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Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Class and No Class

I'd like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the sort of people I usually encounter in my little corner of cyberspace.  Like most bloggers, I have dealt with the occasional troll, of one stripe or another - that's life on the net.  However when I became involved in politics, I knew I'd be useless if I didn't roll with the punches, and I don't want to be useless.  This week though, my blog hit Reddit.   Both Men's Rights and Feminist pages linked my Anonymous Letter, and I can now note from personal experience, a couple of interesting phenomena.  One is that the overwhelming majority of younger females, at least those prone to voicing their opinions, speak without thinking.  Until and unless they calm down and think, most of their "opinions" are little more than shrieking nonsensical gibberish.  Every logical fallacy in the book, half-formed ideas bouncing around like pinballs,  it's quite amazing to witness.  A few young males have the same problem, but relative to females, very few.  (And this is the sex we are trained to fear????  Pft!)

The other phenomenon I noticed is that the teenage and twentysomething denizens of Reddit have far too much time on their hands, and very thin skins.  They appear to have the luxury of making a hobby of being deeply offended by things they can't be bothered to understand.  I had to put some posts in comment moderation, having been bombarded by verbal feces, flung by monkeys who unfortunately are not caged, in the form of comments that any intelligent six year old would be ashamed to utter.

This little adventure in the PC land of PC Redittors on PC "Winter Break," has been a startling reminder of how Totally Rockin' Cool my regular readers are - those who tend to agree with me and those who don't.  And contrary to what the screechers will claim on Reddit (the same screechers who had me banned within hours) no, I do not "censor" dissenting voices.  I do, however, delete nasty, ignorant comments from nasty, ignorant sub-humans.

That was the "No Class" part of this post; what follows is a bit of the "Class" part:
I have a "dissenter" here who happens to boost my faith in the young people who are our future.  Jessica is a twenty year old college student who considers herself an "egalitarian" feminist.  I, of course, think that "egalitarian feminism" is an oxymoron, because I remember a world that was not completely dominated by feminist myths, and I understand the anti-male bias in the powerful political leaders of the feminist movement.  She has been raised by feminism, yet she is capable of serious thought.  For the past several weeks, Jessica and I have been engaged in a long, drawn out discussion, and although we disagree on many points, I give her mad props for her intelligence, her patience, and her thoughtfulness.  The concepts I try to explain are utterly foreign to her, and still she considers them; she tries to see if they can fit into a worldview with which they are simply not compatible.  She doesn't accept my ideas blindly, indeed she challenges them, and  rather thoughtfully at that.  She is also far more patient and civil than many people twice her age.  She has remained calm and open when I have *gasp* lost my patience and resorted to dismissive sarcasm.  In a world where maturity is optional for just about everybody, this young lady already has it in spades.  I am deeply impressed.


  1. >the teenage and twentysomething denizens of Reddit have far too much time on their hands, and very thin skins. They appear to have the luxury of making a hobby of being deeply offended by things they can't be bothered to understand

    The schools reward politically correct outrage.

    It's hard to go through modern schools without picking up their style of communication.

  2. *bow*

    On an honest note, though, thank you. You just gave me an actual smile, and I've been having a fairly rotten day. Thank you. And thank you for the same thing...I've felt like you don't agree with my point, but I have never felt like you don't respect me as a person. And considering that this is...well...seriously, it's the internet. People who will actually debate sanely and refute points with something more than "You are wrong because I am right! Duh!" are rare.

    Also, twenty-one next March. Trying to work out how to get to Disneyland for my birthday. Who cares about bars?! Feminist and "OMIGOSH IT'S BELLE!!!!!" are not mutually exclusive. And if I'm gonna have a fun birthday, I want to actually remember it.

  3. Have a Classy Christmas Suz!

    Pass on my best to the family.


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