Notable Quotable:

Notable Quotable:

Remember, folks: whenever a woman says "die for me because you are a man," just look her in the eye and say "my body, my choice."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


"Heathcote-Drury got her world turned upside down over the last few months, and the liberalism of her own self-defeating British culture is what did her in."

"Live and let live?"  Not on your life! 


  1. It’s a no win battle. Who’s way is right? The Muslum pos or the Liberal pos? But I have to agree with the article…Liberalism does not work…or rarely works.

  2. This is the root of all evil and the catalyst of war; people believing that their beliefs are better than another person's beliefs. An educated woman like that should have respected the culture of the Muslims, who I also believe were wrong. From the parts of the Koran that I read, Muslims are not big on forgiveness. I think we need to ask the question, at what point does forgiveness and understanding stop being part of culture and start becoming a part of humanity?

  3. Liberalism has created a culture of "helpless victims" who need the government's protection. It must be a shock for one type of self-proclaimed victim to butt heads with another type, and discover that they actually have different priorities. And it must REALLY be a shock to discover that the law actually protects their rights to those priorities.

  4. Ms Suz,
    You must write an article about this for 'A Voice for Men'. You would do a brilliant job peeling away the many layers of this twisted PC nightmare.

    It seems so simple on the surface, doesn't it? Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury, former head girl of St Ethelreda's School for Future Leftie Journos gets her tweed knickers in a bunch because she was forced to wait in a supermarket queue.

    Quick-thinking Cinnamon dons her sensible suffragette shoes and pretends to care about the welfare of the tented 'sista' whose glacial pace started the whole sorry affair. Oops! In her haste to chastise the evil patriarch and save the world, Bossy Boots forgot that Mohammed outranked her in the zany world of victim politics. Bollocks!

    Despite the temptation to sympathise with any person named after the family cat, it must be said that Cinnamon should have minded her own hockey sticks and kept her gob shut. She had no right to put her grubby mits on a total stranger's fish sticks, no matter how much they irked her. Patronising and entitled harpie - I know her type all too well.

    Excellent job on your blog Ms Suz. Your comments at AVFM and The Spearhead are always smart, sassy and thoughtful. I want to read more.

    Much respect,

    1. Andybob,

      YOU should write for AVFM! You just said it far better than I could have! (but after the move, I'm planning to do some more "thoughtful" posts, and I'd be thrilled if AVFM shows interest...)


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