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Notable Quotable:

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Chuck Wins!

According to his facebook page, Chuck the dog's travel expenses have been covered, by the folks over at S.W.A.T Magazine.  It'll be tricky getting him through the war zone to the shelter; if they can manage it, he's USA-bound.  Somebody's battle-buddy will have the loving home he has earned.

And on a related note, a plug for one of the other "Big Airlines:"  Tomorrow, American Airlines is transporting (for free) one feline and 14 canine battle-buddies, to the US, for the warriors who love them.  This bunch was rescued with the help of NOWZAD.

By the way, these are not merely strays rescued off the streets, just for the sake of rescue, taking potential homes from American strays.  These animals are already beloved and loyal pets of our own service men, some of whom broke a few rules to keep and transport them.  Kudos to those commanding officers who never saw a thing.

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