Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Monday, January 28, 2013

Booblet Brigade

Oh, why the hell not?
*Trigger warning: Stoooopids Ahead*

Another site that amuses/annoys my with it's colossal inanity, is Man Boobz.  It's David Futrelle's "personal blog," in which he "mocks misogyny."  Futrelle is actually a paid mainstream writer for some national publications, but you'd never guess it by reading Man Boobz.  He is an inveterate comment miner, poking around the Men's Movement and looking for phrases (indeed entire paragraphs!) which prove that non-feminist men are all either Dangerous Woman-Hating Psychos (thank God for "rape awareness!") or Socially Inept (Creeeeeepy!  Aaaaaauuuuuggggghhhh!) Basement Dwellers, crying "sour grapes."

It is written for an audience that is shockingly, woefully ill-informed and emotionally unstable.  Indeed Man Boobz is such a pathetic defense of feminism, that even prominent feminists now give it a wide berth.  One must be spectacularly ignorant to be unaware of the context and the irrefutable facts that Futrelle excludes from his posts, in order to spin yarns that demonize men who have no use for feminism.  One must also be quite gullible and prone to emotional manipulation, to not even wonder if Futrelle miiiiiight be exaggerating.  Just a little bit.

Enter the Booblet.  Good God, the stupidity among Man Boobz' regular followers, is simply staggering.  Perhaps you've already noticed a surfeit of over-the-top adjectives in this post; there's a reason for it: there are not enough adjectives in any dictionary, to adequately describe the brain-meltingly moronic cretinism on display in the Man Boobs' comment section.  These people don't even pretend to be serious, about anything except cute animals and their own individual "emotional triggers."  They don't filter their emotional reactions to anything, before typing them up and posting them online for all the world to see.  Their "logic" isn't linear or circular; it is so utterly convoluted that it can't be followed.  I get dizzy reading it.  I've never used LSD, but I'll bet if I tried it, the Booblets would make perfect sense.  They are so ludicrous I sometimes wonder if half of them aren't Futrelle himself, using fake identities to call attention to the idiocy of the feminist mindset.  (I'm not the only person to suggest that he's an undercover MRA, "hiding in plain sight" among feminists.)  Boolblets have the social mentality of a clique of spoiled suburban sixth-grade girls at a slumber party; however they lack the logical prowess and intellectual depth of spoiled suburban sixth-grade girls at a slumber party.  They contradict themselves, often in the same sentence, and cheer each other on in a mindless drunken orgy of giggly shrieks.  Either they don't comprehend what they read, or they intentionally misread it and comment accordingly.  Then they promptly become distracted and meander around all sorts of odd topics.  I mentioned cute animals, but they hit everything from their psych meds to celebrities.

So while it may be a case of the pot calling the kettle black, let's turn the tables on The Professional Comment Miner and His Flock of Dimwits.  Of course there is a difference; I won't use Man Boobz quotes to paint all feminists as evil and stupid, just Booblets.  Indeed if all feminists were this stupid, feminism wouldn't be the destructive force it is - it would be merely amusing and rather pathetic (and probably a valid medical reason to institutionalize the afflicted.)

A few randomly "mined" gems of Boobletry:  

"I agree. Comments are always worse. Comments make me lose (more) faith in humanity.
A little part of me hopes that some troll who works for each website (professional troll?) writes all the awful comments to drive up traffic and get more ad impressions or something. I have a CNN app on my iPad just to keep up with headlines, but gah … the comments! The comments!! Apparently every racist misogynist f::k in the world reads CNN."
"God….this drivel hurts me inside.
         Well, I’m gonna go put on a sexy dress and high heels and go drinking!"

        "I think the problem is that MRAs may be prone to staying silent when the really nasty shit gets posted,           which to anyone reading implies a tacit acceptance."
        (This a week after Boobzie railed at Paul Elam for publicly criticizing self-proclaimed MRAs whose agendas are not pro-men's rights.  Because you know, who is Paul, to criticize bigots in the Manosphere?) 

        "I am totally creeped out by Slavey’s comment about how he “keep[s] his sex in the bedroom” because for some reason that makes me think he is keeping someone imprisoned."
         (Because, RAAAAYYYYYPE!)
        "PS and given the rampant misogyny in the atheist movement, trying to wipe out the word “feminism” and replace it with “humanism” would not just be stupid, meaningless and wrong, it’d be downright insulting." 

       (Of course its misogyny!  Cuz, you know, there are no HUMANS who aren't females.  I mean, duh...right?)

       "Seriously, there is a name for people who are genuinely concerned about how sexism, confining gender roles and patriarchy harm men and women. It’s called “feminist”."

      "'Most men aren’t into female domination or female throwing their weight around, though'
Which boils down to “I don’t want women leading their own lives or making their own decisions or not deferring to men!”
There’s no systemic domination by women, idiot. Oh, and your use of “men” and “females” is very telling, y’know. Take yourself and your insecurities to a good therapist."
(Project much, kitteh's unpaid help?)
"Aw, now he’s all angry. Do you need some ice cream, sulky kid?"

Ugh....Can't continue...Drowning in stupid....God, I need a drink!


  1. Braver than me to wade through that crap.

  2. Boolblets have the social mentality of a clique of spoiled suburban sixth-grade girls at a slumber party;”

    How I used to love watching them so flummoxed whenever you showed up to their little soirees. I swear some of them would burst into floods while the mean ones would say mean things like, “We didn’t invite you!” You would laugh and say something clever and obtuse, leaving them clinging to each other in fear and trepidation.

    My favourite aspect is the joy they get from discussing their vast array of ailments. The moment one of them even alludes to some weird condition, the others rush in with towels and homeopathic remedies they seem to have made up on the spot.

    Another favourite aspect is that none of them seem at all interested in the topics David Futrelle introduces. None of them ever read the articles he cites. They all listen to him politely, then go back to discussing the joy of kitty litter and trigger warnings. These women are nuts.

    Congratulations on your superb article on “A Voice for Men” – I hope it will be the first of many more.

  3. "They all listen to him politely, then go back to discussing the joy of kitty litter and trigger warnings."

    So true!
    Thanks, Andybob!

  4. Oh good! A new word to look up "misogyny". With my primitive understanding of Latin, I'm guessing it means something close to incorrect female... Hmmm! Going to look it up now and see how close I was - or wasn't!

  5. Oh!! My ignorance ceases to amaze me sometimes!! Thank you Suz, for once again, broadening my horizons!


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