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Notable Quotable:

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Friday, June 3, 2011

William Randolph Hearst is Alive and Well

Meet the most powerful man in America.

Yes, he is.  This article may be from a liberal website, but that doesn't mean it's false.  The influence of FoxNews drives subject matter in nearly every news outlet in this country.  Pro and con, everybody discusses what Fox lays on the table.  And heck, why not?  It beats the hell out of addressing real problems and debating real solutions.  Remember when FoxNews had real news, maintained standards resembling journalism, and was a credible source for a conservative viewpoint?  I do.  It's been a while.  Mr Ailes is one of many powerful people, both conservative and liberal, who wants to keep us distracted and ranting, so we don't figure out the nuts and bolts of how our country is really being run.
More and more thinking conservatives are ditching Fox, perhaps because they don't have the energy to waste getting all riled up over senseless bullshit.  'Bout time.


  1. Interesting to hear your comments Suz. I used to pay a little extra on my satellite tv subs to enable me to get Fox. Ditched it a couple of years ago. I like `the news` from many quarters. I read and view as many stations and papers as I can stand/have time for, in order to get a broad view. I spot facts, fiction, fantasy and even a little political slant hear and there (that was me being sarcastic) but Fox just started to plain piss me off as I detected what little intelligence I have being insulted.


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