Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Have SO F*ing Made the Big Time!!!

Oh, I'm so excited my toes are tingling!  Man boobs, none other than David Futrelle (!!!!!!!!!) has posted one of my articles from A Voice for Men, and lambasted it in his inimitable style!  His piece is a classic, chock full of (what he thinks are) devious strategies to discredit me, and to say, "You're such a meanie-poopie!"  His sparkling gems include:

"... used a picture of a brutalized woman to illustrate a post about domestic violence."

Well damn, how stupid of me.  I should have used a picture of a frolicking puppy!  That would draw man boobs readers in droves!

"... her basic argument – that feminism perpetuates domestic violence for profit – is even more insidiously victim-blaming."

Uh-huh.  Okaaaaaay.  I specifically blame feminist policies for perpetuating DV, and that means I blame DV victims.  I'm afraid I'll need some LSD to make that connection.  Can someone help me out here?  Anyone?  Bueller?

"Every single one of these people would happily give up their job if domestic violence went away.
Um, Yah.  I'm not kidding; David Futrelle, who presumably lives on this planet, said that.

"... domestic violence has fallen considerably since the early 1990s."

1. That statement contradicts what, some claim I didn't make, that maybe DV has increased?
2. I wonder how much DV would have decreased since the early 1990s if millions of children had been removed from their violent mothers.  Just a thought.

"...“about 4 in 5 victims of intimate partner violence were female.” Numerous other studies using different methodologies also find that women make up the majority of victims. The only studies that find similar rates of abuse – which are also, not coincidentally, the only ones that MRAs like to cite – are based on problematic methodologies that end up essentially equating mild and severe violence, pretending that a slap on the face is basically the same as a severe beating when it comes to determining which gender is responsible for the most abuse."

David doesn't "cite" the "problematic" nature of those methodologies, but anybody want to take bets that those are the studies not funded by feminists?

(oddly related:)
"Suz, naturally, presents no evidence for any of this"

'Nuff said.

"Violent fathers are not exactly a “stabilizing” influence on the home."

And we all know that fathers are men!  And men are prone to violence!  So naturally when I say "fathers," I mean violent men, right?  (I actually followed that line of reasoning without the use of illicit drugs.  That's kind of scary.)  David won't be discussing violent mothers of course, because they're the victims - 742% of the time.

"And feminism is responsible for this how?"

And I said feminism is responsible for all of the variables causing DV where?  (Sorry, I know that one wasn't really worthy of mention, but I'm guessing by the end of the night, one of his sycophants commenters is going to make a huuuuge-assed deal out of it)

"Citation fucking needed."

The battle cry of every troll.

Part 2: The Booblets
(I know.  This is the part you were waiting for.)
Thus far there are only a few, but hoo-boy!  Go check 'em out but try not to trip on the hamsters:

"Toss in a few more variables like substance abuse, a string of violent boyfriends, and a bit of poverty, and this process is guaranteed to produce future domestic abusers.
Okay, since you did a marvelous job of taking down most of this drek, I’m gonna point out one little piece that escaped your notice. Apparently, this moron doesn’t think that DV opponents want to also protect women from violent boyfriends as well as violent husbands/fathers. This alone shows that she’s blaring out her rectum."
Erm, when violent broads' violent husbands are sent packing, who's left to tolerate their violence?  That's right, violent boyfriends.  Now if feminists acknowledged that women *gasp* are capable of violence, perhaps feminists might teach women how to be less violent....
Just… -_-
There is too much wrong for me to talk to. All I can do is post up unhappy emotes."
What???  No kitten pictures???
Have you noticed they’re all using their real names now? (at least some of them). I was looking at AvfM a few days ago, and honestly, they do seem to be making progress. This worries me. I think I might need to stay away from here for a while."

"They are obviously trying to separate themselves from the more extreme MRAs and the ‘manosphere’, decrying things like homophobia, transphobia, etc. That makes them even more potentially dangerous, in my opinion."

