Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pick a Side; the Gender War is Heating Up

Throughout most of my life, I have despised women's mind games.  I've bitched about their manipulation of men and each other; it's counterproductive and wrong, sometimes flat-out evil.  For many women it has become a dominant part of their personalities, simply out of habit.  Beware, ladies.  The boys are on to you, and they're sharing their knowledge behind your backs.  And I have to admit, I'm just shallow enough to be cheering on the sidelines while your chickens come home to roost.  Decent women, stop ignoring your better angels in order to follow the herd.  Those broads are heading for a cliff, and you don't want to go with them.  I have found a community that sees women the way I do, and has figured out a way to do something about their crap.

For about a year now, I've been stumbling across links to articles from "The Manosphere," and recently I've started following a very good blog: Dalrock.
I'm fascinated and delighted by "men's rights" and "game" sites.  I never had much use for the way women generally think, and I find male perspectives on relationships to be refereshing and honest!  I like Dalrock because he's pretty wise, very well informed, and extremely logical.  He rarely makes ambiguous statements.  He also lets comment discussions run without  much interference.  I've only detected one bias on his part, a leaning toward Biblical morality rather than rational morality.  That said, he's plenty critical of how modern Christianity misuses the Bible, so I suspect he's pretty careful not to misuse it himself.  I see no hypocrisy in his posts.

What's really fun is the comments section.  I'm grateful to a commenter for referring me to "The Mysandry Bubble" on the site - The Futurist. Outstanding comprehensive article.  I'm still wading through the "required reading," comments included, so it's taking me a while, but everyone should read that article.  Men are wising up and opting out of the bullshit.  It's about time.  Anyone who doesn't pay attention to what's going on in the Manosphere, is going to be totally blindsided sometime in the next decade or so.

Anytestoserone, the vast majority of Dalrock's commenters are bright, observant and rational, but not all of them.  I'm sure in many cases it's a matter of youth (because I'm so  old and wise, you know) but I'm seeing comments that precisely mirror the feminist themes I grew up on.  Women are not made to feel welcome in the discussions, for a number of reasons.  The main one seems to be that feminine manipulation simply will not be tolerated, and quite a few women have tried it.  I guess they're tired of us, and who can blame them?  However, I wish some of them could see how much they sound like the very feminists they so despise.  A dominant myth among some of these guys is the assumption that women are not capable of non-emotional, rational thought, yet these same men get rather emotional and irrational in their expression of this assumption.  (And no, I'm not singling anyone out, just in case you gentlemen bother to read my frivolous blog...)  Uh, news flash, most of us are capable of logic, we generally just have to work harder at it and many of us would rather not.  (No consequences, why bother?) These men are angry, and with good reason, but by demonizing all women, they are ignoring anthropology and biology, just like feminism does.  Of course men and women think differently, and by and large, women let emotion get in the way of logic and foresight.  We were designed that way to complement each other, not to become enemies.  Men are beginning to make a habit of this foolishness, but make no mistake, we women started it. 

One of the dumbest things feminism ever did was to tell women that men are the enemy, because men can't comprehend the female perspective.  The individual message was: ignore men, manipulate them, degrade them, use them.  Never respect men because they just don't get it.  The political message was worse: remain "independent" of them, but don't hesitate to game the system and collect alimony, child support, welfare, food stamps, WIC, and subsidized housing from them.  I always believed that's where feminism failed.  A hundred years ago the goal of feminism was equality.  Equal rights are supposed to include equal responsibilities, but I guess that's not what most women really wanted, because feminism guilted the system into going from one type of inequality to another.  Now it's men who are under women's thumbs.  I support the backlash 100%.  For every lazy, abusive, entitled man, there's at least one lazy, abusive, entitled woman.  We all know them.  The difference is that men end up paying not only for their own bad choices, they pay for women's bad choices as well.  All productive people pay.

Many, MANY young men are "going their own way," becoming confirmed bachelors and players, and women are going to start feeling the pinch when they run out of men willing to support their watch-me-roar "independence."  Women who continue to refute their anthropological/biological role of "supportive helpmate and responsible partner,"  are going to grow old alone.  And not by choice.  I have nothing but admiration for genuinely independent women, but I don't want to be one.  Neither do most women; the desire to reproduce is very strong - who in God's name would make such sacrifices for rational reasons?  Most of us gals really REALLY want the benefits of having a family, but we refuse to "pay" for them by committing to a solid marriage, which is the primary foundation of a family.  Somebody told us we didn't have to.  It was a lie and it's going to catch up to us.  For everybody's sake, I hope these men get past their anger without doing the same damage to society that "angry women" did.  


