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Notable Quotable:

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The One Day

Easter is what Christianity is all about (Christmas is merely anticipation.)  One day out of 365, when even the rabid Fundies put on their new hats and acknowledge Christ's true purpose.  Salvation.  Forgiveness.  And the one day I absolutely refuse to go to Church.  I might skip Easter service even if I found a church that shares my priorities.  I know we're expected to celebrate out loud, but this, the essence of my relationship with God, is just too private for me to share with other humans.  This is a day to walk in the woods and revel in that other rebirth, Spring.  Spring reminds us nothing ever disappears, it just changes form, and purposes are served, destinies revealed.

It's all perfectly natural, yet sometimes it seem miraculous.  I have several houseplants that I nurse through the winter, and I can't wait 'til it gets warm enough to put them on the porch, so I can watch them grow strong again.  It always amazes me to see them grow.  The soil has microscopic nutrients, and I give them water and daylight.  That's all.  Yet all the right molecules group together in just the right way, and from dirt and water come stems and leaves and flowers!  That pothos I've had since college, is a metaphor.

Hope.  Resurrection.  Fulfillment of promise.  Reminders of a world where Time and Place don't matter, if they exist at all.


  1. As usual, you wise one, you make me think with my noggin. Great post.

  2. Fantastic post - appealing to Christians regardless their chosen sect or church with whom they associate.

    I, however, LOVE church on Easter. Since each year, there will be different speakers offering their own testimonies and experiences, I always find something said that will touch my heart. I have the sacrament time to close my eyes and meditate in my heart and soul with the One who did so much for me.

    I'm also loving so many Easter posts out in blogland from so many different people and points of view. Feels like one big family joining in one giant worship service.

  3. Thanks Momma! M-Cat, when I went to church, I also enjoyed Easter services, but the older I get the more crotchety I become, so people kinda ruin it for me. Isn't that a horribly cynical thing to say? Frankly I'm a little envious of people who are so comfortable around others, but I no longer fight to overcome my awkwardness - it's just a part of who I am. And mostly, I'm cool with it!

  4. I've often wondered why Easter is not celebrated on the same level as Christmas. After all, it is the whole bases of Christianity. And I agree that Spring is the time the earth comes back to life. I enjoy being outside more this time of year.

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  6. Happy Easter! Birds also sing praise for the rebirth!

  7. Sweet reminder! I like it! Thanks for your perspective...great post!



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