Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Veteran in Trouble

This is how gun control REALLY works:

please help if you can

Fuck all anti-rights activists!  Every person who wants to overturn the US Constitution, should be the first in line to lose their own civil rights.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Booblet Brigade

Oh, why the hell not?
*Trigger warning: Stoooopids Ahead*

Another site that amuses/annoys my with it's colossal inanity, is Man Boobz.  It's David Futrelle's "personal blog," in which he "mocks misogyny."  Futrelle is actually a paid mainstream writer for some national publications, but you'd never guess it by reading Man Boobz.  He is an inveterate comment miner, poking around the Men's Movement and looking for phrases (indeed entire paragraphs!) which prove that non-feminist men are all either Dangerous Woman-Hating Psychos (thank God for "rape awareness!") or Socially Inept (Creeeeeepy!  Aaaaaauuuuuggggghhhh!) Basement Dwellers, crying "sour grapes."

It is written for an audience that is shockingly, woefully ill-informed and emotionally unstable.  Indeed Man Boobz is such a pathetic defense of feminism, that even prominent feminists now give it a wide berth.  One must be spectacularly ignorant to be unaware of the context and the irrefutable facts that Futrelle excludes from his posts, in order to spin yarns that demonize men who have no use for feminism.  One must also be quite gullible and prone to emotional manipulation, to not even wonder if Futrelle miiiiiight be exaggerating.  Just a little bit.

Enter the Booblet.  Good God, the stupidity among Man Boobz' regular followers, is simply staggering.  Perhaps you've already noticed a surfeit of over-the-top adjectives in this post; there's a reason for it: there are not enough adjectives in any dictionary, to adequately describe the brain-meltingly moronic cretinism on display in the Man Boobs' comment section.  These people don't even pretend to be serious, about anything except cute animals and their own individual "emotional triggers."  They don't filter their emotional reactions to anything, before typing them up and posting them online for all the world to see.  Their "logic" isn't linear or circular; it is so utterly convoluted that it can't be followed.  I get dizzy reading it.  I've never used LSD, but I'll bet if I tried it, the Booblets would make perfect sense.  They are so ludicrous I sometimes wonder if half of them aren't Futrelle himself, using fake identities to call attention to the idiocy of the feminist mindset.  (I'm not the only person to suggest that he's an undercover MRA, "hiding in plain sight" among feminists.)  Boolblets have the social mentality of a clique of spoiled suburban sixth-grade girls at a slumber party; however they lack the logical prowess and intellectual depth of spoiled suburban sixth-grade girls at a slumber party.  They contradict themselves, often in the same sentence, and cheer each other on in a mindless drunken orgy of giggly shrieks.  Either they don't comprehend what they read, or they intentionally misread it and comment accordingly.  Then they promptly become distracted and meander around all sorts of odd topics.  I mentioned cute animals, but they hit everything from their psych meds to celebrities.

So while it may be a case of the pot calling the kettle black, let's turn the tables on The Professional Comment Miner and His Flock of Dimwits.  Of course there is a difference; I won't use Man Boobz quotes to paint all feminists as evil and stupid, just Booblets.  Indeed if all feminists were this stupid, feminism wouldn't be the destructive force it is - it would be merely amusing and rather pathetic (and probably a valid medical reason to institutionalize the afflicted.)

A few randomly "mined" gems of Boobletry:  

"I agree. Comments are always worse. Comments make me lose (more) faith in humanity.
A little part of me hopes that some troll who works for each website (professional troll?) writes all the awful comments to drive up traffic and get more ad impressions or something. I have a CNN app on my iPad just to keep up with headlines, but gah … the comments! The comments!! Apparently every racist misogynist f::k in the world reads CNN."
"God….this drivel hurts me inside.
         Well, I’m gonna go put on a sexy dress and high heels and go drinking!"

        "I think the problem is that MRAs may be prone to staying silent when the really nasty shit gets posted,           which to anyone reading implies a tacit acceptance."
        (This a week after Boobzie railed at Paul Elam for publicly criticizing self-proclaimed MRAs whose agendas are not pro-men's rights.  Because you know, who is Paul, to criticize bigots in the Manosphere?) 

        "I am totally creeped out by Slavey’s comment about how he “keep[s] his sex in the bedroom” because for some reason that makes me think he is keeping someone imprisoned."
         (Because, RAAAAYYYYYPE!)
        "PS and given the rampant misogyny in the atheist movement, trying to wipe out the word “feminism” and replace it with “humanism” would not just be stupid, meaningless and wrong, it’d be downright insulting." 

       (Of course its misogyny!  Cuz, you know, there are no HUMANS who aren't females.  I mean, duh...right?)