  1. Yes, to all of what you said.
    I'm not as eloquent, and have never tried to write it all down, but I see it everywhere. It's one of the myriad of reasons I stopped watching television shows of the 'Home Improvement' variety, and eventually stopped watching television completely. It carried over into advertising, too. I hate it.

    The 'men are pigs, men are stupid' theme was so prevalent that I just couldn't stand it anymore.

    It's not socially acceptable to bash women, or gays or people of color, but perfectly fine to degrade men? What a bunch of crap.

    As for men in general? I don't know. I've known a lot more assholes who are women than those who are men. What does that say?


    And my man? A wonderful, amazing human being with more integrity in his little finger than most people have in their whole bodies.

    If he didn't think it was weird, I'd probably worship him blatantly.:)

  2. Very, very interesting. However, it's hard for me to respect men after having such an asshat of a husband. I know it's not fair to judge other men based on him; but it's extremely difficult for me not to do so after looking into the dating world.

    Lola, who is as full of vodka as a Christmas tree

  3. Lola, you have my sympathy. Check into the Manosphere, for you own good. I suspect you're not finding too many men you can respect for two main reasons. Some of them are jerks, and some of them have simply stopped "automatically" respecting you, or any woman. They no longer give a damn whether you respect them or not. Deference is something we women have always been allowed to take for granted, but most of us do very little to earn it. We've never been required to earn men's respect, but we sure require men to earn ours. From here on out, if you want a GOOD man, you're going to have to bust your ass to get him. The world is crawling with losers of both genders, and they deserve each other. You know better that to commit to a parasitic man, and good men are realizing they don't have to commit to parasitic women. Feminism has trained us to be parasitic on every level. Women are going to have to become winners if they want to land winners.

    Study "Game." It's essentially the male equivalent of women's manipulation. They're learning how to get what they want without paying the price, JUST LIKE WOMEN HAVE DONE FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS. You're a decent woman who got a raw deal. Don't be a patsy to a series of players unless that's what you want. If you want one good man, and you find one, it might take some time to show him that you're one good woman. It's not going to be easy, but men didn't put you in this position. A culture of female entitlement did. Mostly subconscious entitlement. Good luck and show 'em what you've got! It takes guts to stand by your ex the way you did; a lot of men these days don't even know what female loyalty looks like - they've never experienced it.

  4. I may not be anything else, but I'm loyal.


  5. You give more than you take. I hope you find someone who appreciates that.

    They used to assume the best of us, now they assume the worst. Learn the new rules; most women couldn't even comprehend them.

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  7. Interesting, obviously I AM OUT OF THE LOOP! Thank you for informing me of what is going on out there. I will check out your links.

    Oh, Lola, asshat of a husband. I am not bitter and I have been driven by a small village of men. There are good men out there, just as there are good women out there...It takes a while to sift through the sand to find the gold. I am optimistic. I can't be bitter, because I just flipping hate the taste of bitter in my mouth...

    Merry Christmas Suz! Hope it was a good one for you!

    Rock on Sister!


  8. Billy's writing is true and honest - both as he talks about his losses and his joys. He cannot wait to get home, but he also wants to live what years God gives to him to His glory. And as he writes, he asks the same of us.

  9. I agree with Lisa. In my own experience, I can't say that I have seen this overinflated female ego. That's not to say that it doesn't exist, but in my corner of the word most women are not man eating bitches.

    On the flip side though, I do see a lot of women that try to dominate their men and get them to conform to their ideals. I think you're right when you say men feel the pressure of this and turn to being players or whatnot.

  10. Wow! This is so awesome! Lil Dreamer and Lisa, I believe you don't see as much of this, and I sorta envy you. You both live in areas where the culture is "behind the times." Lisa - lots of strong family traditions and ties. Lil Dreamer - a harsh climate and a he-man-industry-dominated economy which can't afford to be kind to many entitled, non-productive people of either gender.

    Both of these regions generally still subscribe to the type of male/female relationships which have allowed our species to survive.

  11. Italia, I too want to live my life giving glory to God. The difference to me is that I don't subscribe to the Biblical definition of God, or of morality. There is plenty of genuine morality in the Bible, but there is also a fair amount of arbitrary morality, which is actually contrary to the teachings of Christ. It is a wise Christian who puts Christ at the heart of Christian morality. I think Dalrock is a wise Christian.

