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Notable Quotable:

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recovering Catholic Part 6

Ben-my-better-angel has posted another great sermon.  If I still lived near him, I would attend any church he serves, he's one of the few reasons I have not turned completely away from Christianity.  Here's an excerpt:

"If we look at the world, we get a really twisted view of just who Jesus is. When we listen to the world, all we hear is Jesus being used as a means of attack, as a means of judgment, or as a means of escape. In the world, Jesus is often a convenient way to justify a person or group’s opinions. Unfortunately, in our world today, Jesus has become the clay and we have taken the role of the potter, forming Jesus into whatever shape is convenient.
The other unfortunate thing is that in our world, this may be the only view people ever get of Jesus."

The rest is at this link:

Love you, Ben...


  1. Having studied all the Christian sects and most other belief systems extensively and systematically, I can tell you without question that anything you hear from a human that purports to know the mind of the creator is bullshit- and that includes me.

    Most Christian churches are anxious to sell you belief, and that belief must follow their own rules. Each group tells you their way is the only way to get there. Pay no attention to them.

    Faith is the way to go. Ignore the framework of belief created by humans who have their own designs. Biblical writings can be a guide, but as you can see, everyone has their own interpretation of what they are.

    You'll recognize Christian behavior when you see it. Be like that.

  2. Og, you truly rock!

    "anything you hear from a human that purports to know the mind of the creator is bullshit"

    A lot of Christians look at me like I have two heads when I express that sentiment. They don't understand how I can NOT GET IT, when the "truth" is staring me in the face. It's mutual.

  3. Loving the posts and commments. Religion is a great topic which always boosts my faith. I agree that it seems people are molding Jesus into whatever they feel rather than the opposite. I also think we readily recognize Christian work versus something else. There is a lot of something else out there.

  4. Here's my thing: I was born a Catholic and raised one. I still attend services- though I spent six years in the seminary and know where the bodies are buried- shit, I buried a few of them myself.

    I like to listen to some of the TV evengelists, osmetimes they make me giggle but sometimes they cough up a little truth that lights me up and makes me think about trying to be better.

    Tell everyone to fuck off. Christianity is not what humans say it is, it's what Christ said it was.


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