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Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Explaining the "Anonymous Letter" to a Girl who *Almost* Gets it.

I received two comments on My Anonymous Letter post from a young lady named Brittany.  I think she has her head on pretty straight, but she has missed a few subtleties.  Here are her comments and my response (which was so long I had to divide it into two comments.)  She's clearly pretty bright and observant; she sees what is happening around her, but like most people, she hasn't taken that next step to seriously consider why it is happening.  At some point in previous comments I made it clear that feminism is not the sole cause of everything wrong with modern society; however, feminism aggravates nearly every other factor.  Addressing those other factors will change nothing unless we address feminism as well.

This post is flawed only in the essence that you're blaming the women for kicking out the men who leave because they want to. The children raised by single mothers not because mom's standards are too high but because they weren't high enough. If those single moms had perhaps picked better men... they wouldn't be alone.

So let's set a few things straight mom. I'm a college educated small business owner who is head over heels in love with my best friend and business partner. He is an honorable, respectful man, who uplifts me and is always in my corner. He is charismatic, brilliant, attractive and cares for me through all my faults. I met him because I have high standards. I met him because I am strong and powerful. I met him because I waited for someone better than the last one. My standards aren't very high either, as a woman I want to be respected, I want to be intellectually stimulated as well as physically, I will not tolerate abuse of any form and I don't care if a man is rich, he just needs ambition. Unfortunately in my age bracket (I am 24) I had to start dating a man 7 years older than myself to even find what I need in a partner. Someone who actually behaves like an adult. Now I will say since your son was in the military he's probably got a better head on his shoulders than most men who are 20 but 20 year old males are usually barely out of puberty and still trying to get laid at any and all occasion.

Young men these days are rude, overly aggressive, and often perverse in seeking out females. Everyday I walk through my town men make disgusting comments to me about my body. When I go to the gym they follow me around. At my job I've had men attempt to pick me up while their wives were 4 feet away. This is so common that I find any man walking up to me to be threatening after living in this city for a few years. I don't go to bars because I don't want men trying to dry hump me on the dance floor. There are slim pickings when it comes to ambition these days as well. Many men in my community seemed to have finished high school and are just... done trying to be better. (I'm not talking about skilled workers, I've known some seriously talented auto repairmen who made quite a lot of money). It's not the paycheck that deters me, it's the lack of interest in doing anything other than working at Whole Foods as a cashier. I did try it though, dating people who didn't have my level of ambition and it ended because I was heading up and they were stagnant. There are plenty of men for women like me though, and just as many women who lack ambition and can work the check out line too.

It is NOT just the state of women but... you have a point in your post about some things. The brilliant wonderful man I love? While I know he cares for me and he's not leaving soon, I also know that he is hesitant to jump in when it comes to this relationship and I know it's because he had a horrible time with the last person he committed to who was the kind of woman you mentioned here, only she was nearly 40. There ARE many hateful women who are dealing with some serious internal issues and take it out on not just their men but the world. You also forget that some women are hard and unyielding because their lives have also been hard and unyielding. Their tough exteriors hide a pain built up through decades.

For the women who want to control men, instead of stand beside them as an equal? This post will do nothing but put them on defense. It's a multi-faceted problem that has nothing to do with feminism. I believe that women have the right to go after big goals and we shouldn't have to be held back because we're the fairer sex. That doesn't mean my goal is to emasculate or crush a man in my quest for power. I want my man to be JUST as powerful as I am, if not more. I want him to be just as ambitious, if not more.
Brittany a 2nd time.

I hope you get that I'm just saying that there are many MANY brilliant, dedicated, upright and honest women out there who are feminists and aren't trying to ruin men's lives but make sure our own lives are fulfilling and long lasting with the people we love and care for. It's a hard line to walk but it's thoroughly possible and the men who love us understand that we can be both tough and loving.
This was my response:
Thanks for your comment. I suspect you are a NAWALT.
Do you realize though, that your objections to my post actually substantiate it beautifully?

You said: “If those single moms had perhaps picked better men... they wouldn't be alone.” 

Who are these women who pick lousy men when good men are available? They are deluded Princess wannabes who believed that they could turn that Bad Boy into Princes. Then they blame the Bad Boys for not following the script. The family court system encourages and assists them in this endeavor. Who taught them that? Feminism. Feminism tells girls that they can “do anything,” and anyone who tells them otherwise is a misogynist. The reality is, a woman has an obligation to her offspring (and to her own future happiness) to choose her partner wisely. However thanks to feminism’s mandated redistribution of wealth, women who choose UNwisely, don’t suffer the true consequences – they and their children don’t starve. Sure, their feelings might be hurt, and they might be poorer than they had wished, and their children will have a radically increased chance of ending up mentally ill/unable to be productive/in prison, but one of the many delusions promoted by feminism, is that any old grrrl can overcome such hardships because she can do ANYTHING.