  12. Damn, Suz. That wasn't my comment at all. I was copying and pasting from a word document and I guess it didn't work because I posted part of my blog. I didn't notice it because when I posed my 'comment' it went immediately back to my home page. I guess I should have checked it. Sorry.

    The other comment is a little late to post, but in effect I was agreeing with you.

  13. Hah! Coffeypot, I figured that's what happened! No problem!

  14. Well, let's see. Let's make sex something casual and recreational, instead of a bond between people deeply in love. Let's make children a bargaining chip, and use them to get even with one another. Let's turn dating into a contest.

    neither men nor women are blame free in this. Judging all women by one woman is as wrong as judging all men by one man.

    Maybe the damage is already done. Maybe not; Maybe we can teach our children to be respectful and treat one another with respect, and demand respect for themselves. I don't know, maybe that's a kooky idea. Nevermind.

  15. I think most of the damage can be undone. There's pretty big subculture of extremely responsible kids among our youngsters. They're growing up in an uncertain world and they're seeing the cracks in the foundation. They can't take anything for granted and they know it. They just might do something about it.

  16. @Suz:

    Many thanks for this article. I am one of the dissapointed, angry men you write about.

    Personally, I am convinced there are significant sex differences between men and women, especially with regards to the way we think.

    That said, I actually want to believe there are women that are willing and able to engage in a rational, honest debate.

    It's just that we men meet so few of them. I can honestly say I have *never* met a woman I would say was truly able to transcend her emotions in a debate.

    Most women I did meet (and have discussions) with allowed their emotions to dominate their argumentation (just as they let them dominate all their other life decisions).

    When their chain of "reasoning" then inevitably failed, or was challenged (by me) they would respond with anger & get personal, distort, reframe...and/or play the victim *exactly as Mrs Walsh recently demonstrated*.

    So maybe we men are starting to believe women are incapable of detached, logical discourse...because there are so few women actually engaging in said?

    One final question: It has been my experience that if I show a woman some inconvenient truth about herself...she usually responds by lashing out. This puzzles me. Because, if someone show me something I was doing wrong I would actually be *thankful* because I would thus be able to rectify it.

    Do you believe that many women prefer the (comforting) lie to the (brutal) truth?

  17. I believe MOST women prefer the comforting lie. You've hit upon something very close to home for me. I'm pretty rational, more so than most women I know, and many men. But believe me, I have to work at it! Logic itself is not difficult; what's hard is preventing my emotions from steering logic off the rails. I have to make a conscious effort, though I'm less emotional than most women! I feel I have an advantage because I'm aware of how my brain functions, but I've sadly come to the conclusion that most women are either oblivious to it, or they choose to believe that emotions are truth. Women can get away with this because society shelters us from the consequences when we are wrong.

  18. @Suz:

    Thanks for your honest words. This session with Susan Walsh has been frustrating for me, too. But in a sense I am constantly learning new things about women, and that I guess is not a bad thing.

    I tend to project rational thought onto women, when discussing things with them. Then when things don't work, and a discussion is derailed I'm frustrated. But all these insights...are helping me to better chose appropriate tactics.

    I certainly won't try to tell a female friend inconvenient truths any time soon, if I'm not in the mood for a mental Hiroshima, heh.

  19. Lisa and the other gal dreamer.....suz....why do you just take their words and celebrate? Maybe you have deeper contact off the forum? If not, then thats not very rational. OF COURSE they have "never seen these types of women".....OF COURSE "her husband was an asshat"

    Seriously, thats no surprise is it?

    Some wise commenter said that these female superiority memes are so powerfully normal, so steeped in conventional wisdom that its like trying to point out some water to fish as if the water is something different or new, that it will make you wet or cold or something, fish are like "Ive been in this water my whole life, never bothered me none"

    Please challenge the ladies who post, part of the reversal of the trends you so wisely point out is the flat out dismissal of the first complaint a woman makes.

    Used to be I subscribed to all of it. hear an appeal to charity for *the single mom of 5*, why thats a call to arms, get the checkbook honey, hear that so and so divorced her hubby because he was abusive....that asshole, he should be taken to the woodshed


    The single mom most likely is insufferable as a mate
    the so called abused women had a husband who dominated the remote control, entertainment abuse dontcha know.

    BULLSHIT on this stuff

  20. I added you to our blogroll. Good post. Insightful.

    Good men are looking for good women, but women have to stop being Team Woman.


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