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Notable Quotable:

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Obligatory "Olympics" Post

I gave up watching the Olympics a few years ago (yes, even figure skating) because I can no longer tolerate the presentation.  Seeing two minutes of phenomenal athletic prowess is not worth sitting through half an hour of inane drivel.  Here's a little of both:


  1. We record it all. So we can fast forward through the inanity of Boob Costas, the choppy coverage as we cut away from the diving competition to let everyone know what's going on in the men's combined silverware washing and basket weaving.

    The last Olympics, we watched about 28 hours of recorded stuff in 3 hours. No commercials, no 'human interest' unless we really WERE interested...

    It's all a big mess and there is so much political shit involved. Lots of ass kissing and ass kicking and craziness.

    I am personally acquainted with someone who won a medal in Beijing. What she had to go through to get that was absolutely incredible, and no one blamed her when she said NO WAY IN HELL was she going to go through any of it again.

    1. Aw crud! Did I miss the men's combined silverware washing and basket weaving??? Now life just isn't worth living.

  2. I quit the Olympics when they came to Atlanta. I led a team of Greeters at the Airport and met up close the arrogant, bigoted participants and judges. I will not watch any of it. Off the court, many would just as soon slit the throats of their enemy countries as any civilian of their country would.

    Though I did enjoy the Felympics.

  3. My interest in watching the Olympics on TV is right up there with watching Australian Rules Football. Admire the competitors but loath the TV presentation.

  4. I get so excited about some sports that I can ignore the TV commenters. More on my post tomorrow (Monday).



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