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Notable Quotable:

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Truth from Spootville

Tim at Spootville, posted a good graphic, but I'm going to take it a step further:

It's not so much "Liberal Logic," as it is Liberal gullibility.  Greed really is behind it all, but liberals seem to trust the government to spent their cut more "fairly" than those "Eeevil Capitalists" do.  This is "Washington Logic," and too many liberals buy into the "I'm an expert; trust me to know what's best." ethos of self proclaimed specialists and "Ed-u-ca-tors."

Not that the NeoCons are any better.  They naively trust their own (Churchian) greedy "Leaders."

Congress is pretty happy with constituents who never think things through.  So are the (greedy) people who write the laws and policies for Congress.


  1. If we are getting the government we deserve, what the $%*( did we do to deserve it?

  2. Except for the grammatical error, love the poster. Would hang it up on my wall. :)


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