       "Seriously, there is a name for people who are genuinely concerned about how sexism, confining gender roles and patriarchy harm men and women. It’s called “feminist”."

      "'Most men aren’t into female domination or female throwing their weight around, though'
Which boils down to “I don’t want women leading their own lives or making their own decisions or not deferring to men!”
There’s no systemic domination by women, idiot. Oh, and your use of “men” and “females” is very telling, y’know. Take yourself and your insecurities to a good therapist."
(Project much, kitteh's unpaid help?)
"Aw, now he’s all angry. Do you need some ice cream, sulky kid?"

Ugh....Can't continue...Drowning in stupid....God, I need a drink!

Mocking Jezebel, Part 2

"Ladies, We Need More Words Than Just 'Lady'"

...because finding new ways to describe ourselves in a flattering manner, is so worthy of our intellect.  

No.  What we really need is for more women to act like "Ladies."

Fuck you, Jezebel.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mocking Jezebel

I can't bring myself to read many Jezebel articles, so even though I "follow" the site on my dashboard, I rarely click on it - no point in giving the grrrls extra hits.  I also see no point in writing articles refuting their inane vapid squawkings, because there are people who can do this much better than I could.  And because most of what Jezebel publishes is not worth reading, let alone analyzing.  I am often tempted however, to shout rude comments at my screen when I see stupid Jezebel titles and intros.  I'll be sharing a few with you.  You're welcome!

Here's today's:

"The Shit My Dad Says Guy Gets Another Sitcom, But Where Are All the Women Writers?"

Oh... I don't know.  Maybe there are no Women Writers involved because Justin Halpern (the "guy" does have a name after all) is a man, who writes about men!  Perhaps men who write about men, and their target audience (Men! OMG!) see no reason to adulterate their work by including the perspectives of people who are not men.  Just a thought.  Oh, and fuck you, Jezebel.

Who the hell are these people who think that men should not be expressing themselves without the influence, participation, and/or supervision of women?  

Feminism Needs Domestic Violence

...Therefore Feminism perpetuates domestic violence. Feminism also invents fake domestic violence. This gives Feminism an excuse to exist.

It has been many years since feminists have fought for anything remotely resembling equality between the sexes.  I know most ordinary feminists still think equality is the name of the game, but they are mistaken.  All anyone has to do in order to see this, is look at what feminist policy makers, movers and shakers, and intellectual leaders (and I use that term rather loosely) have actually accomplished during the last two or three decades.  No equality there.  None.

This article is a very basic introduction to a single concept that most people will instantly reject on a visceral level:  That feminist policies breed Domestic Violence while pretending to prevent it.  I'm not going to quote lots of statistics and studies, or variables and technicalities.  I will however, state that the Duluth Model* of domestic violence, on which virtually all DV policy and "education" is based, has been thoroughly debunked - it represents as common, the very least common type of Intimate Partner Violence (brutal male/innocent female.)**  I am highlighting a causal relationship between feminist policy and Domestic Violence.  To see this principle in action, go to any courthouse and sit through a day or two of Family Court.  And while you're there, remember that the feminist-sponsored Violence Against Women  Act pays for the "advocates" who coach women on how to present their cases, while the men are advised by their lawyers to "plead to a lesser charge."  Remember that VAWA pays the cost of housing the men in jail while they await their hearings.  VAWA also pays toward the costs of prosecuting cases of "violence against women."  Everybody in that courtroom, except the accused male, has income (and power) to gain by painting him as a monster.  In theory they could railroad women in the same way because technically, abuse by women is still illegal, but it's a lot easier to convince the public that hundreds of men in any given community are abusers, as opposed to hundreds of women.  We notice when women are accused of crimes.  Men, on the other hand, well, men are pigs, right?  Abuse is what we've been trained to expect from them.

80% of all victims of violence are men, yet we have the Violence Against Women Act, ostensibly to protect women from (primarily domestic/relationship) violence.  How did this happen?   Why is violence against women presumed to be worse than violence against men?  Because women are weak and vulnerable?  Because nobody takes women seriously?  Whatever the appeal, it worked; even though violence against women was already illegal, the thought of violence committed against the "helpless," offends us so deeply that we decided it was perfectly reasonable to spare no expense and overlook no preventive measure, if it would reduce the number of victims.  Random violence is relatively rare and tough to manage, but domestic violence is so, well, curable, right?  Who doesn't want to stop Domestic Violence?

