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Notable Quotable:

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

...And Another One

My second request this week came from a marketer with something to sell.  Normally this would go in the "trash," almost on principle.  My blog is not a commercial venture, and I hesitate to promote a product I haven't used.  But these guys are pretty creative.  I like what they have to say:

(Also, I'm an ignoramus because I don't know how to properly embed objects, so I copied/pasted the image.)  Here's the link if you want to see it without my blogroll superimposed:


  1. Be careful talking about the TSA. That is Obama's choice for the modern GESTAPO. The civilian equal of the Armed Forces. Big Brother is watching you...

    1. ...and he's getting a good view of me thumbing my nose at him!

  2. I agree the system is not working. But what I don't like about a graphic like this is that there is no suggestions for what CAN be done.

    Part of what I see as a problem (other than the fact that there are nasty people in the world [sorry humanists]} is that we rely on big planes and big hubs for our travel. I remember hearing discussions after 9/11 of moving to a more "Taxi" like travel system; smaller planes, charter flights. You would know the people you are flying with and the planes would not be carrying enough fuel to blow up a skyscraper.

    But if we stick with the current model, we have to deal with the big planes, the huge number of people and trying to control those huge number of people. Ain't gonna' happen. It would be nice to think that people will just be good and do good things, but that ain't gonna happen either.

    Yes, the system is broke, but just blaming the President for it and assuming that that will fix it is simplistic.

  3. They are very lax one time and very strict the next time I go through the airlines. Not consistent at all.


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