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Notable Quotable:

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tax Cuts

OK, everyone. (all six of you)  I don't care if she's over-paid, smug, hypocritical, out in left field, or Satan.  Is she correct, is she dead wrong, or is she ignoring relevant facts?  Please suspend all ideology and tell me the facts.
Sorry for the stupid commercial; I'll be digging around to find transcripts for this stuff.  A third grader could read it faster than most computers can download it.
Comments, please?


  1. She is correct in a simplistic way. Wealthy people are interested in "Growing" their wealth, not sharing. Even tax incentives that encourage investment are perverted. As an example, large SUVs meet the standard for capitol equipment investment or leasing. I favor a flat tax. Of course, we will be up to @^%##s in unemployed tax advisors should that ever happen.

  2. I agree with the flat tax. Imagine if everybody payed 10 or 15% of everything!

  3. I think she is a Democrat. LOL. But it seems the rich have progressively gotten richer. I remember Reagan and the 80s. However, it seems we had could do more with less. Now I am just barely scratching by and on the brink of losing everything if I have one major catastrophe. Seems my small business gets taxed more and more. I have nothing left to give.

  4. Not that the Republicans are really any worse than the Democrats, but seriously, why are you paying more taxes while the big guys (who'd rather not compete with you) are paying less AND getting subsidies? I don't mind paying taxes, but I sure mind paying more taxes to cover what's not being paid by people (and businesses) who can afford them far better than I can.

    I guess what kills me about the Republican party is that it tells us this is going to make US more prosperous. At least the Democrats want to give some of the "redistributed wealth" to the middle class and the poor. Neither party wants us to notice that most of that wealth trickling up, not down.


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