Professional feminists, that's who.  Without DV victims, feminists would have no rallying cry, and they would lose political power.  Here's how it works:

Thanks primarily to the Violence Against Women Act, DV has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  This industry employs many thousands of people throughout the nation, paying them with federal VAWA grant money.  And those thousands of people have made relatively little headway in achieving their "goal" of reducing DV.  Indeed they perpetuate it.  This is by design; if DV went away, so would their jobs.  There are many many factors involved in DV, and it's no coincidence that feminist policies aggravate nearly all of them, but for the sake of clarity I'm going to address only a simplified but significant few of them here.

Who commits a substantial proportion of DV?  Past victims or witnesses of DV.  Who committed the DV that they experienced or witnessed?  In too many cases to count, it is women.  Women commit far more than half of all DV.  Among the vast majority of violent couples, the violence is mutual.  Additionally, women commit the majority of child abuse.    Yes, women are responsible for MOST DV.  Next point, what often triggers DV?  Stress.  What causes women lots of stress?  The constant obligations of childrearing.  What causes even more childrearing stress?  Not having a father in the family.  How are so many fathers removed from their families?  They are accused of Domestic Violence, whether it happened or not, and whether it's mutual or not.  Disagreements are exaggerated, violence is "invented" or men are blamed for any real violence that does occur.  The result is that fathers, often the most stable influence in the family, are kicked to the curb and financially bled dry, while mothers are protected and are excused for their "missteps;" this is the unstable - and all too often abusive - environment in which their children are raised.  Toss in a few more variables like substance abuse, a string of violent boyfriends, and a bit of poverty, and this process is guaranteed to produce future domestic abusers.  And this is the process that VAWA has institutionalized.  It no longer happens "once in a while;" it is SOP.  Was this the intent of VAWA?  Who cares?  This is the result.

Thanks to VAWA, once a father is accused of DV, his chances of keeping his family (or his assets, his reputation, his friends, often even his job) are almost nil.  Conversely, most mothers have to commit "front page news" crimes to lose custody of their children.  VAWA provides billions of dollars for programs that "protect women from their abusers."  Yet it provides virtually nothing to help men or children escape their abusers, if those abusers are women.  VAWA addresses less that half of the DV it encounters.  Instead of working to reduce Domestic Violence, VAWA works to ensure that millions of children will continue to suffer abuse, and will likely grow up to become abusers themselves.

I am currently reading Erin Pizzey's (Editor at Large, AVfM) memoir, "This Way to the Revolution" (see sidebar.)  Forty years ago, long before VAWA, she founded the first battered women's shelter in the UK, and she immediately discovered that many of her "victims" were at least as violent as their "abusers."  She was harassed, threatened and demonized by powerful feminists for saying so out loud.  For decades. This understanding of Domestic Violence is not new.  However sharing this knowledge with the general population, could completely obliterate feminist control of the family courts.
And it should.

Question: Why on earth would anyone try to suppress the undeniable fact that "we're doing it wrong?"  Answer: A lot of women's careers depend on "doing it wrong.".  These women have no qualms about throwing children, men, and other women under the bus to keep their jobs.  Feminism doesn't care about children (VAWA doesn't even count them as victims.)  It doesn't care about families (broken families are its bread and butter.)  It doesn't care about women's safety (resources wasted on imagined abuse, are channeled away from victims of real abuse.)  Feminism cares about controlling, dominating and destroying the men who pay Feminism's bills.  Everything else is window dressing.  Don't believe me?  Follow the  money.  Oh, but you can't; there doesn't seem to be a paper trail, no readily available accounting of how and where VAWA money is distributed.  One might think some people are conspiring to keep the rest of us in the dark...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You are Perfect EXCEPT...

From The Private Man:

"Most men have enough awareness to not send the following online dating message to a perfect stranger:
“You are perfect except for your weight. We should be friends, I think we would get along really well and have similar tastes/interests.”"

link: How women turn men into PUAs

Who the hell taught women to presume such patronizing superiority?  (And if they're so damn irresistible, why are they on OKcupid?)

Friday, January 18, 2013

"You Have Failed"

Think my Anonymous Letter was scathing?  Glorious Bastard says more, and better.

"9.  I don’t want to rape you-EVER!  I also don’t want to be around you-hardly ever.  Except when I want some physical interaction (sex, shsssh!).  Other than that; I see no cost-benefit analysis that favors anything else with you.  You have become a clear and present danger to me personally (false rap claims, sexual harassment charges).  To marry you is a guarantee to a divorce or a life replete with misery and pain; or both.
You have failed."

Where have all the "good men" gone?  Away.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

5 Facts About Guns, Schools, & Violence

It ain't witchcraft, it's plain old ordinary math.  If I can understand the calculations, anybody can.  Mkay?



