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Notable Quotable:

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Internet Withdrawl

Wow.  Any idea how many games of FreeCell I've played during the last two weeks?  And I've read three novels, all while waiting for pages to open on my computer screen.  About a month ago, BH and I decided to sign up for a "package," internet, phone and satellite.  We've been happy with our internet, but Dish keeps raising the price, and the phone company was bought out, which doubled our bill because they no longer offered a "no long distance" package.  When the telemarketer called about the new package, I was polite, but I told her we were considering discontinuing the home phone service, since we rarely use it.  Now after doing the math, we're taking the plunge.  And the timing couldn't be better, since our current internet has been on the fritz for over two weeks.  I hesitate to leave our provider, because their customer service department has always been so responsive, but they obviously have serious technical issues; bad weather frequently blows stuff up.

D-day is next Thursday, and in the meantime I have to give everybody my Blogger e-mail, and rearrange my Google account, since I'm losing my main e-mail account.  Add spring cleaning to the mix, and I won't be on line much for a few days...

And Ben, whatever's happening in your professional life, I hope it's good!



  1. Be sure you send you new email to me. I have too many jokes to send for you not to get any (jokes, that is.)

  2. Please stay in touch! I finally found you again, don't want to lose you!

  3. I'll be able to get on at work (sometimes) and if I'm lucky, I'll be up and running full speed but the weekend!!!


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