Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Little Humor

From Old NFO

Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Official

I'm now a Senior Editor at A Voice for Men.

I've become one of those "Crusaders!"  I've never been politically active; how the hell did that happen???  Two and a half years ago I started reading blogs for research.  The plan was to maybe write a novel, a project to occupy my mind through the transition into my newly "empty nest."  I started out in the Cop/Military/2nd Amendment community, because I wanted a better grasp of how men think, and I kept bumping into the "men's" community; that darn Cappy Cap kept linking to interesting articles written by interesting men!  I then spent months immersed in relationship discussions at Dalrock's place, and his articles are still at the top of my "to read" list, although I no longer spend as much time in the comments section.  I now have at least a dozen books about men's issues, and I donate money to a handful of "Manosphere" sites:

...even when I disagree with the authors and/or the commenters.  These are voices that I believe should be heard.

I think my primary focus at AVfM is going to be "outreach" (Why not?  That's what I did as a bookmobile driver, and I guess I'm pretty good at it) in the form of email campaigns.  Not only will I be calling, faxing and emailing "government officials" and the press regarding individual cases, I will be emailing ordinary citizens to inform them of misandric corruption in their own communities.  And of course I'm going to gather my courage and start doing some "poster runs" - there are a LOT of college campuses (and other community bulletin boards) within a couple of hours' drive!  Unfortunately I will probably have even less time for my personal blog, but I'm still reading the 200+ sites I follow!

p.s.  If you would consider volunteering to do some very tedious work on a few email campaigns, please speak up!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fund Drive, Man Boobz Style

The fucker is simply shameless.

"Once again, I'm going to trigger your PTSD, guide you gently to your fainting couch, pat your wrists and dab your forehead with a damp hanky, all the while cooing in commiseration about those dreadful men who do awful things like triggering your PTSD.  Give me money.

Stupid College Administrators

who can't stand personal responsibility.

~~If we allow female students to protect themselves from, you know, real rapists, we won't be able to cultivate a community of pseudo-victims who feel that they've been violated.~~ (snark)

"By Tuesday night, the list was taken down and replaced by an explanation and an apology. But it was too late."

(Don't they just hate it when they get called out on their bullshit?)

From a self-defense perspective, I like EBM's recommendation:

"I humbly submit a better idea: Make the rapist piss his 

'Cuz hey, even an Empowered Grrrl needs to be judicious about whom she shoots (usually. Yeah I'm looking at you, Jodi) as opposed to whom she falsely accuses.  If campuses were as full of dead guys as they are of falsely accused guys, a few eyebrows might be raised.  Might be.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Really Should Know Better

... than to have liquid in my mouth when The Adaptive Curmudgeon tells a story.

"We had an event."

A Man Speaks

The following comment was made during a discussion of this video: AVfM.  I hope Corporal reads it.


Great vid, I don’t see how you could possibly lose subscribers? What you’re saying is basically MGTOW, but you’re constructing a healthy behavior to integrate into MGTOW philosophy so that’s great. I deconstructed and refused many of society’s unhealthy expectations of me back in my early 20s and as soon as a guy is able to freely and independently conceptualize his own “manhood,” everything changes.
You become immune to girls unreasonable expectations, and, amazingly, they respect you more for it. You become immune to another guy trying to “cut in,” it just isn’t a threat to you anymore, she can make her own choices, and they aren’t connected to your own personal value. The way you value yourself changes. You can easily reject a great deal of social pressures, you recognize that earning power was never a metric for valuing yourself, but rather for demonstrating your utility. You recognize that going bald was never a threat to your own independent being, it was only ever terrifying because of an assumed corresponding decrease in status to females. You recognize that the bum on the street isn’t someone you out competed, he’s a living being who probably has alot of pain in his life. You recognize you really don’t need sex to be complete and you stop chasing it. You recognize alot of things when you start setting aside all the bullshit.
Where MGTOW reaches its limitation and where MHRA becomes important is where the current legal system curbs your ability to explore your humanity independently. If you accidentally get a girl pregnant, she owns your life. This makes relationships very difficult, because if you want to be equally valuable in a relationship with a woman you respect and are attracted to, you soon realize it is simply not possible. You recognize you are potentially surrendering your autonomy and life to her each time you have sex, which is not a healthy expression of sexuality, but a psychotic trauma. Marriage is a poor decision, but really even just living together can be a risky proposition now. If you’re accused of something by a woman in this culture you’re in big trouble. Not saying all or even most accusations are false, but it’s something I’m keenly aware of as a man."

