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Notable Quotable:

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tank Farm!

I took Saturday off.  I didn't paint anything, I didn't sand anything, I didn't scrub anything, I didn't set one foot on a ladder or even on a step stool.

Old NFO had suggested a get-together at the American Wartime Museum's Open House in Nokesville, VA, and I thought some good old fashioned fun in the sun would be just the ticket. So I spent half a day wandering around with Old NFO and the Murphy's Law (owner of the world's most mischievous dog) taking pictures. My profound ignorance of all things military didn't stop me from being thoroughly impressed, and I have the good sense not to feel like an idiot for not knowing enough to even ask intelligent questions; I learned a long time ago to just shut up and listen when veterans get together and start talking. Oh, and northern Virginia is probably one of the best places in the world to find hundreds of extremely knowledgeable and dedicated military history enthusiasts and volunteers. They don't teach this stuff in schools.

So here is my very first attempt to upload a video I shot all by myself, and a bunch of photos of things that go Boom, things that go Vroom, and a few bits of entirely random Cool Stuff.

Had these been for sale, I would now own one.
Do whatever works.
Huh. Mine don't look like that. I'm pretty sure they never did.
$700. With the right holster, would it fit under a blazer?

Ooooh, pretty! Horsies!

Wanted: Very short driver.

Wiley Coyote was in the next tent waiting for his cue.

Various Awesomeness:

Aaaand since Blogger is a weenie and stinks, I will have to publish more "Various Awesomeness" in another post. Or two or five.


  1. Replies
    1. Good weather, good company, good show. It was great!

  2. Glad you had a nice time. Sometimes we all need a day off.

  3. That takes me back.

    Been a long time since I saw a PT-76 running; forgot how low they rev.

  4. That is the coolest place. A new adventure to put on my bucket list. Glad you had some fun company!

  5. "Had these been for sale, I would now own one."

    The Panzer or the sign?

    1. Not sure I could be trusted with the Panzer. I should probably stick with the sign.

  6. Wow, a great bunch of tanks and gear...


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