Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crucifixion Friday Night

Alternate headline:
"ABC Inadvertently Opens Industrial Sized Can of Worms; Makes Gooey, Slimy Mess All Over MSM"

This Friday October 18, ABC's 20/20 will air Elizabeth Vargas' interview with Paul Elam, founder of A Voice for Men. ABC's goal is almost certainly to make Overlord Elam look like the Evil Kitten-eating Ogre we all know and love (check out the naked hostility on Elizabeth Vargas' face in the trailer video) but we at AVfM are thrilled to bits. ABC is sending millions of viewers to a world they never knew existed. Many will reflexively (and erroneously) screech, "Misogyneeeee!" but for many, it. will. click.

After 40 years the Men's Human Rights Movement is going mainstream. May institutionalized misandry die in a fire.

...don't forget to check out the comments section; the mods can't delete us fast enough!

I predict that initially this is going to blow up in ABC's face because ABC apparently doesn't see what millions of men and women see, but years from now people will look back and say, "Wow, that was gutsy, letting Paul Elam speak the unspeakable!"

{Personal update: I'm moving in 3 weeks, the house is almost packed and things are going smoothly. And I can't wait to see my friends in Hooterville, and my family!!!}


  1. JudgyBitch had some words about this topic today, too.
    Where we are as a society with regards to man vs woman is utterly appalling to me. I am so glad I married a real man.

    Glad you're about done with the packing/getting ready to move stuff. I hope the move is good and healing for you.

    1. AVfM featured her article. Although My perspective is slightly different from hers, I love that women!

      Today the last of "the workshop" found a home - some smaller pieces of project wood went to a young guy who drooled over them the way Mac did when he got them.

  2. Suzanne: I wasn't aware of your work until recently. I'm commenting here to say thank you for the torrent of outstanding and effective comments on ABC's web site. This one made me LOL. Seriously.

    "We weren't mad about a smear job. We were looking forward to ABC showing it's bias and ignorance. I'm pretty sure ABC wisely decided not to air nine minutes of Elizabeth Vargas proving that ABC has no idea what is going on outside of Manhattan."

    Brilliant! Thanks again!

  3. Suzanne I noticed your work in the article's comments section over the past few days, tirelessly rushing to the aid of other MRAs while combating the anti's and trolls. Not to mention being patient with the fence-sitters. Bravo, bravo. It is cause for hope that a majority of the commenters came out in support of the M(H)RM and unilaterally condemned the hatchet job.

    1. The trolls are giving me a workout, that's for sure!



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