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Notable Quotable:

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As if Yesterday Wasn't Bad Enough...

...I just learned that The Wounded Warrior Project prefers not to associate publicly with gun owners and gun-oriented organizations.   Yet it accepts sh**-tons of our money.  I just sent them this email:

Dear Sirs,
I breaks my heart to inform you that due to my discovery today, of your policies as listed in this article,
I will be removing the WWP magnet from my car, Taking the link to WWP off of my blog, removing WWP from my $5.00/week donation list, and I will not be participating in any more WWP fundraising activities.

Until you change your policies to show respect and appreciation to the multitude of gun owners who support our wounded warriors, I will give my donations to a less hypocritical veterans' support organization.

I am sorry from the bottom of my heart, because you do great work; but it sickens me that you see my money as tainted, and  you accept it anyway.  Please discontinue all contact with me until your policy changes.

If WWP does the right thing and changes its tune, I will resume my support of the organization.


  1. Agree. In the meantime there is Soldiers Angles.

  2. We are of the same mind on this one. Hypocrites.

  3. WSF beat me to it. Since my church went full-on libtard, I've been sending my tithe to Soldier's Angels. You might look into them.

    And I'm sorry to hear about your dog. I lost my cat in similar circumstances, and it's definitely one of the hardest things about having a pet.

    1. I concur. I have only ever sent money to Soldiers' Angels. Wounded Warriors seems like a hoity-toity rich folks org, at least around here. Besides, Soldiers' Angels sent me a really cool challenge coin.

  4. Sorry to hear about your rough week Suz. These kinds of events are always hard. Glad that it sounds like you're getting good support from people in your life. It'll get better.


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