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Notable Quotable:

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hmm.  My last post is what happens when I don't do my homework.  Today I read this on "From My Position:"

Although there may be a little tap dancing in it, I suspect his letter is factual.  I wish it had directly addressed the question, "Are medical responses delayed due to the unarmed state of MEDEVEC helicopters?"  But I guess the government doesn't know how not to dissemble.  "Here's my translation:  These are (some, but probably not all) pertinent facts contradicting Micheal Yon.  Draw your own conclusion, answer your own question."

It's not a difficult question.  Where do I find the answer?


  1. My son, the medic, back from 10 months in Kandahar, cites OPSEC when I asked him. He also said Michael Yon needs an enema.

  2. Thanks WSF. How cool is it to be able to get an answer from someone whose only agenda is saving lives!

  3. Thank you for the kind remark. It should be noted, with this particular medic, you wouldn't want to be downrange from him and an enemy combatant.


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