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Notable Quotable:

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Repeal the Patriot Act

This is the real reason Washington eviscerated the fourth amendment; power over us, not power over terrorists.
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Peter is more liberal than I am.  Isn't it funny though, how much patriotic liberals have in common with patriotic conservatives?  It's almost as if liberalism and conservatism aren't as important as The Constitution of the United States!


  1. Suz,

    Good Morning,

    I made a mistake. On the comment you made on my blog was accidently deleted. Anonymous made another comment which was really awful, and he/she is someone I know because they used Mr. Realtor's name and I needed to delete that.

    I am sorry that your FABULOUS COMMENT TO DEFEND ME was mistakingly deleted... Anonymous was so cruel. I am just stating my reality in this dating game, that's all...and they know me because they used his name, so now realize it is one of my friends who is being awful.


    I finally decided to eliminate such comments by not allowing anonymous comments to be made.

    Thanks for your wonderful support! Have a great day sweetheart!


  2. Clever minds can be counted on to find unintended uses for good intentions. Think there must be a parallel to when you make things idiot proof they make better idiots. Sorry, bit vague.

  3. Not vague at all. Predators are very clever idiots, hovering and just waiting to make use of other people's "ideals." Sometimes it takes a little effort, but they're up for the challenge.

  4. Congress etc should not mess with the is one of the best prepared and thought out concepts in History. In both of my jobs I always kept it in mind when doing my jobs... one of my favorite versions was: "You have a right to remain silent...please shut up..." When I had a suspect who wouldn't shut up.


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