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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Political Rant: Part 1

Yeah, there's way too much crap rattling around in my poor brain to do only one political rant, but here's a start.

How many modern Republicans know that the party was formed primarily to end slavery?  How many modern Democrats know that? Abraham Lincoln and the early Republicans pushed through the 13th and 14th amendments, abolishing slavery and granting full civil rights to former slaves.  Does anyone think it’s ironic that 100 years later, it was the Democrats (Southern Democrats not included) who pushed for Kennedy’s Civil Rights Act?  I don’t.  Guess which party is really and truly FOR racial equality?  The party that’s currently willing to offer the most to disenfranchised minorities.  It’s a matter of buying votes.
Years ago, I read a wonderful book called “...And Ladies of the Club,” by Helen Hooven Santmyer.  1400 or so pages long, and the author was not happy with her editors, who insisted she pare it down from several hundred more.  Then I read it again, almost once a year for about ten years.  Yes, it’s that good.  It chronicles the life of a woman in post Civil War Xenia, Ohio – her family and her friends, their relationships, their work, their religions, their politics.  Somewhere along the way, I started to wonder why I was a Democrat, because the Republican ideals as described in the novel were so sensible!  
Of course I was a Democrat because my mom is one, and so was her father.  Grandpa was a good man, a moral, hard working union man, whose job provided a modest but decent living.  Plus back in the 70’s and 80’s, the “tax and spend” Democrats were always being criticized by “borrow and spend” Republicans.  I was not impressed.  At least the Democrats made a pretense at compassion.  Right? 
I have finally reached the point where I wonder why any intelligent citizen is loyal to either party, because neither party is loyal to the citizens.  Both parties are loyal to whichever Special Interest Group can give them the most power.  How many people in either party, run for congress with the intention of serving a few terms, then returning home to their previous careers?  You can count them on your fingers, even if you’re missing a few.  Congress is no longer a place to serve; it’s a career.


  1. You are so right about sucking up to any powerful special interest group. And like you, I was raised by Democrats, and, yes, they were Southern Democrats. What you need to add to your rant is, it was a Republican President who abolished slavery. A Republican President (Eisenhower) who sent the National Guard into Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama to enforce integration. It was the Democrats who fought integration at every turn. They made up the KKK from the start to today. It was Democrats who killed the kids who were down in the South to help register black voters. Yet the blacks are loyal to the Democratic Party. It started with Kennedy, who found out there were millions of new voters in be had if you give them support. Johnson stared the Welfare program that changed the unemployment demographic forever. Now it’s the illegals that are the target of the DC elite. They want their vote. And the Republicans, now fear, more than anything else, the Liberal Press and the voice of Hollywood. When I was young, the jobs that represented the conmen and cheap creeps were the insurance and used car salesmen. Now it’s the Politicians. It is now made up of egocentric, entitlest who only crave power and fame. They will be the downfall of this country.

  2. As I said, the Republican Party was created to end slavery, and Lincoln led the way. I will add that at the time, MANY Repubs didn't give a damn about the rights of the blacks; they, like the modern Dems, wanted their votes. It was a small party, and it needed to grow. (It's a very old game.) Yes, the Republican Party once had a great deal of dignity, but it sold out. More on that later; believe me, when it comes to politics, I'm an equal opportunity basher.

  3. I don't know enough about politics to express an opinion but I can say I read the book you mentioned and LOVED IT!

  4. I'm with Middle Child! I'm really a fish out of water when it comes to politics, but I'm slowly learning and enjoy hearing what others have to say about various subjects.

    BTW - There's something for you in my most recent blog!


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