do to protect our streets and communities, or where society would be without them. There is no disputing that there are corrupt officers in this country, those with no respect for their badge, those who abuse their power. Those who abuse the badge should be punished accordingly. However, statistics prove those officers are minuscule in number compared to the mass majority of honorable officers who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving their communities regardless of the hatred they face from the public, regardless of the dangers they are subjected to each and every shift.
There is a sense of complacency across this country at the death of our police officers. Somewhere along the way the value of a human life has been diminished. When an officer falls, those who hate them rejoice, those who are average citizens look up at the news briefly, feel sorrow momentarily, and express the commonality which needs to change – the death of an officer is merely part of the job, a risk which every officer knowingly, willingly and expectedly signs up for when they take the badge. The truth is, our officers did not sign up for what is taking their lives on average at the rate of one officer every three days.
There must be an awakening in America as a whole, within its communities and cities, and all levels of government. America needs to be awakened as to the value of our officers and their worth, not only as the officers we rely upon and hold to a level of expectation to perform those duties they knowingly, willingly and eagerly signed up for, but their worth as human beings. Human beings who make the daily sacrifices expected of them, sacrifices only they make as no one else will.
Officer jobs are being cut across the country. Officers are scrutinized for not being on scene quickly enough when there are far less officers than just three years ago. At the same time, more and more criminals are being repeatedly released back onto our streets.  Officers can no longer enforce the laws they did not create without fear of being murdered for performing their duties.
Our officers deserve to be held to a higher level of protection. They should be revered, just as our troops are revered. Our government acts swiftly with a mighty hand when someone attacks our troops. Why not our officers? Our government, with conviction, will immediately and permanently remove anyone from society who injures or murders a government official. Why not our officers? As a citizen of this country – a country built on freedom, a country so dedicated to keeping its citizens safe – why aren’t you more concerned with the well-being of those who ensure those rights?  Where would we be without our police officers?  Ask yourself right now – what is an officer’s worth?
Our officers are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. Our officers did not choose the badge as a source of income, the badge chose our officers. They are called to their duty, it is who they are. They protect and serve their communities regardless of risk, regardless of scrutiny, regardless of the hate and dangers aimed at them.
Our officers already have the odds stacked against them.  Their numbers have been cut, but their work has been doubled.  When will we accept that the blatant execution style assassination of our peacekeepers is much more costly than reforming our prison system? When will America and our Government awaken to the fact that burying an officer is not cheaper than housing a prisoner?  When will America realize where they would be if an Officer did not take a bullet for them?  What is that worth?
Words are nothing without action. Acknowledging our officers will not save them. Supporting our officers will not spare their lives. Change is needed and it is needed now. We must all work toward changes to protect our officers.  We must change the way we interact with our officers. We must raise our children to respect our officers and the protection they provide.  Instead of thinking of an officer as someone who enforces laws that might annoy you, remember there is a human being in that uniform. Remember that person could be a father who has worked back to back twelve hour shifts, alone, in that uncomfortable uniform, hoping and praying to make it home to his wife and family.  Remember that person could be a mother, working hard to make a difference for her family and her community, continuously sacrificing herself for the betterment of others.
In 2011, 112 officers have lost their lives protecting the lives and communities of Americans, and over 175 children have been left heartbroken.  For every officer who has been assassinated and for every child left without a mother or a father, there is a criminal. For each criminal who still has the luxury which was provided to them by this country, there is an officer who stood the Thin Blue Line – the line that is drawn between the good and the bad. For each officer taken by a criminal, one less stands to protect you from the next assassination.  When will enough be enough? When will we recognize an officer’s worth?
The numbers are depressing.  But they are facts.   Think of your own family, now think of your family being ripped apart because someone forgot the value of your life.  Put yourselves in the shoes of the officers who daily risk their all for you.  Now do something about it.  Change your attitude, speak up, stand up for what is right.  Pass this article on.  Respect your officers.  Teach your children to do the same.  This is your wake up call, what are you going to do with it?
These are scary times we live in.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Blogger Messes With My Head

Yes, I'm blaming Blogger; it couldn't be my fault....
I can be oversensitive.  Bet you’re stunned!  I’ve been on Blogger for a little over a year now, and yesterday I thought for a moment that I had alienated one of my first “imaginary” friends.  Yes that’s the term I use, very much tongue in cheek.  It’s a sort of a statement to my real-life “friends” who actually think they know me.  A few really do, but not many.  “Beat” roundly criticized a comment I made, and when I tried to explain myself better, I couldn’t post my comment.  So being me, instead of reminding myself that Blogger goes all squirrelly on a regular basis, I freaked and went into a brief panic.  ‘Cause believe it or not, I’m a little insecure.

