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Notable Quotable:

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hiccup, I Hope

I had my eyes checked today and ordered new glasses.  Oddly enough, I actually like my Wal-Mart Vision Center.  The service is really good, and that's where my insurance sends me.  Of course I need a a slightly stronger prescription, but the price was right.  Same frames, same no-line lenses, 100 bucks cheaper than last time.  The hiccup is a slight abnormality in my right retina.  I am way too young for macular degeneration, I have NOT been hit on the head recently (or ever, come to think of it) and I don't have any signs of glaucoma.  Scaring myself shitless  reading on the internet wasn't very helpful. Apparently, sometimes it has no explanation at all, but there is a theory that it could be an immune response.  Funny, they have that same theory about fibromyalgia.  {Of course, my rheumatologist doesn't "like the word 'fibromyalgia.'"  I'm sure she would prescribe sleeping pills; no doubt I'm merely stressed out and it's all in my head.  (Are you sensing a little bitter venom here?)  OK.  Getting off the soapbox now.}

Anyeyeball, I'm going back Saturday so the optometrist can dilate my eye and get a better look.  She wants me to see a "real" eye doctor ASAP.  I told her about our upcoming insurance change, and she said do it now!  BH checked in with the Big Airline, though, and his new/old insurance kicks in on day one, with no restrictions on pre-existing conditions.  If there's a problem, we won't go broke.

Heh heh heh.  Tomorrow I get to tell Maxine I'm experiencing some distortion in my vision.  Should I do it first thing, or wait until we're cruising down the highway at 60 mph?


  1. As the youngest of six kids, I got hit on the head all the time while I was growing up. Or dropped on my head. It depends on who's telling the story. Anyway, I hope everything will be fine.


  2. I hope everything is okay!

    My husband has had issues off and on w/ that macular degeneration. He needs to be better about taking his contacts out now and then.

  3. I wish you the best with your eyes. Hopefully everything will be alright!

    I can't stand wearing my glasses...I seem to lose them, and finally went to Costco and got myself a pack of three. That didn't stop me from losing those...and again, and again and again...


  4. If I am in Indiana and see a bookmobile cruising down the center of the road, I will be sure to wave! ;-)

  5. Gee! Thanks Ben! I'll watch for ya and I'll try not to run you over!


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