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Notable Quotable:

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Why Blogger Went Down

Blame me and the curse of Suzy.  This is typical of my luck.  Yesterday, I received something super super special in the mail, and I couldn't blog about it!!!!!  
Here it is.....
Ta Daaaa!
(Okay, see, here's more of the curse. The photo won't load!)

Anybrokenlink, I received my prize from Pax, at Marion's Meepings!  My very own Australian Army slouch hat stick-pin!  The following is the text on the back of the card to which it's attached:

The Australian Army's slouch hat, made famous by several generations of Diggers, has been standard headdress for more than a century and Australian soldiers can be identified worldwide by the distinctive wide-brimmed felt hat. 

The slouch hat was worn by the Australians during the Boer War - with brim turned down to protect against sun and rain.  It became renowned in WW1 and has been a part of the Australian Army uniform ever since - a symbol of distinction and pride. 

To present a foreigner with a slouch hat is regarded as a token of true friendship.

Thank you, Pax, from the bottom of my heart, and thanks also to Coffeypot for the link to Marion's Meepings!  Here it is again:

...and a great big YAY! for military supporters!  Pax sends love, laughs and encouragement to warriors from all over!


  1. Good for you. I am jealous, too. And Pax is an awesome lady and works hard and spends bookoo money in support of her (our) guys. Australia has some funky laws regarding supporting her troops, so Pax latches on to several US guys and keeps them entertained for their tour. She also worry's about them just like a mother hen. So be even more proud of you pin. It's from a true friend.

  2. That darn blogger, I didn't realize how it had become my personal crack.

  3. Mrs. T, I KNOW!!!!! Isn't it awful?


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