You said: “Unfortunately in my age bracket (I am 24) I had to start dating a man 7 years older than myself to even find what I need in a partner.”

NO KIDDING! Go read this post and watch this video. Pay attention to the part near the end where the class notes how their productivity/ambition decreased after just ONE DAY of “discrimination.”  These unambitious and crude men you meet, have been discriminated against throughout their entire lives. The VERY BEST of them will overcome that handicap in their late 20’s; many will never overcome it. Let me guess. Your SO is confident in his masculinity, right? Not cocky and reckless, not rebellious and reactionary, confident. Look around you. Where are his role models? Who teaches young boys and men that masculinity and masculine leadership (trust me, the two are inseparable) is GOOD? Nobody. According to feminism, men are good for sexual recreation, sperm donation, building bridges, and dying in battle. In every other endeavor, they are expected to rein in their masculine leadership and allow the ladies to run the show. I have no idea how any of them manage to function under this handicap; their hands are tied behind their backs, yet they are pilloried for not excelling. And those who do excel, can have everything taken away in a moment, according to the whims of any woman they know.
You said: “Young men these days are rude, overly aggressive, and often perverse in seeking out females.”

Yup. That’s the testosterone speaking. Feminism tries to pretend it can contradict biology, but it can’t, can it? Men will be men, and look at the mess we have made by not teaching them to channel their masculinity in a productive manner. Because remember, throughout their entire lives they have been taught that there IS NO productive use for masculinity – masculinity must be bad because masculine behaviors are punished starting in pre-school. Again, who are their role models? Thugs, Playas, and feminist approved pussy-whipped beta-providers.

You said: “There ARE many hateful women who are dealing with some serious internal issues and take it out on not just their men but the world.” 

Yes there are, and feminism encourages them to be hateful, because it lets them get away with it by shaming men into supporting them anyway. And two generations into mass fatherlessness, millions of young women AND men never learned not to be hateful. (Of course, the young men get punished for it anyway.)
The bottom line is that feminism deeply corrupts female nature. Hypergamy, which is necessary to species survival, is deeply ingrained in the human female’s psyche. In a world full of surplus resources, with laws that channel those resources toward women (and encourages them to use them for themselves, rather than for their children) hypergamy results in mass depravity on the part of women.

You said: “For the women who want to control men, instead of stand beside them as an equal? This post will do nothing but put them on defense.” 

I’m not trying to “instruct” the willfully ineducable. I’m just telling them WHY they’re miserable and alone in their ignorance. They think men are to blame; I’m telling them the truth.


  1. Raised my sons as a single custodial parent. Taught them to be men. Many visits to their schools to discuss their "behaviors". Always, always, stood up for them. Heard comments like, "I see where they get it from". My response, "Thank you".

    Over the years have spent a small fortune on lawyers fighting the system. We won! Birth mother of my grand children has lost all rights.

    Middle son married a drunk. Has a domestic violence conviction. In that regard, he is joined by every single man with whom she has had a long tern relationship.

    Did my upbringing cause their problems with the women in their lives? Probably, because they are not, and never will be betas.

    Youngest son's wife loves her alpha man.

    1. "Has a domestic violence conviction."
      Does she have one as well? Should she? Yeah. Always blame the man.
      If you raised them on "Red Pill" thinking, they were swimming against the current. I'm glad they fought back. It's a vicious system if you're a man.

  2. Brittany is not NAWALT materiel.
    All her talk was about how strong she is and hence she deserves the very best.Denies she's in it for the money and substitutes the code word 'ambition'.
    She owns her business,yet is a partner with her rich man at the same time.Well which is it?
    She gives praise to the man for the resources he's able to provide,yet says it's "unfortunate" he's 7 years older.
    I'm sure in due course she will get that business by means of the misandrist courts and move back to humping young alphas.
    An alpha is the man the woman is having sex with mom commenter,it's not much of a compliment these days.It's transient and reliant upon illusive definitions.Better to call your sons "masculine."
    A masculine man can see through these words games,just like I just did.
    Brittany is not interested in genuine masculine leadership, she just wants a workhorse until she finds the young buck that gives the gina tingles.
    Sorry Brittany,no sale on your transient BS.
    How "unfortunate."

    1. I did say "almost." She clearly doesn't understand the dynamics behind what she sees, but she's aware that it exists. I was 45 before I started to grasp the dynamics; most women never even see that there's a problem, because for them there isn't a problem.

      You may be right about her, but I was impressed by the lack of irrational ad hominem attacks, straw men, and "blame reversals" in her comment. She's young, but I don't think she's stupid. It's impossible to judge how moral she is, but it might not be wise to assume that she's a lost cause just because she hasn't outgrown the Blue Pill thinking on which she was raised. The vast majority of men AND women haven't outgrown it.

  3. Assault. Ran over her first husband with her pickup.

    Her program: Get them drunk, push their buttons, call the cops.

