Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Friday, January 18, 2013

"You Have Failed"

Think my Anonymous Letter was scathing?  Glorious Bastard says more, and better.

"9.  I don’t want to rape you-EVER!  I also don’t want to be around you-hardly ever.  Except when I want some physical interaction (sex, shsssh!).  Other than that; I see no cost-benefit analysis that favors anything else with you.  You have become a clear and present danger to me personally (false rap claims, sexual harassment charges).  To marry you is a guarantee to a divorce or a life replete with misery and pain; or both.
You have failed."

Where have all the "good men" gone?  Away.


  1. Hey, appreciate the linkage Suz. D-bag Futrelle caught this first and made a wonderful little writing rant about this, my replies set off a firestorm over at his blog. I loved it.

    1. Dang! I missed all the fun! I'll go check it out, Are ya banned yet, you eeeevil misogynist?


    Of course I'm banned; I just found out Reddit had me shadow banned for two months! lol

    I put up a comment that was the reverse of the misandry; and got actually banned! That was yesterday.

    Dave and crew still occasionally dog my site; I guess I am the catnip that keeps pissing them off.

    I must really be a evil patriarchal a-hole; and I don't lose any sleep at night.

    Thanks for the linkage again Suz.

    1. Sadly, it is impossible to "not" humor them. They humor themselves enough as it is. I am not sure what to think of their misandry party over there; especially as they know what they are doing is messed up.

      Frankly, it is sad. Either because they have to live that way; or we never see life punish them the way they deserve. Really merciless how they get so much glee out of the men they harass and shame when it is obvious to anyone they are innocent. Once a feminist; always dumb I guess?

    2. I always wonder if they can possibly be that stupid, but then I remember junior high. Girls in a mob are capable of anything, even if they're "smart." I don't know if it's scary or just sad. You know when they finally fall it's gonna hurt, but damn, they've earned it!

  3. What are "false rap claims"? Does that have something to do with Snoop Dog?


    1. Long live the grammar nazi!

    2. Please. I prefer Queen of Grammar.

    3. Yes, Your Majesty, of course!


    4. p.s. Hard as I try, I'm only a princess. *sigh*

    5. Oh come on Suz; we all know the story!

      Princesses can only be known when they can feel the tiniest pin prick of a pea (or her string of boyfriends on the carousel) between the lowliest of door mats they sleep on at the foot of the door of the alpha prince they get left in monastery for! This one may have as much as three suitors waiting on her hand and no confidence!

      Either way, goddesses (read one who ca stay married and not feel insecure over the slightest of problems) needs no reason to care what anyone, including a queens or Nazis cares about. Someday she'll get it; in the meantime she only has minor details in others grammar to cry about. Very sad; for her.

      She is most likely jealous. Even if my grammar is horrible, my ideas and imagination obviously scare her. Cupcake's privileges are threatened if too may men in the world think like me; but not you. Because you get it; she may never get it. Again, very sad.

    6. Janie's a good egg even if she's not a Manospherian. She doesn't get where I'm coming from, and I thank God every day that I don't get where she's coming from; she survived a real-life Duluth Model Marriage - one of the 4%. We may disagree on politics, but I am in awe of her writing and editing abilities. I do wish (hint! hint!) that she'll one day turn her talent to writing about men's issues though...

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    9. we share a wicked sense of humor and a boyfriend - Coffeypot. (Don't tell his wife, my husband, or Janie's SO)

    10. Ok, I have seen you around so I can retract my thread comments; or you can.

      My apologies Janie. To a certain point I understand somewhat.

      My grandparents had too many kids, one of my parents was one of their 9 kids.

      Too many kids, too little money, and all by two people who were too young, too uneducated, and far too immature to play with the forces they played with. I have seen the devastation it causes; I am sorry if that is what you went through?

      My mother was a very strong women; and made the buck stop with me. I was not abused; fortunately. I am a big guy. Kinda like it is better to spray a mastiff puppy with a water bottle than kick him; he gets huge one day.

      Either way; it is what it is. I get a lot fo flak from certain individuals and seeing as I can't see who they are I kinda of assume now anyone dissing me and my blog is one of them; or some one like them.

      Cheers, and encantado. ;)

  4. False "Rape"

    Of course, a "rap sheet" is something they also give falsely accused men so I didn't change it.

