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Notable Quotable:

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm a Troll!

Friday, Aaron (Captain Capitalism) linked to a Forbes article by Rick Ungar, and he encouraged his impressionable lieutenants to go on over and have a say-so.   Heh heh heh.  I did.  I'm such a patsy.


I have since discovered that Mr. Ungar isn't much of a journalist; he allows his emotions to blind him to objective facts.  Quel suprise. (I studied French for 9 years, I'm entitled.)

After Aaron and I pointed out to him the irrefutable fact that his stepchildren, while his wife was a single mother, were statistically more likely to suffer "abuse and neglect," and the likelihood of lifelong poverty and emotional misery which often follows, Ungar threw a classic Mangina/ White Knight hissy fit.  He peeled off his embroidered silk gauntlet, slapped our faces with it, and threw it too the ground (!)  Essentially he said,"*gasp* How dare  you insult my lovely wife by insinuating that she is anything less than a devoted, loving, strong, moral, caring (blahblahblah) mother!!!!!"  Of course, we did no such thing; we merely "implied" that his lovely wife is not exempt from statistical reality.  If she could manage to overcome the hardships of single-motherhood, as many women do, more power to her, but the risk still existed.

Then he decided to portray me, on a national forum, as the Troll from Hell.  He deleted two comments by me that showed me to be something other than a vicious heartless monster.  Incidentally, those comments also illustrated unequivocally that he had utterly misread my words and Arron's.  (But we won't assign him so devious a motive as, "Oops!  Can't let anybody know I was wrong!)  Ironically, he granted me permission to insult him, just not his wife.  Apparently "insults" are OK with him, but the unflattering truth about him is a big fat No-No.

All this in Forbes magazine, no less.  Ah, the vaunted standards of pure journalistic integrity!



  1. Sheesh. Somebody must promote mental health. Glad you volunteered!

  2. I always knew you had it in you.

    Go girl!

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  4. AAAAAKKKKKK! 7man! I accidentally deleted your comment! Sorry!

  5. Well that was interesting. I think I won't ever comment on a national forum, either. You are a tougher sort than I. :) I knew you were a strong woman!


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