    1. Drama without accountability. Classic. The feminists' dream!

  4. I think you two are preaching to the choir. It seems y'all are saying the same thing with different words. However, from my own experiences, she is right in describing young men. Back in the day I would say anything and do anything to get laid. That was my goal. If I wanted companionship, I'd hang with my buds. But it did grow old and I eventually started looking for more substance in a woman/girl/female. But some of the dudes I hung with are so pw that they can't imaging living without a woman. Or they are so full of themselves that they think a woman can't live without them. I get a kick out of their outrage when they find out she can. But the differences will always be there...Mars and Venus, remember? Just getting to realize this and understand it is the problem.

    1. Coffeypot, young men have always been randy, but social constraints kept them in line. Women now have no social constraints, no honor. It a free-for-all. Women who want lots of sex but not marriage (for a few years anyway) encourage the worst behavior in men who want the same thing. The difference in outcomes is in their biology. Men can have a variety of partners without becoming emotionally bonded, until they're ready to settle down. Women's brain chemistry on the other hand, creates very deep emotional bonds with their first encounter. In order for women to have more than one or two partners throughout their lives, they must overcome that deep bond. They eventually lose the ability to create such a bond. Then they want to get married - to a man to whom they are incapable of bonding. He loses out on what could have been deep devotion from her, even if she stays with him. But since she never pair-bonds with him, she'll be less likely to stick around when the honeymoon's over.

      Being a cad before marriage rarely causes any problems in a marriage. Being a slut before marriage, causes all kinds of problems. Yes, those problems can be overcome, but the chances aren't very good - she can be "committed" to her marriage, but she will never be fully in love with her husband. Add the absent pair bond to the emotional nature of most females and that marriage is a time bomb. Especially in a world where divorce is easy to obtain, and frequently profitable for women.

      Men who have any reason to believe they have a productive future, will keep their sexpolits relatively limited, out of fear of impregnating and having to a=marry or support the wrong woman. Men are better at planning for the future and men have more self-discipline.

  5. My compliments at your attempt at enlightenment. The more you convince the better off we all will be.

    1. I thought Brittany seemed pretty sane, fairly smart, and maybe even sweet. Certainly respectful. She has potential. Although she does need to figure out that there is no such thing as equal co-leadership; there can only be one final authority, and it should almost always be the man. To pretend equality in such a relationship is to deny her SO credit for the leadership they both depend on. I'm under the impression that this type of wifely submission goes a long way toward making a man feel truly manly, and it leaves him wanting to be an even better "leader." We get the behavior we reward.

  6. "Young men these days are rude, overly aggressive, and often perverse in seeking out females."

    Since you may need to hear it, I'll speak up as a nice-guy-turned-chauvinist. I did spend my teens and early twenties being a genuinely nice guy, including showing patience for women who continued to sleep with bad boy after bad boy. I always assumed when I failed romantically that it was my own fault (true, but not in the way I thought). I did the "right" thing because it was right, even when it didn't work out to my advantage.

    This isn't the "Nice Guy (tm)" that feminists love to mock, where one is only nice to get girls (a ridiculous concept, everyone above 17 knows that doesn't work). This was being nice despite the dead certainty that it didn't work, simply because I thought it was right.

    I'll skip the description of the long transformation (maybe that will go up on my blog someday), and instead say that being rude, aggressive, and perverse is the only way to succeed. Openly pursuing a woman with the intent to get laid? It works. More importantly, it works on quality women - the ones who are hot, upbeat, and feminine. I strongly suspect that these women would have turned their noses up at such behavior fifty or a hundred years ago, but these days? I think they're just so happy to see unabashed masculinity that they'll take it in any form; at the same time, they can't recognize it in its subtle, properly channeled form, so overt chauvinism is the best way to pull it off.

    I still get to be a nice guy to my platonic female friends, but they still seem to like seeing me cut loose with the masculinity - even as they spout the usual platitudes about how "Women don't really like that" or "You can't expect to be happy with such a regressive attitude!"

    Now, I would love it if I could just be a nice beta guy and still have some minimal level of romantic success, but I trust my own lying eyes more than any random feminist. As long as taking a girl out and getting to know her rarely works, but hanging my sunglasses in a complete stranger's cleavage does, I hope you'll forgive me for prioritizing my own happiness over your ideals.

  7. What Britanny needs to realize is that, at the end of the day, men will do whatever it takes yo get laid. If she sees only immature Assholes, it's because thats what works for the majority of men to get women based on what theyve seen and experienced. I'd also guess theres a large amount of 'nice guys' she never saw and doesnt take into account because they never triggered any emotional response in her at all. I would bet that if she went and thought about her male friends, 90% are nice guys that would love to have sex with her, are doing the 'right things' and the most she acknowledges them is briefly as 'unambitious'.

    1. And yet somehow it's the men who are to blame...

    2. Yup. We're not good enough cobblestones forvthe road of feminism yet. Always need just a few more men under the bus to keep it going


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