This is a man with his head on straight.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Upside-Down Land

Man boobz again.  I couldn't resist this one.  From today's post:

"MRAs spend an awful lot of time getting worked up by hypothetical injustices. On the Men’s Rights subreddit, angry Men’s Rightsers regularly post links to stories of women behaving badly – or who may have been charged with or convicted of a crime – with indignant headlines..." 

Let's play "flip the script" with that, m'kay?  

"Feminists spend an awful lot of time getting worked up by hypothetical injustices. On one of a zillion feminist subreddits, angry Feminists regularly post links to stories of men behaving badly – or who may have been charged with or convicted of a crime – with indignant headlines..." 

Remember now, Boozie's tag line is "Misogyny. I mock it."  Not to overstate the obvious or anything (wink wink, nudge nudge) but it appears to be the case that when men do this it's noteworthy.  It's misogyny and it deserves to be mocked.  So what is it when women do it?

1. Business as Usual
2. His Bread and Butter. 

The guy's a weak caricature of a human being.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

For Megan Thode

Because shit like this needs to fill the screen every time a prospective employer, prospective client, or prospective romantic partner types the name "Megan Thode" into a search engine:

Entitled much?

...for the rest of her life.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Aurini's Excellent Review

...of "Enjoy the Decline" by Arron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism.  And yes it is an excellent book which I highly recommend.  I love Aurini's work, as well as his comments around the 'net.  The guy is brilliant.  What follows is my response to a point he made in this video:

...because while I'm not foolish enough to think the Men's Movement or the Alt/Right Movement (no I'm not Alt/Right) can or should be monolithic, it could be counterproductive to create unnecessary divisions.  We have very powerful common opponents.

"But we still have to live through the next few hours." (from the vid.)

This is why I'm an MHRA, no matter what happens.  Maybe I'm unusual in the movement (though I doubt it) but I don't believe we have the power to postpone, slow, or influence the decline.  I see every public and legal victory as largely symbolic. 

Aurini is correct about how the system will misuse and corrupt any changes we make, but I think we need to make the "changes" anyway - so an oblivious population will get a clue.  Enjoying the decline, a la Clarey, is the only chance most men will ever have at happiness, but what happens next?  I believe that during the darkest times to come, the US will rebuild itself one small town at a time, using the Constitution as a guide.  (The Federal government will still exist and it will likely be an enemy during this process.)  In my mind, the primary long term goal of the MHRA must be to inform the clueless about one of the most insidious dangers in our overly centralized government – institutionalized, forced protection of women, at the expense of men.
The desire men have to protect women is instinctive and in its natural state it is productive.  In its current state however, it has become dangerous to men, and ultimately dangerous to women.  I see the MHRM as scrambling desperately to set a few precedents before the almost certainly unavoidable crash to come, so that those who will build the future will understand the absolute necessity of tempering men’s protective instincts, to avoid a recurrence of this current exploitation of those instincts.

(This next part would be an insult to Aurini's intelligence if it were directed specifically at him.)

Most people in the men's movement currently fall into one or more of three primary groups, all of which play important and often interrelated roles:

MRAs/MHRAs (Men's Human Rights Advocates/Activists) who organize and lobby for change within the hopelessly corrupt systems of government and society.

