Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You are Perfect EXCEPT...

From The Private Man:

"Most men have enough awareness to not send the following online dating message to a perfect stranger:
“You are perfect except for your weight. We should be friends, I think we would get along really well and have similar tastes/interests.”"

link: How women turn men into PUAs

Who the hell taught women to presume such patronizing superiority?  (And if they're so damn irresistible, why are they on OKcupid?)


  1. At first I didn't understand, but then I clicked on the link. How unkind to treat someone that way. If you aren't interested in someone, then just shut the hell up. Elvis Aaron Schwarz and I found each other on OKCupid. Neither one of us is what you might call gorgeous, but he looks great to me -- a man who gets up every morning and goes to work and comes home and takes care of the dog he rescued. A man who calls me once or twice everyday to make sure I'm okay. A man who tells me frequently that he loves me. Yeah. That's my Elvis.


    1. That kind of behavior is so common these days, among guys too, but guys get slammed for it. Girls don't even know it's inappropriate anymore. It never occurs to them that they aren't entitled to the "perfect" mates we'd all like to have. Girls learn young: "Boys are dumb. Throw rocks at them."

    2. (We old farts either don't see much of this crap, or we think it's rare...)

  2. As a rehabbed PUA, who was sadly to successful for societies sanity; I have a confession to make.

    These make perfect sense to me!

    It is not what is said, but what is not. Of course, you are right that this is not exactly high tea time behavior in the Victorian era; but obviously to an astute reader that is not the point.

    The girl who wrote the initial comment gave him a shit test. Whether he realized it or not is inconsequential. What she did was send a resume with a hidden exam on the back. His reaction is merely pass or fail. Humor in this case, like the truth and payback is a real $$$$$.

    Let me break it down:

    “You are perfect except for your height wahhh. We should be friends, I think we would get along really well and have similar tastes/interests.”

    This whole comment, even if mean spirited in reality, and she does not notice; actually screams from her inner most being. The player I was would pick up on this and send something back and completely and crazily asinine like:

    Yeah, very true; since we are on the subject, (you know when we go shopping and chasing girls together) let me help you identify a better push up bra as even though I am very short; "my confidence" is HUGE!

    SO I only take women who have the physical necessities I require. My reason is simple, if you are my friend (who is a girl), you must be hot as you act like my personal business card to the real hotties you will watch me date in front of you.

    Here is my digits XXX-XXX-XXXX, call me bestie.

    Totally wrong right? WRONG, it is soo right; albeit a little long. I have been out of it now, and happily married for over two years; so cut me a little slack will ya.

    The point is that all of these people are narcissists; the real player picks up on these subtle cues, and twists them like an old hand at the helm. Steering a ship where he wants.

    If the recipient of her comment reacted like a pansie, she knows not to go with him; unless she has need of a free lunch, and maybe some clothes on his credit card? Trust me, I have met a few; they suck, shame accordingly.

    1. I guess much depends on her reason for being on a dating site. If she's trolling for Alpha Cads, even unconsciously, that's a good shit test. If she's seeking a relationship, why is she negging and showing her shallow ass? TPM is right; there are only two appropriate responses such self absorbed behavior - ignore her or bed her. And I can see the temptation to go for the latter, a relationship being out of the question.

  3. Tom Cruise is 5'7. Average height of females in US is between 5'4-5'5. She must be a giant.


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