    The Bastard

  5. Lib Arts Major Making $31k/yrJanuary 22, 2013 at 7:51 AM

    Men, please determine your own reality and do not allow the anecdotes of bitter, jaded, divorced husks of "men" to keep you from engaging in marriage if you want to. God knows they have my sympathies, but sometimes the echo chamber effect that occurs when they start talking gets annoying.

    Make no mistake, there are immense risks in the modern relationship. Here's a protip: most stuff in life involves risk. The worst thing to do is jump in without heed to these things. Instead, simply manage the risk. Not all marriages are deathtraps. NAWALT defenses aside, it doesn't change the fact that NAWALT is a truism.

    If you want a happy relationship and marriage - swallow the red pill and go make one. Have kids and become a patriarch if you want. Or don't. It's up to you. Just don't let embittered post-MGTOW dialogue convince you that it's not possible. If you're worried about the legalities of divorce, get a pre-nup - a real one. Any lawyer living in a cracker jack box can write up a "legal" document. If you're that concerned about paying child support, then put a little money up front to get a decent lawyer to make sure it is enforceable.

    Bottom line, the red pill is about seeing the truth of the world (particularly relationships) without delusion. Don't delude yourself into thinking that all women are feminists or have been feminized. This is MGTOW: If you want something a certain way, go make it that way for you - this includes marriage et al. Screw what everyone else says.

    1. You make some valid points but your shaming language discredits you; your motives are suspect.

      Regarding pre-nups, once children are involved any judge can effectively negate any pre-nup.

      I am not against marriage but those "bitter, jaded, divorced husks of 'men,'" know a thing or two about how marriage can, and often does, end. Considering that the overwhelming majority of Western men are completely oblivious to this reality, I find your attempts to downplay and marginalize "post-MGTOW" thinking, to be a disservice to men and families.

      It seems to me that it would be obvious to anyone with a pulse that many marriages succeed - fifty percent of them don't end in divorce; at least a few of those must be solid and rewarding. Most of civilization and all of Churchianity, vociferously promote marriage everywhere and around the clock, and NAWALT is a given like water is wet. So why are you here NAWALTing?

    2. Whose to say all those bitter, jaded "divorced husks"? Really, you said divorced husks? What, their ex feminists wives didn't "shuck" them correctly; you guess right?

      Look bro, I get what you are saying, and I agree with Suz; you're as real and manly as a My Little Ponies remake.

      Either way; you conjure up images of men torn through the meat grinder which is family court; but neglect to think, if you can, that many of those "bitter husks of men" are actually grown children who saw what happened to their fathers, uncles, brothers, and friends post divorce. I am jaded when I see one I care about hurt some way; and I feel no need for psychotropic drugs, nor an insecurity issue deep inside to apologize for your weak, thinly hidden attempt at sly feminist shaming techniques.

      Over all; you miss the point. Here, have .01 cents for your time.

    3. Lib Arts Major Making $31k/yrJanuary 25, 2013 at 12:34 PM

      "Shaming language" has long been code for "criticism." Despite the fact that our government does it so often, changing the moniker of something doesn't always change the definition of what you're trying to do: (Gun Control Laws = Gun "Violence" Laws, ho ho)

      As for pre-nups and kids, no you can't affect custody with them. However, she won't be walking away with the finances. You may be saddled with significant child support and wind up with joint custody and minimal visitation. Probably the worst price to pay really - not the monetary one, but the price that your son or daughter will grow up largely under a different roof with a woman who will spend roughly every waking moment poisoning the mind of your offspring to hate you for things you probably didn't do.

      No, I attack post-MGTOW bullshit like this because it is the other extreme of a "blue-pill" lifestyle not knowing anything. That is to say, it assumes that you already know EVERYTHING without even trying.

      It's the same shit Clarey does - he projects a lifetime of his own bad experiences into a depressing rant that offers zero solution to the audience. Whoops, sorry, we can't all buy out of the workforce and become bike-riding bloggers who peddle e-books for a living. The very same e-books that tell us all how bad our lives are and how hopeless everything is! Brilliant.

      My issue with MGTOW is that at best it affords a warning. But beyond that, it's nothing but ruin. Let enough of this wash over you and you will have as jaded of an outlook as any of the same authors spouting the same depressing diatribe about women and marriage. A few seek a way around the problems they face through traditional Christianity. Good for them. Good for Dalrock. At least they're trying to FIND A SOLUTION. But some drive-by post like the OP makes me rage at how stupid and pointlessly circular most MGTOW / Manosphere dialogue is. It gets no one anywhere and only serves to further complain about an already obvious issue.

