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Notable Quotable:

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Monday, March 25, 2013

You Give Up a Lot of Illusions

...When you open your eyes.  This isn't even remotely personal, but I was deeply disappointed by what I learned in writing this article for A Voice for Men.  I have thoroughly enjoyed NCIS since its first season, and I know very few viewers who don't adore the character Abby - including people who,  if they saw her for the first time in real life, would likely cross the street to avoid her.  And Pauley Perrette?  A spunky charismatic animal lover and philanthropist!  What's not to love, right?  *sigh*  Apparently, quite a bit.

Incidentally, I'd like to publicly thank Paul Elam, "Knuckle-Dragger in Chief," for using his awe inspiring editing skills to make my article look like it was composed by a "real" writer.


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    1. AAAACK! I'm sorry Angus! I accidentally deleted your comment!
      I'm also sorry that most of our dancing monkeys have been ruined.

      This is actually a very intriguing case that would make a good book or movie, but it all makes me sick because I've liked "Abby" for years, and Pauley's modest sincere public image just reinforces that.

      I'm beginning to wonder what will be left of the world, if we ever peel off all the layers of illusion...

    2. All of the dancing monkeys are ruined when you look past the characters on the screen. It makes me sad that this is so.

      At least you didn't end up deleting a spirited and interesting comment thread by mistake.

  2. I have enjoyed NCIS, but only because the characters are interesting. As cops, the NCIS crew comes across as being only a few shades of gray nicer than CIA torturers. They seek to uphold the law, but the treat the Bill of Rights as though it was printed on a roll of toilet paper. Arrests without probably cause, searches without warrants, trampling all over the right to counsel, you name it, they do it.

    But I guess they do have to punch up the story line. For the life of a real NCIS agent (dealing with ship's store break-ins and drug use) would be boring has hell. Not to mention covering up matters of interest to the command authorities ( the whole USS Iowa debacle) makes them, in real life, look more like the Naval Cover-up Instigation Service.

    Maybe I should give them a break, since when President Obama lifted the prohibition on gays serving, NCIS likely lost 40% of their caseload.


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