Mwahahahahaha!  *twirls mustache*


Yes, women are responsible for most DV.
Well, if you’re an MRA and you think that abused women demand to be abused, then of course you think women are more responsible. They’re *asking* for it! *gag*
Classic intentional misreading.  Doesn't everyone know that "women are responsible for most DV," obviously means, "women get down on their knees and beg to be beaten?" Cuz gosh it couldn't possibly mean, "Women commit most DV."

Thanks, Boobzie!  You're awesome!

edited to add this irresistible morsel:

Suz is Queen Asshole of Fuckface Mountain. If she’d bothered to do the lightest of googlings, she’d know that VAVA is gender neutral except for the name. But we all know that would get in the way of her ASSFAX and then maybe she wouldn’t be the mostest special snowflake over there.
I wonder if she’ll try to sock her way into this discussion.
"Gender neutral except for the name"   Holy fuck.


  1. Oh, you big mean thing. You are messing up the narrative.

  2. I liked Hellkell's comment the most.
    VAWA being gender neutral is sooo beyond any resemblance of knowing what he/she is talking about. I wonder what the men who report their violent spouse and get dragged off to jail thinks about that kind of 'neutrality'.

    That's like Sweden claiming to be neutral, while providing the world with some of the most lethal weapons.

    Apparently he/she is a resident of Fuckface Mountain, since he/she knows you're the Queen there. I take it your enthronement happened pretty recently, and Hellkell's family is the local 4th generation inbred?
    You might consider another residence, considering the stupidity of your local servants to the Crown.

  3. It is entertaining to see these people wrap themselves in layers of delusion, is it not?

  4. Ms Suz,
    You've given David Futrelle yet another boner. I too have had that singular experience. Being targeted by him is like being pelted with a handfull of goose down: it is weird and pathetic and makes you wonder why he bothered.

    The squeeling of the Boobettes only adds to the sense of having entered another dimension. Those kitty-clutching cretins couldn't even begin to comprehend your brilliant and powerful article (so happy to see you post!).

    Fellow Boob Target,

  5. Hi Booblets! Welcome! I'm banned over in Boobville (since I'm so very scary - ooooh!) and my sock puppets are too busy doing volunteer work to waste time on you. However, none of you are banned from here and comments are open. Feel free to display your ludicrous rationalizations, butthurtness, and sixth-grade-girl-fight-style insults, over here where the smart people hang out.

    Since it's impossible to have a rational debate with the terminally obtuse, I won't be bothering to engage you, but I might use your comments as "textbook" examples of poor logic that would get you kicked out of middle school debate club.

    Have at it, grrrls!

    p.s. There's no need to "take a break" from all that "toxic misogyny" in Boobville. Most of the discussions barely touch on Boobzie's articles anyway; you all just chit-chat among yourselves about any old random shit, like that ever present clique of girls at the back of the classroom. Yay colored towels!

  6. Wow! You are such a meanie poopie. LOL. Are these people for real? I'm starting to wonder how the US is dumbing down so rapidly.

    1. Booblets are a very special sort of dumb, although I suspect half of them are Boobzie sock puppets. Cuz yeah, so many of them in one place! It's like a side show at the circus - pay a dime and peek inside the tent. Boo!

  7. lol. I wonder if it even occurs to Mr Futrelle that you can only provide citations for the things you actually write, and not what the voices inside his head tell him you wrote.

    1. Nailed it! Seriously, I don't think he comprehends anything he doesn't want to agree with, so he redefines and re-frames it - to give it a shape he can recognize and attack. He doesn't say, "Are you saying...?" He skips that step and goes straight to "You ARE saying..."
      His mental processes are fairly typical of the female brain.

  8. It's been two days since I published this, and since the average Booblet attention span can be measured in nanoseconds, this comment isn't for them, but merely for the hell of it:

    David Futrelle:
    "I'm going to emotionally traumatize you by showing you a deeply disturbing image. Then I'm going to further traumatize you by telling you deeply disturbing things about the sort of people who display deeply disturbing images (and I'll lie to make your experience MORE traumatic.) Then I'm going to comfort you in your deep distress. Without irony and without shame."

    Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?


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