Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Sunday, April 28, 2013

GWW Addresses the NY State Libertarian Party Convention

   "Girl Writes WHAT???"    posted her speech on her blog, aptly named "Owning Your Shit."  Follow the link to an amazing and pivotal statement.

Feminists like to yap about "Patriarchy Theory," but they never really explain it;  GWW (Finally! Somenone!) does, in clear (read: non-"academic") language.  Then she debunks it by comparing it to real oppression.  She goes on to describe how gender ideologues have used laws, policies and even human nature, to confer excessive privileges on women at the expense of children and men, primarily by "replacing" men (to whom women once had obligations) with the government (to which women owe nothing but their votes.)

Read it.  It's long but it's a comprehensive overview of how destructive and completely non-egalitarian feminism has become.

(I have been wanting to address the bullshit that "The Patriarchy!" is for a while now, but there's no longer a need; this speech sums it up far more articulately than I ever could.)


  1. I call them Femi Nazis for a reason. Over the top weird. Feminism has become too crazy and away from anything practical.

    1. What's frightening is that these over-the-top crazies now occupy ALL of the positions of feminist power. THEY are the ones speaking for ordinary women and men who believe in justice and legal equality between the sexes.

  2. I hope she continues to speak publicly. Things need to move into the real world and not just on the internet.


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