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Notable Quotable:

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Not Again. Please.

I just took Sadie the Big Yellow Food Processor to the vet for fluids and a barium study.  Out of the blue, yesterday she started vomiting, and hasn't kept even water down.  No diarrhea, but blood in her poop this morning.  She's at least seven years  old, well past her prime.

No appetite.

Very bad, and very sudden.

I refuse to sweat the cost, although WolfAlpha finally bought a car Saturday and we still have a couple of payments on the Taurus; we'll manage, and I know enough about veterinary medicine to avoid any unnecessary charges.  I'm just not ready to  watch another one decline and die.  The day before yesterday I heard the neighbor's beagle bark and I reflexively looked around for Cal - he had his first stroke one year and a couple of weeks ago.  This just sucks.


  1. I hope it is just something he ate and it will pass through. But to make sure, give him plenty of TLC. Sorry you have to do this so close together.


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