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Notable Quotable:

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Monday, May 14, 2012


Two weeks and two days since we made an offer on that house.  Just now found out we didn't get it.  Realtor thinks there might have been something fishy going on at the listing end; I wouldn't be surprised because it was a really good house.  So we begin anew, with reassurances that it usually doesn't take this long, even on a repo.
At least WolfAlpha is coming home tonight, although his flight is already delayed until midnight.

sad face


  1. No problem...there are way too many houses out there. You will find the right one.

  2. We can select any house , better one, its quite easy when the selection is from a larger number.
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  3. Really?! That sucks, I'm sorry.

    With the market the way it is now, though - should be easy enough to find one. The crappiest part is starting all over again.

    : (

  4. Yep. It's the wasted two weeks that's killing me. This commuter marriage stuff is getting OLD. I don't function well in a state of transition, I need a direction!

  5. In 2 1/2 years, my house has lost $70,000 of its value. Sellers should be eager for a decent price.


  6. You need direction??? How about that way =>


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