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Notable Quotable:

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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Almost too tired to write.  I'm fighting a cold or something, and having an episode of "maybe/maybe not fibromyalgia."  My legs feel like lead, and I'm exhausted but I can't sleep deeply.

Made worse by Tuesday.  Griping and grumbling, I was actually laughing by the time we got the bookmobile on the road.  It's a good thing the roads were still so bad we had to skip a couple of stops.  It took me an hour and a half to get the bus ready to go.  First, Maxine tells me the front step is down and the back step is up.  We've been having (more) trouble with the electric steps, and had already scheduled a service appointment for Friday.  Neither step responded to the switch.  We've worked without them before, in fact we carry around a sturdy metal step for emergencies. The problem here is the front step being stuck down; we can't drive like that.  Duh.  And I knew the solution.  I had to disconnect the step from the motor arm, and wire it up.  In the snow.  At 16 degrees.  And people wonder why I bring my silly, noisy, fat snow pant to work!  I had to call the repair shop, just to make sure I was looking at the right parts.  Using pliers, a hammer and a huge screwdriver, I pulled the pin, and used a coat hanger to secure the step.  Yeah, I'm that good.  Next I had to check the portable step in the cargo box.  Which was frozen shut.  20 minutes and 1/2 a bottle of windshield deicer did the trick, and ruined my gloves.  Finally it was time to unplug the shore line and hit the road.  Except the cord was spiraled along the ground, and three sections of it were buried under 4 inches of ice!  Hammer time! (the head, not the claw)  I broke ice while Maxine brought pitchers of hot water.  We did get to our first stop on time, but I had already put in a full day's work!  Since the route was abbreviated, I went home early and went to bed.  

Sleep is at the top of my To Do list this weekend.


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