Sorry.  She's just so adorable!

Pooka, happy to see her Daddy!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Quote of the Week, January 7, 2013

This is a two-fer; I'm including last week's inaugural QOTW:
Quote of the Week:
from: comments

Here's this week's:

NOW’s best shot at us is to cite the SPLC’s thoroughly discredited accusations (which were based on ‘evidence’ provided by, of all people, David Futrelle). They cannot hide the fact that those accusations coincided with gererous donations from Radfemhub. It was a serious mistep as that kind of naked corruption can never be hidden. 
Andybob, comments:

Sunday, January 6, 2013

More "Other People's Stuff"

I'm going to start regularly linking to Paul Elam's older A Voice for Men Youtube videos.  You don't even have to watch; just listen.  Gold.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Do Love Mental Clarity

Captain Capitalism hits another one out of the park:

Why Men (and Women) Hate Feminism
Reason #1 - Myopic View of the Sexes
Reason #2 - Lies About Human Nature
Reason #3 - False Claims of Sexism
Reason #4 - Not Pulling Your Weight

There are four more, with very neat, organized explanations.  Go read them.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We Played Tourist Today

WolfAlpha and I finally began to take advantage of the fact that we live so close to so much history!  We went to the NRA's National Firearms Museum in Fairfax. Parking and admission are free, but of course we gave a donation (and I bought a cute pair of earrings in the gift shop.)

Holy smoke, that is one beautiful collection of weapons!  As I have very little technical knowledge about guns, some might consider the trip wasted on an ignoramus like me, but I loved it anyway.  The history was fascinating, and I was simply blown away by the artistry and workmanship.  I've always seen my own guns as functional tools, and I've never had a hankering for one that is more attractive than function demands.  But that's a fever I could catch.

There was quite a bit of high art in that place - carving, inlay, enameling  meticulous choice of wood grain, and some designs that could only be described as whimsical.  It was, however, the oldest-style pieces that really drew my attention.  An ancient Hand Cannon, looking so crude and so deadly, especially piqued my imagination.  Simple, sturdy, no doubt dangerous to use and difficult to control, it's hard to envision men using it in a chaotic battlefield environment.

Here are a few images, but the resolution is poor; if you want a better look, go to the website:

...or go to the museum if you're anywhere near D.C.
Duke of York' Manton Flintlock Fowler

Early Ball Butt Dag Wheellock Pistol
Mint Thompson Submachine Gun

I Wonder if I Should Buy a Couple of Lottery Tickets

First Erin Pizzey joins AVfM, and now VAWA is dead, at least for now.  (I don't particularly like how its demise came about, but a gift is a gift.)

I have two comments:

1.  Expect to see growing numbers of unemployed women who have no marketable skills, in the very near future.

2.  I can't wait to see what man boobs is going to be writing these next few weeks.

edited to add:
I have almost been honored by an award from Boozie:  Sunshine Mary won his "Special-est Snowflake" troll award.  I, thank you very much, came in second!


...and to cleanse your palate after exposing yourself to his "followers,"

Sunshine Mary

You Can't Fool Mother Nature

"Gender" is not a social construct (invented by the Patriarchy to subjugate wo-yadayada...)

via Red Pill Wifey:

"Chen and her colleagues asked 20 heterosexual guys to stop wearing deodorant and scented products for a few days. Then they told the men to put small pads in their armpits as they watched pornographic videos and became aroused (the researchers confirmed, using electrodes, that the images did the job). Later, the guys were asked to exchange those pads for fresh pads to collect the sweat they produced when they weren’t aroused.
Then the researchers recruited 19 brave women to smell the men’s pads while undergoing brain scans.
The investigators used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), a technique that reveals the brain regions a person is using at any given time — even if their brain activity is subconscious.
Sure enough, the women’s brains responded very differently depending on which sweat they sniffed. (And no, none of them passed out.) The sexual sweat, but not the normal sweat, activated the right orbitofrontal cortex and the right fusiform cortex, brain areas that help us recognize emotions and perceive things, respectively. Both regions are in the right hemisphere, which is generally involved in smell, social response, and emotion."
Where's the study that measures women's (biophysical) sexual responses?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Nothing like starting a new year off with a bang!  Big honkin' seriously good news for the Men's Rights Movement!  After a recent video interview with A Voice for Men's Dean Esmay,

Erin Pizzey has joined the editorial staff at A Voice for Men!!!

Erin opened the first battered women's shelter in England many years ago.  She soon discovered that the reality of domestic violence does not match up with the feminist propaganda on domestic violence, and she said so!  She has been under attack by feminists ever since:

I just ordered her book.  You should too!