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) who drop out and refuse to marry, have children/hostages, or support the system by earning enough money to pay much in taxes, and who actively work to starve the government and female-centric consumerism - the grrlz can pay their own damn bills.

PUAs (Pick Up Artists) who exploit the sacred feminist tenet that casual sex is a woman's path to happiness and fulfillment.  They put notches on their bedposts, taking part, one on one, in the modern woman's ill advised quest to chase thrill after thrill in search of Mr. Right (or with the assumption that he will be there, waiting for them with open arms and open wallet, when they're all done "finding themselves.")

Between them, these groups offer something for just about every sort of man, if he has the intelligence to recognize where society is headed.  (Hint: Not toward the American Dream.)  While they have differing focuses, they share the common goal of protecting men from being eaten alive by the system - as it stands today and as it deteriorates.

Monday, February 11, 2013

'Nuff Said

It almost brings me to tears that such words can still be spoken in public, in front of our nation's leaders.  I'm sure the MSM won't be publicizing it in its entirety, as the MSM is, and is owned by, that "fourth" branch of government.  So share it.  Please.  Everywhere and with everyone.

If Anybody Wonders Why I'm Trying to Build Bridges...

... between my 2nd Amendment friends and my MHRA friends, it's because they have so very much in common - a love of Freedom, as extolled in the Declaration of Independence and as described in the US Constitution.


"  Internal Inconsistencies Of Life Which I will Not Abide: Part I
“There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.” Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy
I’ve been told to believe too much inconsistent nonsense and it’s bad juju.  Therefore I’ve sifted through a small sample of bullshit which has been shoveled my way and started a list (in no particular order) of “concepts which piss me off” (TM).   "
Go read the rest of it!

(IMH - and unscientific - O, the main sticking points seem to be thus:  Many 2A activists still buy into the myth of traditional chivalry, and some MHRAs still buy into the myth that restricting guns will reduce violence.)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

JudgyBitch for the Win!

...and Amanda Marcotte staggering around unable to breathe, due to her neck being firmly in the grip of he anal sphincter:

Go read this

Golden wisdom:    
"Yay, ladies!  Don’t be support staff for the man you love!  Go and do it for someone else....

 Women found being a housewife so terribly dull and dreary and oppressive that they flocked to the labor market to teach children their alphabet, tend to the sick, fold clothes, care for the elderly, cook food, fetch food, clean house and take care of small children. And that’s just all the ladies who couldn’t find a cushy job organizing a man’s professional life.

Organizing, tending, fetching, wiping noses and asses, cooking and cleaning.
Wow.  Those are some pretty big ambitions."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Have SO F*ing Made the Big Time!!!

Oh, I'm so excited my toes are tingling!  Man boobs, none other than David Futrelle (!!!!!!!!!) has posted one of my articles from A Voice for Men, and lambasted it in his inimitable style!  His piece is a classic, chock full of (what he thinks are) devious strategies to discredit me, and to say, "You're such a meanie-poopie!"  His sparkling gems include:

"... used a picture of a brutalized woman to illustrate a post about domestic violence."

Well damn, how stupid of me.  I should have used a picture of a frolicking puppy!  That would draw man boobs readers in droves!

"... her basic argument – that feminism perpetuates domestic violence for profit – is even more insidiously victim-blaming."

Uh-huh.  Okaaaaaay.  I specifically blame feminist policies for perpetuating DV, and that means I blame DV victims.  I'm afraid I'll need some LSD to make that connection.  Can someone help me out here?  Anyone?  Bueller?

"Every single one of these people would happily give up their job if domestic violence went away.
Um, Yah.  I'm not kidding; David Futrelle, who presumably lives on this planet, said that.

"... domestic violence has fallen considerably since the early 1990s."

1. That statement contradicts what, some claim I didn't make, that maybe DV has increased?
2. I wonder how much DV would have decreased since the early 1990s if millions of children had been removed from their violent mothers.  Just a thought.

