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Notable Quotable:

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Complete and Utter BS

*warning: political rant*

Are people starting to notice yet?  Among living breathing human Americans, the "Left" and the "Right" are SO CLOSE on so many issues.  The news media, fed by politicians and their owners, is actively dividing us on mostly false and inconsequential issues.  And we're taking the bait.  We are swallowing it whole. Everybody except Congress & Co. hates the TSA.  Everybody except Congress & Co. hates our huge inefficient (and all but useless) government.  Everybody but Congress & Co. hates predatory practices of banks and businesses.  Everybody except congress & Co. hates the spectacular mess that has resulted from the drug war (& Co. includes the government employees who get paid to shuffle the pieces around the board.)  Everybody except Congress & Co. hates corruption in the labor unions.  Are you starting to get the picture?

Shall I continue?  Why are we allowing the power brokers and their media pets to con us into believing that we are each others' enemies?  The most dangerous enemies of this nation are the career politicians and the people who pay big bucks to keep them in control.  We have seen the enemy and it is NOT us.  It's the people we allow to "lead" us!  Why are we so damned gullible?  Has TV brainwashed us that much?

Say these words out loud.

Liberal         Tea Party      Religious Right     

Socialist   Environmentalist      Republican     

Anarchist       Democrat    

"Choose Your Prefix"-o-Nazi

Now do it again.

These are all empty words, inconsequential labels used to mislead us!  And the're effective, aren't they?  Each of these words scares the hell out of someone, or just plain pisses someone off.  But here's the truth about them: not one of the groups described by these words is a viable threat to this nation, because not one of them will ever have enough of a majority to endanger this nation.  So why are we screeching these words at each other?  Because the career politicians want us to. They just keep stirring the pot.  If we can't bring ourselves to speak civilly to each other, we will never realize that we agree about the roots of our most of our problems.  If we start talking to each other, here's what's at stake: the Republican and Democratic Parties, and the people who collectively own both of them, could lose their power.  They could lose the power to suppress competition from smaller banks, from smaller businesses, from smaller unions.  They could lose their power to control trillions of dollars!
Do you think they don't understand this?  Do you think that it's merely a coincidence that this hideously divisive political climate has grown up alongside of the wealth of information that's instantly available on the internet?  We now have easy access to all the facts we need to have at least half of Congress & Co arrested and charged with crimes.  But every time a new scandal rears its head, they blow smoke up our asses, distracting us, and overwhelming us with rumors and lies.  Congress & Co will lose everything they hold dear if the American people ever discover how much we have in common, and how small our differences really are. 

The Powers That Be have a lot to lose, and they won't give it up without a fight.


  1. You are absolutely correct. Read the blog world. Don't like something? Pick a trivial point and dismiss the message of the entire group. Lots easier to deal with labels than real people with all their faults and virtues. Pay lip service to free speech.

    Divide and control; make us into useful idiots.


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