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Notable Quotable:

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catching Up'

The bus is still in the shop awaiting parts, and Maxine will be out of town for the a few more days. I'll be doing nursing home and daycare drop-offs in my car -yay! (Ipod accompaniment)  I seems to take me twice as long as Maxine to do her job.  I can do it, but not very efficiently; Lots of putzy stuff to remember.  (She says she's not organized.  HAH!) And I had to help at the circ desk a bit today - one of the gals had a heart cath today.  We're assuming she'll be out for the rest of the week.  At least.  I really hope she's OK, guess I'll find out tomorrow.

PFC finished combat training and is en route to his next school.  He got Facebook for his cell phone, so now we can stay in touch even more!  He's looking at new computers so we can Skype.

And the phone just rang!  It's him!!!  See ya!


  1. Most def go with Skype! LOVE IT- it keeps me sane and for Sissy, she loves it. She will grab random things to show her daddy. What in the world did people do without all this technology! Maybe 'dawg will end up with PFC

  2. We love Skype here at Bunker BS.

    Our son has it and stays in touch with us from Okinawa. A definite cost advantage from the days when I was in the Air Force and calling home from a phone booth in the hallway.

    Especially considering that he picked a local area code -- we get no international charges on calls.

  3. I use Google chat all the time, just part of my gmai.


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