      As for grown children? My parents divorced after 30 years of marriage when I was eight. The divorce was the most costly divorce in county history. My mother got sole custody and spent the next 10 years until I moved out convincing me that my father was scum. Despite all this, my father still paid child support like clockwork, showed up at all the football games, and was as supportive as he could be. One day you wake up as an adult and realize you've been sold a childhood of lies by one parent for no other reason than spite.

      My brother (17 years older than me) was divorced after 16 years of marriage. They had no children, but she still took half of his assets, despite the fact she had more and was a fem-centric who had earned many feminist merit badges in the corporate world. 16 years of life, flushed. 16 years of being a beta, and he wakes up to realize at 40-something years old that he was wrong in his 16+ years of trying to white-knight for this woman.

      Safe to say I've long since known what the problem is. I have experienced the problem first hand. Every direct blood relative I have has been through a bitter divorce. I'm waiting for someone with a POSITIVE MESSAGE. I'm waiting for someone to figure out that what MGTOW needs isn't more red-pill, it needs post-red pill. I am long tired of looking at blogroll after blogroll of nothing but the same depressing rants.

      I advocate to Men that they take their own hands and determine their own reality. Stop listening to the whining and wallowing in self-pity. Posts like the OP do nothing but perpetuate the problem. It's long overdue that we stop lamenting the problem and start focusing on the solution.

    4. "However, she won't be walking away with the finances. You may be saddled with significant child support..."

      'nuff said.

      " assumes that you already know EVERYTHING without even trying..."

      Nonsense. It assumes that you know *the risks,* through observation and education. I never had to stick my hand in a flame to know that it would burn me.

      "My issue with MGTOW is that at best it affords a warning. But beyond that, it's nothing but ruin."

      Again, nonsense. Sure there's some nihilism there, and some men get caught in that rut like they get caught in the "I'm a victim" rut, but it "affords" far more than a warning. It offers viable alternatives, strategies for avoiding disposability, and strategies for living independently. I've got news for you - that spirit is what made this country great. My grandmother was born in a duggout on a riverbank, to a pioneer couple who Went Their Own Way, and carved out a good life for themselves, far outside of the traditions of their culture.

      MGTOW *is* a solution, as much as anything Dalrock offers. Dalrock offers solutions to men who already ARE married, or who have a deep need to BE married. MGTOW is a solution for men who don't. Those men are many in number, but they may be invisible to traditionalists like you, because you are committed to bending them to YOUR ideal. To the traditionalist, men are either traditionalists, potential traditionalists, or useless lost causes.

      "It's long overdue that we stop lamenting the problem and start focusing on the solution."

      Perhaps you have tunnel vision, or perhaps you are projecting. Many of us ARE focusing on finding solutions, but what is the point of a handful of men who have solutions, if the majority of the world doesn't know there's a problem? Taking the Red Pill is a journey, usually a long slow journey. Millions of men are currently at various stages of that journey. Understanding the pain and anger of disillusioned men (whether you are one of them or not) is a key part of it. This stuff resonates and makes neophytes THINK. It also makes veteran Red Pillers nod in agreement. Why do you think my Anonymous Letter garnered 23,000 page views BEFORE it was published by AVfM?

      You are speaking from a position of insular privilege, and taking Red Pill wisdom for granted, rather like a maestro, annoyed by the sound of students practicing the scales. You want solutions? Come up with a few of your own and start up a movement or website, or join those of us who are are actively developing viable solutions. But know this: no one solution will work for everybody. I think the Manosphere already has a good balance between legal activism, relationship advice, and independent living advice. Even the PUAs and the nihilists offer solid knowledge. Do with it what you will, but if your MO is to sit in front of a keyboard and arrogantly tell everybody else what they're doing wrong, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    5. A couple days late to this, but maybe you'll come back and read it. There are plenty of people looking for solutions in the 'Manosphere'. They're just not big voices because the solutions you want are all personal ones. They vary from individual to individual, and they all take a great deal of time and energy to find. Go read smaller personal blogs if thats what you eant, blogs like mine, aneroid oceans, rivelinos, dr illusions None of us are big names because we write about our own personal thoughts and actions, but we share experiences and advice. We also run into issues with anonymity. Most have to be guarded with what info they give so as not to lose jobs. Of the ones ive mentioned I'm probably the least anonymous, but I still dont broadcast information to the world.

      If you're not finding these things, or arent finding your own solutions, its because you're not bothering to look

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