 “Oh no!  He blocked me!  He hates me and he never wants to speak to me again!  AAAAAGH!”  (and God knows it is all about me.)   Then I calmed down and e-mailed my comment.  But it got me thinking.  We’ve had some good discussions, both on his blog and privately.  It would really hurt to lose his regard.  We have a lot of beliefs in common, thought we often approach them from different perspectives.  I know that doesn’t make much sense, but because of it, and due to my inability to quickly organize my thoughts,  I often come across as if I disagree with him, or at least am challenging him.  I commented on a post and either he didn’t read it very carefully, or it was kind of cryptic and tangential.”   See, I never know how best to say what I want to say.  While everything I’m thinking is so obvious to me, I have no clue how “obvious” it is to others.  (usually, not very)  So for the sake of clarity, do I turn it into a dissertation and explain every detail? If I do, I may insult someone's intelligence.  After all, this stuff is obvious, remember?  But I forget that my logic, while sound, isn’t very linear; it’s more like a ball of yarn.  It’s all there, end to end, but it’s wrapped around itself and awfully convoluted.  Explaining it can get a little long for a blog comment.  And boring.  Anyway, he said he was disappointed in me, and suggested that I’ve bought into “liberal propaganda.”  He was totally justified, too.  I did use a couple of ideological buzzwords, allowing him to assume the worst.  

You see, that's something I do on purpose.  I do it in political and religious discussions, not so I can “Gotcha!” people (as in, “Hey, that’s not how I meant it.  You’re making assumptions!”) but because I’m on a personal mission to TAKE BACK THOSE WORDS!!!  In this case, I used the word “oppression” in reference to modern black culture.  Oh, the Horror!  But what do you call it when politicians, in the name of “compassion,” have emasculated an entire segment of the population, for generations?  That’s how this raving liberal sees the “Great Society.”  For 50 years now, the government has given, for free, everything poor urban blacks need to survive.  Just barely.  Not what they need to prosper, but just enough to keep them alive and totally dependent on the Democratic Party.  And those who vote, vote appropriately, don’t they?  It’s a relationship of symbiotic parasitism.  (See how smart I am?  Thanks, SisterEditor!)  The urban poor and those who feel sorry for them, keep the “providers” in power, because, you know, these poor people need this help.  And the politicians give the poor people some crumbs in exchange, few enough crumbs so that they stay poor.  Said politicians also spend billions of our tax dollars paying their cronies and supporters to administer the crumb-providing programs.  The result: generations of urban blacks being paid not to work, at an obscene cost to a nation that can’t afford it.  Add a shitty public education system and substance abuse to the mix, and you have a group of people who are guaranteed to go NOWHERE!  Then it gets worse.  How do the men in this isolated population prove their worth among their peers when on paper, everybody is “equal” (and at the bottom of the totem pole?)   How do they stand out, validate their existence?  This is not a luxury, it’s a basic human need; we’d have been extinct a long time ago without it.  The answer seems to be violence.  If working for an honest living is a chump’s game, and you don’t know how to play that game anyway, how do you establish social dominance?  You scare the hell out of everyone you know, by pounding on them and killing them.  These people are furious, but I’ll bet most of them don’t even know why.  In their anger, they lash out at each other and anyone they can.  They certainly hate Whitey, because hey,Whitey doesn’t give them enough.  Ironically, they’re right.  The government has sabotaged all their efforts to become productive and independent, with their consent and comlpicity, and after so many years they no longer know how NOT to play along.  I personally believe that the answer is to give them less, not more.  On their own, they’ll figure it out.  They’ll discover they have real options.  They’re not stupid.  They’ll suffer while they learn, but this whole nation is about to learn a thing or two about suffering.    The downside for the rest of us is that after all this time, the poor urban black population has become a dangerous animal.  If we let it out of it’s cage, it’s very likely to bite us.  Of course, the cage is now crumbling anyway; we can’t ignore the animal any longer, and we can’t avoid it.

Hmm.  Oh Yeah!  Back to the subject at hand.  I never considered myself to be the type of person who pushes people’s buttons for the fun of it, but it is fair to say I was needling him a little.  Is that excused by the fact that it was unintentional?  Please?  How should I handle these discussions?  I’m intelligent, but not exactly quick-witted.  I really, really  need to consider and digest.  It takes a little time for me to formulate a solid, rational statement, one that connects all the dots.  By the time I’m ready to display my incomparable brilliance, everybody else has moved on.  Just when I’m really getting into it!

You know, I’d be a lot more popular if I just handed out compliments and agreed with everybody, but that’s not why I’m here!  I have to do the Sycophant Shuffle in real life all the time.  I work with the public but since I represent a “government agency,” I’m not allowed to have an opinion.  Here in Blogland, I want to be free to be the real Suzy.  Even if she’s a little off the wall.  I sure don’t want to lose any of my new friends, but if they like me for the wrong reasons, why should I care?