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Notable Quotable:

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hey Jack. Yeah, it's Been a While

I just had my first taste of Jack Daniels in 30 years.  Drowned in Sprite, it's not so bad.  And the smell is bringing back good memories, not the bad ones.  My youth in the background (Ipod) helps.  Roxy Music and the smell are carrying me back to a bar in Lake Geneva - I don't even remember the name.  I used to tip the bartender really well, and he gave me "free" shots. "Seven" not Jack.  Wearing my red 9-West shoes at Hogs N' Kisses.  Dancing at that border-bar.  *Long Cool Woman!*  Now I feel like dancing!  The only night I ever blacked out and lost time, at Jude's house when her P's were out of town.  Hey Jude, "Time to feed the fish!"  Heh heh heh.  You had to be there. (Of course.)

I only drank a few times before I was 18.  The drinking age in Illinois was 21, but it was still 18 in Wisconsin - 20 minutes away.  I drank a fair amount before I married.  Considering the way I took to cigarettes, I'm surprised I didn't "develop a problem."  It's probably a good thing I married a guy who rarely drinks, because now I do too.  I had phenomenal tolerance too.  Rabbit metabolism or something.  I weighed 110 and routinely drank beefy farm-boys under the table. * Oooooh Cheap Trick!*  My all-time favorite band back then!  I was so jealous of SisterFed!  She saw them in concert the year "Live at Budokan" come out.

Roxy Music's cover is my favorite version of *The Midnight Hour.*  Should I apologize for that?  Now I'm remembering my favorite vacation: all by myself when I was 20, I spent a weekend in Baraboo.  I stopped at yard sales, watched a little league game across the street from my motel, and spent a day at the Circus World Museum.  I drove all around, and went to a railroad museum in North Freedom.  Rode a steam train, naturally.  By the time I got to the Frank Lloyd Wright house at Spring Green, it was closed for the day.  Bummer.  I loved being alone, especially with my music.  I still do.  Being with people, but apart.  They noticed me because I was pretty, and they probably thought I was weird.  I couldn't care less.  I am weird, but I like myself just fine.

I swear I'm not drunk, just relaxed and a little melancholy.  I kind of dread these occasions when I get in touch with my feelings; feelings are scary and I don't let them interfere with what I need to do in life.  This isn't bad, though.  No panic, for one thing.  No regrets either.  Looking at the past through rose-colored glasses perhaps.  No harm, no foul, right?  No ambitions outside of my own mind right now.  *Heart - These Dreams - great song.*

Lance Criminal called, looking for Dad (who arrived without incident.)  He wanted advice on buying a new computer to take to The Stan.  I'm glad he's doing it.  I was afraid he was planning to depend on camp computers.  When I told him Dad was on the road, he asked if I was OK.  I said I'm fine - the TV is off and the Ipod is on.  I don't want him to worry. *Hmm.  Duran Duran - Last Chance on the Stairway.  Some of their lesser known songs grab at my soul, unlike Hungry Like the Wolf which reminds me of one crappy night in college*

Now I'm sleepy, think I'll chug some water and hit the hay.  Don't mind my ramblings.


  1. It all sounds good to me! BTW - weird is good. Trust me.

  2. If you and the better half are headed east far enough, you should drop by and help my wife and I reduce our JD stock.
    Play cards?

  3. I haven't played cards since my drinking days. Maybe I should take up both again! I'm hoping to be a Virginian by June.

  4. Don't try to out drink a Norwegian. My ex can drink anyone under the table.

  5. I don't drink at all. It's not a moral thing, just a matter of personal taste. But I do love putting on music from my youth/young adulthood and being uninterrupted long enough to actually be able to listen to it!

  6. I like your rambling and reminiscing. I do myself on occasion. And I do enjoy to sit and sip on some JD or some bourbon or Scotch...but over ice. Though I can and sometime do indulge in a glass or bourbon straight (by straight I mean out of the bottle.) However, the only time I get close to drunk is at my Navy reunions.

  7. Weird is good. I, too, avoid liquor cuz I'm sure I'd get hooked. One glass of wine and I'm drunk and get a headache and I'm all weepy. This is a good post. I like your reminiscences.

  8. Congratulations!
    Drop us a line when you get settled in.
    Or earlier if you have questions about the area.
    We've lived just about everywhere in the state.

  9. Oh, how I wish I could have just one drink...

  10. Wow! You've never showed this side of you! I liked hearing about some of your adventures in youth! There's totally nothing wrong with a little stroll down Memory Lane once in a while!!

    Tell Jack I said hello! (He and I are good friends!)


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