Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Aurini's Excellent Review

...of "Enjoy the Decline" by Arron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism.  And yes it is an excellent book which I highly recommend.  I love Aurini's work, as well as his comments around the 'net.  The guy is brilliant.  What follows is my response to a point he made in this video:

...because while I'm not foolish enough to think the Men's Movement or the Alt/Right Movement (no I'm not Alt/Right) can or should be monolithic, it could be counterproductive to create unnecessary divisions.  We have very powerful common opponents.

"But we still have to live through the next few hours." (from the vid.)

This is why I'm an MHRA, no matter what happens.  Maybe I'm unusual in the movement (though I doubt it) but I don't believe we have the power to postpone, slow, or influence the decline.  I see every public and legal victory as largely symbolic. 

Aurini is correct about how the system will misuse and corrupt any changes we make, but I think we need to make the "changes" anyway - so an oblivious population will get a clue.  Enjoying the decline, a la Clarey, is the only chance most men will ever have at happiness, but what happens next?  I believe that during the darkest times to come, the US will rebuild itself one small town at a time, using the Constitution as a guide.  (The Federal government will still exist and it will likely be an enemy during this process.)  In my mind, the primary long term goal of the MHRA must be to inform the clueless about one of the most insidious dangers in our overly centralized government – institutionalized, forced protection of women, at the expense of men.
The desire men have to protect women is instinctive and in its natural state it is productive.  In its current state however, it has become dangerous to men, and ultimately dangerous to women.  I see the MHRM as scrambling desperately to set a few precedents before the almost certainly unavoidable crash to come, so that those who will build the future will understand the absolute necessity of tempering men’s protective instincts, to avoid a recurrence of this current exploitation of those instincts.

(This next part would be an insult to Aurini's intelligence if it were directed specifically at him.)

Most people in the men's movement currently fall into one or more of three primary groups, all of which play important and often interrelated roles:

MRAs/MHRAs (Men's Human Rights Advocates/Activists) who organize and lobby for change within the hopelessly corrupt systems of government and society.

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) who drop out and refuse to marry, have children/hostages, or support the system by earning enough money to pay much in taxes, and who actively work to starve the government and female-centric consumerism - the grrlz can pay their own damn bills.

PUAs (Pick Up Artists) who exploit the sacred feminist tenet that casual sex is a woman's path to happiness and fulfillment.  They put notches on their bedposts, taking part, one on one, in the modern woman's ill advised quest to chase thrill after thrill in search of Mr. Right (or with the assumption that he will be there, waiting for them with open arms and open wallet, when they're all done "finding themselves.")

Between them, these groups offer something for just about every sort of man, if he has the intelligence to recognize where society is headed.  (Hint: Not toward the American Dream.)  While they have differing focuses, they share the common goal of protecting men from being eaten alive by the system - as it stands today and as it deteriorates.

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