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Notable Quotable:

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Friday, August 19, 2011


PFC called today.  He has volunteered to deploy with another unit which is shorthanded.  Probably midwinter.  Any idea how tickled we were when he was assigned to a unit that rarely deploys, and had just returned  to the US, before he joined it?  Pffft!  And no leave in September.  We haven't seen him since January.  I miss my boy.

On the bright side, he's taken up skimboarding; it looks fun!  He's also looking at used snowboards, since his old one is pretty well worn out.  I'm glad he's spending time outdoors.  I'm sure he's still getting in plenty of X-Box time, but he's taking his physical fitness seriously, and making it fun.


  1. You have just used my daughter in law's least favorite word.

    A few weeks ago she was saying, "To hell with OPSEC, I HAVE a need to know".

  2. But rest easy in the knowledge that we do not join our beloved Corps to be "in the rear with the gear" and if he felt otherwise (trying to stay behind) *that* would be the oddity.

    Send him an OOH RAH from us. :)


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