"...“about 4 in 5 victims of intimate partner violence were female.” Numerous other studies using different methodologies also find that women make up the majority of victims. The only studies that find similar rates of abuse – which are also, not coincidentally, the only ones that MRAs like to cite – are based on problematic methodologies that end up essentially equating mild and severe violence, pretending that a slap on the face is basically the same as a severe beating when it comes to determining which gender is responsible for the most abuse."

David doesn't "cite" the "problematic" nature of those methodologies, but anybody want to take bets that those are the studies not funded by feminists?

(oddly related:)
"Suz, naturally, presents no evidence for any of this"

'Nuff said.

"Violent fathers are not exactly a “stabilizing” influence on the home."

And we all know that fathers are men!  And men are prone to violence!  So naturally when I say "fathers," I mean violent men, right?  (I actually followed that line of reasoning without the use of illicit drugs.  That's kind of scary.)  David won't be discussing violent mothers of course, because they're the victims - 742% of the time.

"And feminism is responsible for this how?"

And I said feminism is responsible for all of the variables causing DV where?  (Sorry, I know that one wasn't really worthy of mention, but I'm guessing by the end of the night, one of his sycophants commenters is going to make a huuuuge-assed deal out of it)

"Citation fucking needed."

The battle cry of every troll.

Part 2: The Booblets
(I know.  This is the part you were waiting for.)
Thus far there are only a few, but hoo-boy!  Go check 'em out but try not to trip on the hamsters:

"Toss in a few more variables like substance abuse, a string of violent boyfriends, and a bit of poverty, and this process is guaranteed to produce future domestic abusers.
Okay, since you did a marvelous job of taking down most of this drek, I’m gonna point out one little piece that escaped your notice. Apparently, this moron doesn’t think that DV opponents want to also protect women from violent boyfriends as well as violent husbands/fathers. This alone shows that she’s blaring out her rectum."
Erm, when violent broads' violent husbands are sent packing, who's left to tolerate their violence?  That's right, violent boyfriends.  Now if feminists acknowledged that women *gasp* are capable of violence, perhaps feminists might teach women how to be less violent....
Just… -_-
There is too much wrong for me to talk to. All I can do is post up unhappy emotes."
What???  No kitten pictures???
Have you noticed they’re all using their real names now? (at least some of them). I was looking at AvfM a few days ago, and honestly, they do seem to be making progress. This worries me. I think I might need to stay away from here for a while."

"They are obviously trying to separate themselves from the more extreme MRAs and the ‘manosphere’, decrying things like homophobia, transphobia, etc. That makes them even more potentially dangerous, in my opinion."

Mwahahahahaha!  *twirls mustache*


Yes, women are responsible for most DV.
Well, if you’re an MRA and you think that abused women demand to be abused, then of course you think women are more responsible. They’re *asking* for it! *gag*
Classic intentional misreading.  Doesn't everyone know that "women are responsible for most DV," obviously means, "women get down on their knees and beg to be beaten?" Cuz gosh it couldn't possibly mean, "Women commit most DV."

Thanks, Boobzie!  You're awesome!

edited to add this irresistible morsel:

Suz is Queen Asshole of Fuckface Mountain. If she’d bothered to do the lightest of googlings, she’d know that VAVA is gender neutral except for the name. But we all know that would get in the way of her ASSFAX and then maybe she wouldn’t be the mostest special snowflake over there.
I wonder if she’ll try to sock her way into this discussion.
"Gender neutral except for the name"   Holy fuck.

Hey Norton, Ever Heard of Barbara Streisand?

The Streisand Effect.  Please share:

Thanks for the traffic, Norton.


Posted on the A Voice for Men Facebook page:

Among the comments:

"How many feminists have glanced downward in horror while walking across this bridge , no doubt they will campaign to remove the offending shadows..."


" it is not the shadows that offend them, it is the light. Same as always."