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Notable Quotable:

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Sister is Amazing!

SisterFed (ret.) is a quilter of extraordinary talent.  For decades now, she has been making quilts for family and friends.  What is truly amazing about this is that she takes every single stitch by hand.  Every piece of fabric, no matter the size or shape, is pieced by hand, the quilting is done by hand, and the embroidered embellishments are done by hand.  Each one takes a few years, and the one she made for me arrived in today's mail.  Back when she asked what kind of quilt I wanted, I said not one for the bed!  Someone with four legs will shed on it, puke on it, leak unsavory bodily fluids on it, or track mud on it.  A bed quilt would live in a box for its own safety, so we decided on a wall-hanging - three panels, of a floral theme.  Properly framing it will be a project, because I'm not going to hang this masterpiece in the open air.  Here are a few views:

Yep, that's a frog!

(the yellow is a shadow of WolfAlpha's head)

I think it's safe to say I have never owned anything as beautiful as this.  That lady rocks!


  1. I agree. Youre sister does great work!!

  2. That has to be one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. The whole 'by hand' thing makes it even more of a treasure. Wow.

  3. I don't usually enjoy gurl stuff like this, but I have to admit, those are beautiful and she is a very talented gurl.

  4. I inherited a quilt my mom made. It's too large to hang so I display it on a pretty quilt rack. Your sister's work is beautiful.



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