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Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stupid College Administrators

who can't stand personal responsibility.

~~If we allow female students to protect themselves from, you know, real rapists, we won't be able to cultivate a community of pseudo-victims who feel that they've been violated.~~ (snark)

"By Tuesday night, the list was taken down and replaced by an explanation and an apology. But it was too late."

(Don't they just hate it when they get called out on their bullshit?)

From a self-defense perspective, I like EBM's recommendation:

"I humbly submit a better idea: Make the rapist piss his 

'Cuz hey, even an Empowered Grrrl needs to be judicious about whom she shoots (usually. Yeah I'm looking at you, Jodi) as opposed to whom she falsely accuses.  If campuses were as full of dead guys as they are of falsely accused guys, a few eyebrows might be raised.  Might be.


  1. How do you propose that a woman would not use a gun in vengeance and claim self-defense by means of a rape allegation?

    Certainly doesn't help men fight off false allegations in the least. Now you're just dead and can't even defend yourself...

    1. Did you read the last paragraph?

      Most female gun owners are among the most responsible and accountable women around. I suspect it has something to do with "gunnie" culture. When you spend time learning how not to be a victim, you learn to like how it feels. Acute Victim-itis is rare among women who shoot.

    2. I read your last paragraph. It's saying that a woman will choose to be more vigilant in who she shoots rather than who she falsely charges.

      Your idea is based on the moralism of certain women because one believes they have been trained not to be victims and not use victimology as a offensive tool. Would you be comfortable if we dropped assault and battery laws in favour of training men in the use of weapons, as it makes them more responsible?

    3. Segregate college campuses and dorms. Make it like the old days. Watch rape and false allegations dwindle. Sure, students will sneak out at night but they will be safer and there will be far less opportunity for rape and assault to occur.

    4. Largely, women who carry already ARE trained not to be victims, and they also have a better grasp of real-world consequences than most other women. Women who carry, like most men, understand that personal responsibility is far more empowering than victimhood, and that the two are mutually exclusive *as guiding philosophies."

      As for "dropping" assault and battery laws, that's barely worth an answer, so I will leave it at this:
      Men tend to use the law AND personal responsibility, in handling assault and battery.

  2. Live in Colorado and am watching the insanity.
    Met my ex wife in college. No CCW in those days
    for ordinary people. She had a Walther PPK .380
    on her at all times. Didn't care about the consequences,
    just wanted to feel safe. A female of her age on her
    block went missing and was never found. That is when she
    started to carry.

  3. Would just like to say that I agree with responsible gun use. That's not my quibble. The problem with today's society is that we have pre-planned defense strategies based on who gets shot and killed. This idea can and will be abused, just like false allegations. How do you prove self-defense in this case? Especially if there is no penetration, no bruises and no witnesses, just a dead body. And since you can't prove it, just like with rape charges, society will make adjustments and allow women to abuse it... else more femwalks and such.

    1. "This idea can and will be abused,...)

      Nonsense. Responsible, legal gun owners are already all over the place, women included. They have been, throughout the entirety of feminism. Where is there evidence that "this idea" will suddenly start to be abused on a large scale?

    2. I didn't say large scale. I said it would be abused. I merely asked how you would propose to stop that.

      Anyway, have at it. I prefer an armed citizenry rather than a docile one. I just like to cover my own arse though.

    3. And so have irresponsible gun users. A gun license and training doesn't necessarily make one responsible.

    4. "I merely asked how you would propose to stop that."

      Unlike the anti-rights cultists, I'm not stupid enough to believe it CAN be stopped. We live on earth, not in Utopia.

      "A gun license and training doesn't necessarily make one responsible."

      The correlation between "license and training" may not be cause-and-effect, but it is a very strong correlation nevertheless. People who value their freedom enough to publicly exercise it, are often the sort of people who understand another correlation - the one between rights and responsibilities.

  4. Liberal rape prevention kit: a whistle.
    Conservative rape prevention kit: a .44

    So just who is it that's waging a war on women?

  5. A whistle? How about self defense classes and carrying a gun? How about pepper spray? Actually, I recommend everyone do that...male or female. Education is important. Perhaps we would have less problems if everyone quit putting their head in the sand.

  6. Related: There's actually a woman in jail right now because she finally pulled a gun on an abusive husband and shot at him. She didn't hit him, didn't hit anyone. She fired a shot, he left, and she went to prison. She's totally legal to carry, etc. And I'm supposed to believe that I wouldn't go to jail for actually killing some guy, when all they have is my word that he was attacking me? If they imprisoned a woman who didn't even wound the person she shot at...

    Also Related: My Gay-Straight Alliance is having an Event this coming Thursday. As in, we've got a karate teacher coming to give us a self-defense class. I really do love that group.

    1. If you kill a guy, he can't testify against you. Battered Wife Syndrome usually plays pretty well to juries.

      Self defense class = excellent! Find a "buddy" and continue to practice any moves you learn. But remember, you don't want a predator to get close enough for you to use any of them. If you can find it, you should look up an old PBS special called "Street Smarts," with a guy named J.J. Bittenbinder (I think.) VERY good tips for safe living, and not much in the way of paranoia.


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