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Notable Quotable:

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Monday, September 24, 2012


It’s official.  I’m a card carrying radical activist now.  I drove to West Virginia today, to rattle a cage and poke a tiger with a stick.  I distributed more than one hundred flyers that asked:  “What is going on in the family court of Judge Lori B. Jackson, and why is she putting children in the hands of a known abuser?”

My husband drove because A) he had the day off, and B) he was a little concerned about the potential for trouble.  The poor guy wasn’t out of the car for more than a few minutes of a twelve hour day!  (Yes, he’s my hero…)

It was a four-hour trip each way, but the weather was beautiful and the leaves are beginning to turn in the mountains, so it was like a scenic Sunday drive, only a day late.  We looped through Bridgeport, Clarksburg and Shinnston, and we brought the camera and the digital voice recorder in case of confrontations.  Fortunately there were no negative encounters, possibly in part because I moved too fast to bother with the camera.  (And really I was OK with that; I didn’t want to stand out so I wore dull, unflattering clothes, no make-up, and I plastered “The Hair” down flat.)

Not many stores had community bulletin boards, but a few gas station clerks let me tape flyers to walls or leave them on the front counters.  I handed most of the flyers directly to people in parking lots, saying, “I’m publicizing a local child abuse case, may I give you this?  There’s a website at the bottom.”  (My husband followed closely in the car, just in case a quick exit became necessary.)  The responses were overwhelmingly positive, and only two people turned me down; I didn’t argue.  One gentleman, not knowing the specifics of this particular case, said he nearly lost a granddaughter to abuse.  “They keep putting those kids with the wrong parents!”  No kidding.

I posted several flyers in the public library, and then went over to the TV station (WBOY 12news) and the newspaper (Exponent Telegram.)   I told them they might want a heads-up because they’d likely be hearing from the public.  I spoke only to a receptionist at the TV station, but at the paper a reporter brought me to his boss; her eyes lit up and she said, “We’ll definitely look into this!”  Time will tell if she meant, “Oh boy, this is going to be juicy!” or, “Uh oh, I’d better call Lori!” 

I kept thinking I could reach more people by walking down the main streets wearing a sandwich board (not entirely out of the question in the future, but don’t tell my husband just yet, M’kay?)  However, it’s fair to say that my mission was a success; a whole lot more people know about the Kirk case today, than knew yesterday.  I can’t control the outcome, but maybe I helped protect a couple of children today.  And I hope I ended a corrupt judge’s career.


  1. You are one brave lady, and I admire you for walking the walk and not just talking the talk. However, when I read your first sentence, I thought, Holy smokes! She's going to say she joined the ACLU.


    1. Bahaha! Yeah. I'll join the ACLU when it commits to EVERYBODY'S civil liberties.

      And thank you. I don't know if you read the original article, and there are a couple more (as bad or worse) at A Voice for Men, but this case is disgusting. That "mother" is not fit to care for a pet rock, let alone children. It was close enough that I could do it, and I'm not working yet - so how could I not?


  2. Hot Damn Suz.
    Awesome work there and am glad you made it out without a scratch.

  3. Good on you Suz. I listened to that audio at AVfM when you posted the link but had to stop. It was more triggering than I expected and I really find "trigger alerts" a bit silly so that's saying something. I hope those kids are not left with psycho mom for too long; that stuff sears a person's soul.

    1. Update: The final hearing has been postponed due to the sudden unexpected publicity (and that was Friday, long before I arrived.) Methinks there will be a fair amount of ass-covering, backpedalling and political posturing during these next few weeks in Harrison County, West Virginia!

  4. Good on you (and your husband), Ms Suz,
    Whatever the backpeddling, I'm sure they will peddle that much faster because of your actions. You certainly made the rounds - it sure was a great idea to alert the media as well.

    Your husband sounds like a great bloke to give up his day off to help and look out for you. You have both done a wonderful thing to support Lt Col Kirk and his children. What a meaningful way to spend time with each other - fine weather too!

    Let's hope the judge is removed as soon as possible. If not, then at least she'll be aware that she had at least one Honey Badger and her Alpha Wolf on her trail. Like Dannyboy, I'm relieved that you returned without incident.

    Excellent work, both of you. I'm very proud to be on the same side as you.
    Take care,

  5. Thank you for caring about the Children.


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