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Notable Quotable:

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hey Slutwalkers!

...and other garden variety mindless bimbos,

Jay G. has a message pertaining to violent criminals:

"There are no safe places; there are only places that are made more safe by the presence of good people within them... "

Jay is a rather outspoken (understatement!) advocate of the right to bear arms and the need to do so responsibly.  He counts Dead Goblins - folks who suffer the ultimate consequence for their stupidity.  Dead Goblins, oddly referred to by the media as "victims," were all once Live Goblins, until they came into (rather violent) contact with armed people who prefer not to become victims.

Let me say that phrase again:  People who prefer not to become victims, and briefly explore how they go about not becoming victims.  These non-victims seem to be aware of the not-terribly-obscure fact that most Live Goblins are remorseless predators and opportunists, who don't give a rat's ass what the law says.  Live Goblins also don't give a rat's ass what your "protest" banners say.  Live Goblins don't give a rat's ass about YOU.  Shocking, I know, but somebody has to break the news to you.

Non-victims have some habits and attitudes which are probably somewhat foreign to you Grrrlz, all of which are premised on the notion that an intelligent person takes real and genuine responsibility for his or her own safety.

Take a moment and absorb that concept.

While these non-victims may occasionally be seen carrying signs protesting restrictions on their right to defend themselves, but will never see them carrying signs demanding that criminals stop behaving like criminals.  You see, responsible grownups know better.  They understand that nobody can reason with a single-minded criminal.  They know that "the police will arrive in minutes, when seconds count," and no superheroes are going to stand between them and violent criminals. Grownups don't want the drama associated with sympathy or (Yaaaay!) judicial vengeance after they become victims; they don't want to become victims at all.  (I already said that, didn't I?)  RESPONSIBLE grownups take practical, real-life precautions to prevent becoming victims.  They don't make themselves vulnerable to predators.  They don't attract the attention of predators.  And if predators attempt to prey on them despite these precautions, they are prepared to stop said predators.

Before damage is done to them.

You Grrrlz might want to consider the fact that hollering "Rape is a crime!" and "No means No!" doesn't prevent rape.  Hell, even taking every precaution doesn't prevent all rape, but it prevents many rapes.  Perhaps it might prevent yours.  Just sayin'


  1. Slutwalkers might be more interesting if they were, in fact, sluts - just saving.

    Sorry. Smart ass remark about a serious point.

    1. Oh most of them are sluts, just not the kind that have too many guys lined up...

  2. Many times the grrrlz don't even need to carry a weapon. They will just need to get their hands dirty. Do things like jam your straight, stiff finger into his eye and churn it around. The hill our your hand up and into the nose, pushing it back into his brain. Slap as hard as you can both hands over this ears. Grab his nuts and don't let go no matter how many times he hits you. Stick you hand in his mouth and grab his tongue or shove your fist down his throat. Be violent and aggressive. It's only your life we are concerned with here.

    1. Waaaaay before any psycho can get that close, a non-victim knows to avoid putting themselves in risky situations. Defense is a mindset, and it starts long before conflict.

      I don't think Slutwalkers preach a whole lot of self defense; that would reduce the need for Slutwalker protests and VAWA funds. Perpetual victimhood is much more profitable. And to hell with the real victims.

    2. Victimhood is much more profitable...exactly! Not about what they believe is best for anyone. It's control, power and money...shocker!

  3. Not that this has anything to do with your post, but I have a date tomorrow. Thank you.



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