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Notable Quotable:

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Vote 'em out.

Senator Coburn released his nearly 100 page report on incredibly wasteful spending by Congress and their lackeys. In it he details $7,000,000,000 of obvious fraud and waste. Read this.... read it right before you vote... and remember.... the incumbent probably voted to spend YOUR MONEY on this crap.


  1. OH the waste, fraud and abuse I've seen over the years would fill a bank with money

  2. As yet, I can't even bring myself to read it. I'll just grind my teeth to nubs.

  3. I saw your comment at Dalrocks;

    “That’s a pretty expansive definition of abuse”

    Yes. A broken promise is a betrayal of trust, and a marriage without trust is pretty much useless, but it’s a stretch to call it abuse. In a relationship where both parties have agreed to outside affairs, infidelity doesn’t involve breaking one’s word, and whould not be taken as an emotional punch because its’ not really cheating, even if one party feels jealous. However, when infidelity is a broken vow, it is a punch, to either party. Infidelity itself might not be intolerable, but betrayal is.


    After much research and some personal experience with friends, I really feel that open relationships and open marriages are the waves of the future. Over the course of the next few decades we are going to be seeing more of them, and probably within 30 years they will be the norm.

    Here's a couple that were on the brink of nasty divorce and bitter custody battle but made the choice to turn it all around and today they share a happy, loving, high-functional "expanded monogamous" marriage:

  4. You may well be right. I'd be a little surprised, but not much. As a society though, we do take quite a bit of pride in our outwardly puritanical traditions.

  5. You know, I think everyone, especially young people see that relationships are not working in our society. They are based on faulty presumptions. What I like about this couple is that they clearly said their kids were the reason they decided to stop the direction they were headed in - divorce - and take a long hard look at their marriage and where it went wrong and how it can get righted.

    Eventually their self-reflection led them to an alternative form of marriage and they are happier than ever.

    Now how many Americans would prefer the divorce, the break-up of the family, and the emotional/psychological toll that would take on the kids?

    For the sake of future generations we are going to have to figure out ways to keep families together.

    (of course explaning the concept of an open marriage to my children would be something I'd have a hard time doing and this couple says they are 100% open and honest with their kids.)

  6. Off topic from the original post, but I was thinking most people these days are simply too selfish to be faithful. After all, shouldn't we all have what we want? Oh wait...that's kids in candy stores. I get my metaphors mixed ;)

    Good post on the spending though. Yes, I'd be writing letters and voting 'em out, but sadly, a lot of people *won't* and maybe this is why I can be faithful: my government screws me on a regular basis, I guess I don't have to go elsewhere. :)

  7. I think the saddest part is that I was not even surprised when I first heard this story. I have become numb on gov "spending"--which is the last thing that I should be.

  8. I do not even want to click over to the link. I know it happens and it will only aggravate me. . .


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